This is your permission

To question everything. Do it your way -

And never dread a Monday again

'Monday Hustle?', you ask?

Did you know that on average, every human will live 3,713 Mondays in their lifetime? And, if you’re anything like me, historically those days have been spent pining for the weekend and expressing lament at the fact that it’s ‘only Monday’ while waiting to escape the elevator you’re sharing with ‘tuna-salad-Cathy’ from accounts. Is it Tuesday, yet?

Hi. I’m Lucy, founder of Monday Hustle – and this is an intervention.

How did reading that make you feel? Are you really content spending 1/7th of your life unhappy about the fact that you’re alive on one day every week? When I finally slowed down to think about it, my answer was no – so why does the above statement seem so normal, so bemusing and so acceptable? It was this line of thinking that has made Monday Hustle what it is today – an every evolving space to question the things we think without really thinking, and to Hustle to live life in a way that resonates with the person we love to be most!

Here you’ll find:
  • Horizon expanding podcast yarns dissecting life as we know it
  • Video posts (for the lols and the #realtalk)
  • An ever evolving library of content


.. That invites YOU to question everything and do it your way, because the world doesn’t need another follower. It needs that individual flair you bring to whatever you do and that bit of magic you gift to whoever you meet. Click here to learn more!

This isn't a dress rehearsal.

This isn't work.

This is your life - so have some damn fun!

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