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Hey, Hustler!

I'm Lucy, but you can call me Monday Hustle - that's what I seem to be better known as these days!

Monday Hustle is a place where you'll find the inspiration to realize your potential and to discover your purpose.. But best of all, it's a space where you can find reassurance in the fact that you want something more, something less or quite simply, something different.

I get it.

On June 29th, 2015, I wrote my first post. I had just resigned from my perfectly fine and reliable 9-5, complete with free coffee and a regular pay-cheque, in favour of.. Well, nothing! But it finally dawned on me that if my dreams were ever going to manifest, then I was going to have to commit to making them happen. I realized that waiting around for something to come through was never going to work. I realized that if I wanted something different out of life, then I was going to have to hustle to create those opportunities for myself.

And ever since that fateful day, I've been covering the experiences I have, the emotions I feel and the life lessons I learn as I try my best to positively embrace everything that comes at me along the way.

Monday Hustle is a space that lives, breathes and evovles as my journey unfolds. I'm out here covering the realities and the vulnerabilities that come with taking a leap of faith in the hopes that you might learn something life-changing from my journey.

It's not always easy.. It's not always fun.. But one thing's for sure - the dream is always alive.

Welcome to Monday Hustle!

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0A9A3202 19Jun
Monday Hustle’s Top 3 Ted Talks for Feeling Unstuck

Stuck. Stuck. I feel stuck. If you say that word out loud, there is a feeling of dead-end-ness to it. It’s slightly gross and sweaty and lingering. You get trapped between the consonants. It would be easy to argue the fact that there are few things worse than feeling stuck. That space is uninspired. Bewildering. Numb. You become … Read more

19104825_10207502054583261_1092732716_o 12Jun
The Story of Lucy Two Shoes and Why She Needs to Grow-Up

How’ve ya beeeeeeen! My goodness, it feels like I haven’t checked in with you for an age. In fact.. Hold up. Let me just check when the last time I wrote a full in-the-moment blog post was………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… AH! Got it. May 8th. When I’d just been told I may need further surgery. That was a dark … Read more

IMG_1223[3] 29May
Phase Three Is Nearly Upon Us

Blue hair, optional.. Does it seem like I’ve been up to a lot lately?? GOOD. Because I have been. And this isn’t accidental. From the Pandora/L’Oreal event to empire-building meetings with my friend Cam, from trips to Christchurch to mixing up my regular coffee haunts, I’ve been doing my utmost to keep my own momentum forward … Read more

0A9A3321 22May
Be A Part of the Monday Hustle Movement!!

Hey team. Today, I’m not gonna discuss my wild ideas. I’m not gonna talk about what I’ve been up to. I ain’t even gonna mention the Achilles for the first time in 2017! Today, what I am going to do is ask for your help.  I want to know how YOU feel, what YOU think, what YOU love … Read more

18516911_10207317139760506_150989021_o 15May
5 Ways to Handle Setbacks Before They’ve Even Happened

My next surgery date has been booked in. June 7th. Three and a half weeks, or 23 days from now. June 7th falls on a Wednesday, otherwise known colloquially as Hump Day. The only hump I’ll experience is the metaphorical hump in the road. Wait, that sounds wrong. OhmiGOSH that sounds so wrong! Can I take that … Read more

18362198_10207272759211020_2009453366_o 8May

I’m not a hundy on how to take this latest news. If you were following my Instagram Stories last week, you would have probably picked up on a trend that over time is becoming less and less hilarious. At least for me. The trend seems to be this: for every single good, progressive thing that happens in … Read more

IMG_2067 1May
A Different Perspective on the 9-5. WARNING – This May Shock.

I know we have just ticked over from April to May and, because you’re a Hustler, like me you’re also wondering like WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS YEAR GONE! Remember way back in January when I appeared to be on a roll? I had been sat down for like 4 full weeks and had done little to … Read more

18159243_10207193443268171_1984379776_o 26Apr
Irresponsibility = Consequence. Aka, I Should Know Better.

Right right RIGHT, hey, how are ya playaaaa! Sorry. Just getting a little over excited because life is feeling good. Pretty darn good. Well, there is ONE HANDBRAKE in the mix (nearly two, as you’ll discover below..), that being my Achilles, but we don’t talk about that anymore because the more attention I give it the … Read more

13507043_10154118297580568_2152427436786524540_n 10Apr
What Does ‘Hustle’ Mean To You?

Work noun activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result a task or tasks to be undertaken verb To be engaged in physical or mental activity in order to achieve a result Hustle verb push roughly aside; jostle obtain illicitly or by forceful action noun a state of great activity … Read more

Am I The Definition of April Fools??

Four months of 2017 are already over. And all I can think is..   Seriously. The fact that it’s already April feels like a bit of a joke. I’m sitting here back in the Pandora office for the first time since mid-December. I walked into the office and nearly said Happy New Year to my … Read more

P1100314 27Mar
What Happens When ‘Awesome’ and ‘Hustle’ Combine?

Nearly a year ago, my friend Cam and I were out for pizza and wine. Now, this is a pretty standard thing to do with a friend, but as it turned out the conversation we had over said pizza and wine would be one that would alter our future dramatically. That night, we talked about the … Read more

17408005_10206937974041600_64696395_o 20Mar
5 Reasons Awesome Hustle Could Inspire You to Change Your Life

  Late last year, my friend Cam Calkoen and I made a decision that would alter the course of our 2017. We decided that together, we would organize and host an event like no other which aimed to inspire, connect and entertain. We both know that life isn’t always easy. It doesn’t always go smoothly. It doesn’t … Read more