The day I did what people tell you not to

Today, I resigned.

It’s fine. I’ll be fine. We’ll survive this. Me AND my bank account. I’ll have to suffer through a few ‘better not’ moments at the dairy counter, dissuade my friends out of a coffee catch up in favour of a ‘lovely walk’ (I hate walking),  and take the T out of TopShop for a while.. But it ain’t all about the money honey. It’s about the flippin’ Dream. And I’ve always been a firm advocate for The Dream (spelt with capital letters cause that’s how important it is). I buy in to all those clichés (not literally, cause I can’t afford any more) – life’s too short, the world is your oyster, you can be anything you want to be.. Because sister, what else is the point??!! I’m 25 now and I gotta give the dream some room to move. I’ve spooned The Dream while it slept for too long. It’s time to gently shake it awake, welcome it in to the real world, and let it get on with what it needs to do to not only survive, but thrive (first Bridesmaids reference).

Right now, I have a great job in sales, which any beginner would kill for – I am working for a great company, around great people, doing something that society says ‘I should be grateful for’, because someone would kill to have my job. But there in lies the problem. Someone else would love to have my job. Overall, I’m not happy with my situation. I have been working in the role for a year which isn’t that long in the scheme of life, but you know what? That’s a year of not being 100% happy, a year of waiting for something else to happen, a year of my where I have been distracted from putting my dreams in to action.

So many people get ‘stuck’ on a path because they keep getting opportunities, they are good at something, they don’t back themselves to do something else.. But I’m determined to give The Dream a chance. We each have a certain uniqueness to offer and no two of us are exactly alike. So we have an opportunity – to be the best possible version of ourselves and try to crack whatever it is we actually want to do with our lives. We can’t be the best possible version of someone else’s Dream. But we are the masters of our own. For most of us, we aren’t going to get that golden ticket lying down and waiting for it.


So today, I decided to practice what I preach. I’m going out in to the real world with my passion, my drive and the small amount of money I have in my bank account. I’m starting the chase right bloody now. If I commit myself to being the best possible version of me, and direct my energy towards The Dream, that surely is the recipe for a fulfilling life with very few regrets. It’s not going to always be easy, and it won’t always be fun, but it will always be alive – and hopefully, eventually, something’s gotta give. Will you join me in the hustle to be your best self? Cause girl, you gotta hustle. Even on the most uninspiring day of the week. #MondayHustle

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  1. I resigned from my well paying full time job three months ago. My job was so stupidly and unnecessarily stressful that you couldn’t have paid me another 55K a year to do it. Since then I’ve been working two-three days a week as well as working on my new illustration venture. I’ve dreamed of being an illustrator for too long without doing anything about it…till now. The difficulty I’m having is recovering from the nervous break down I suffered as a result of my old job. Yes, three months on and I still feel exhausted. But still, here’s to those who take the plunge and give their less than satisfying jobs the middle finger. I might still feel highly strung, but who ever said that dreams happened over night?

    1. Hey Fe – good on you girl. Life is way too short to be unhappy. By the sounds of it, you are finally on the positive end of a negative situation – sometimes you need to hit that rock bottom to know what changes you need to make in order to be happy. Keep pushing, stay focussed, live your passion and good things will happen. It won’t be overnight, but keep that hustle alive! And please keep me in the loop. xxx

  2. Good on you Lucy! I did exactly the same at your age – I left my comfortable marketing job to pursue the media dream, and so thankful I did! I can’t wait to see what you do next – you have are going to do great things – although, those who currently work with you, will miss you!

  3. Great read. I’ve always ruled my life by living The Dream and I don’t regret a second of it and I never ever could nor shall nor will or have!

    1. Great to know Jordan – it’s comments like this that keep me motivated!! Hope you are reaping the benefits everyday 🙂

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