A blog that talked personal and professional development

And discovered the two were interchangeable

Monday Hustle - 2015 - 2018

Written, lived and breathed by Lucy O'Connor

What happened next?

Lucy quit her reliable, safe 9-5 in June 2015. Monday Hustle was the vessel that kept her sane through the upsthe downs, the failures and the hilariously bad mistakes  she made while hustling to glean opportunities in areas she felt excited by.

After navigating a snapped Achilles recovery, and realising that she was overextending herself by trying to manage two seperate identities; her real self and her social media self; she made the difficult but essential decision to stop writing as Monday Hustle, and, equipped with all of her incredible learnings, begin afresh.

It seems as if the initial ethos of being true to oneself came full circle. Beautiful, really.

Basically, Monday Hustle is here to remind you

That life exists beyond your screen

Via a screen.

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