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Hey, Hustler!

I'm Lucy, but you can call me Monday Hustle - that's what I seem to be better known as these days!

Monday Hustle is a place where you'll find the inspiration to realize your potential and to discover your purpose.. But best of all, it's a space where you can find reassurance in the fact that you want something more, something less or quite simply, something different.

I get it.

On June 29th, 2015, I wrote my first post. I had just resigned from my perfectly fine and reliable 9-5, complete with free coffee and a regular pay-cheque, in favour of.. Well, nothing! But it finally dawned on me that if my dreams were ever going to manifest, then I was going to have to commit to making them happen. I realized that waiting around for something to come through was never going to work. I realized that if I wanted something different out of life, then I was going to have to hustle to create those opportunities for myself.

And ever since that fateful day, I've been covering the experiences I have, the emotions I feel and the life lessons I learn as I try my best to positively embrace everything that comes at me along the way.

Monday Hustle is a space that lives, breathes and evovles as my journey unfolds. I'm out here covering the realities and the vulnerabilities that come with taking a leap of faith in the hopes that you might learn something life-changing from my journey.

It's not always easy.. It's not always fun.. But one thing's for sure - the dream is always alive.

Welcome to Monday Hustle!

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18159243_10207193443268171_1984379776_o 26Apr
Irresponsibility = Consequence. Aka, I Should Know Better.

Right right RIGHT, hey, how are ya playaaaa! Sorry. Just getting a little over excited because life is feeling good. Pretty darn good. Well, there is ONE HANDBRAKE in the mix (nearly two, as you’ll discover below..), that being my Achilles, but we don’t talk about that anymore because the more attention I give it the … Read more

13507043_10154118297580568_2152427436786524540_n 10Apr
What Does ‘Hustle’ Mean To You?

Work noun activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result a task or tasks to be undertaken verb To be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result Hustle verb push roughly aside; jostle obtain illicitly or by forceful action noun a state of great activity … Read more

Am I The Definition of April Fools??

Four months of 2017 are already over. And all I can think is..   Seriously. The fact that it’s already April feels like a bit of a joke. I’m sitting here back in the Pandora office for the first time since mid-December. I walked into the office and nearly said Happy New Year to my … Read more

P1100314 27Mar
What Happens When ‘Awesome’ and ‘Hustle’ Combine?

Nearly a year ago, my friend Cam and I were out for pizza and wine. Now, this is a pretty standard thing to do with a friend, but as it turned out the conversation we had over said pizza and wine would be one that would alter our future dramatically. That night, we talked about the … Read more

17408005_10206937974041600_64696395_o 20Mar
5 Reasons Awesome Hustle Could Inspire You to Change Your Life

  Late last year, my friend Cam Calkoen and I made a decision that would alter the course of our 2017. We decided that together, we would organize and host an event like no other which aimed to inspire, connect and entertain. We both know that life isn’t always easy. It doesn’t always go smoothly. It doesn’t … Read more

gallery-1434133241-milkshakes 13Mar
Do You Need a Hustle-Health Boost??

Who hears me when I say that at this time of year, RIGHT BLOODY NOW, the shine starts to wears off. Summer breaks become a distant memory. Failed resolutions are relegated to next year. You feel like throwing in the towel, but then realize that may be a bad idea because winter is on the way and your roof … Read more

17176193_10206853126280459_550134768_o 8Mar
The Achilles Snap of Death

Doom. I should have written doom. I know that at this time of year, it’s not atypical to say, ‘man, this year is going like saaaaaa quick’. For me, this year has been both as fast as lightening, and as slow moving as someone being lead to get their balls cut off. Why? Two words. General. Anesthetic. Plural. … Read more

IMG_7363 30Jan
What The Australian Open Taught Me About The Hustle

I watched the Australian Open final last night.  Yup, every single set of it. Yes, until 2am. The chocolate that was on offer at my aunty’s house definitely helped to keep those pesky eyelids peeled open. If you keep up with the play, you’ll understand that a Federer v Nadal final ain’t something to be … Read more

16229760_10206574955366360_2145324366_o 23Jan
I’ve Lost My Identity

It’s nearly 6 weeks to the day since I first ruptured my Achilles. Not that I’m counting, but I most definitely am actually 100% counting. Don’t judge me. I have all the time in the world to nut out a few numbers sans calculator. Ask me how many days have passed since December 14th? Couldn’t tell … Read more

16010452_10206527562221561_1354904536_o 16Jan
It’s All Go – But Not in the Way I’d Hoped

Hey team! Checking in pretty quickly today, because as I type, I’m sitting in the hospital waiting room. You may have read that on Friday morning, as I was heading off to a meeting and feeling ridiculously excited to crack back into it, my left crutch slipped on a wet tile and my body weight landed … Read more

15934789_10206482941906081_1188785220_n 9Jan
My Enforced Summer Break

Huge emphasis on enforced.. But, despite not being able to swim in the ocean, it’s been one of my best summer breaks yet. Click play to find out why.. #MondayHustle  

2017 4Jan
Remember when I said Monday Hustle was Changing? Here We Go..

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Alright. I’ma get straight into it today. Here’s the deal. Monday Hustle is expanding. It’s growing. And, as I said in my first ‘change’ post, I wanna provide you with more. I want to make Monday Hustle a place where you come to and gain a wealth of knowledge, insight and … Read more