It's not about what's popular -

It's about what's right.

Can you have your attention, please?

The game is called never have I ever.

Never have I ever.. Felt anxious without my phone! Miscommunicated via text message! Lost track of time while scrolling through social media.. Sat aimlessly in front of my laptop when I should be doing other things.. Laughed at the phrase ‘CrackBook’, then thought more deeply about how many times I check Facebook during the day…. Felt pressure to showcase my LIFE to the world to feel reassured in the fact that I’m LIVING…….

Hi. I’m Lucy. And this is an intervention.

While there is no doubt a place for technology, social media and screens, it’s all too easy to lose ourselves in the void. Monday Hustle is hitting pause to reflect on and explore the ways that this modern wave is affecting us both personally and as a community. With social media addiction, screen time and mental health issues on the incline, let’s get in control of how we use these powerful tools – before they start to use us.

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Basically, Monday Hustle is here to remind you

That life exists beyond your screen

Via a screen.

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