The end is near

Oh hi! Thanks for stopping by. Oh, you want an update? On what’s going on? How incredibly thoughtful!! I’m flattered, thank you so much. I’ll try my best to make this exciting but no promises ‘cause I’m pretty dry.

Ok where to start.. It’s Thursday. I still have my job. I’m at work while I write this in fact. But please, don’t roll your eyes and say “oh I knew she was a slack employee” – cause I’m on my lunch break yo!!! (That’s just a note to future employers – I’m totally professional. You have my word. I’ve written it, so it’s way more serious. If you’re not the kind of work place that allows lunch breaks, then I’m totally writing this after work hours, I just wrote ‘lunch break’ since I have poetic licence and I wanted to seem cooler.. Phew, bases covered. Back on track).

I have to say I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, my last day at work– and not just because it involves a champagne breakfast, wine at lunch time and believe it or not, more wine after work (drink responsibly – Irish heritage is not an excuse). I’m looking forward to my last day because come Monday, my comfort zone won’t exist. I’ll be in my discomfort zone. And the discomfort zone seems bloody amazing.

Let’s think about this for a sec.. I’ll have no agenda but my own. Nothing has to happen unless I want it to. I’ll be at my own disposal. I’ll be able to choose whether or not I pick up the phone (Les Mills, I can say with complete honesty that there is no way I can afford a gym membership right now). I’ll be able to have breakfast in my pyjamas, to wash my hair without worrying about missing the bus.. I’ll even be able to base my daily successes around a trip to the post office. I’ll be economically savvy and at just 80c a packet, I’ll survive solely on Mee Goreng noodles. I’ll eventually develop scurvy because of lack of nutrition and will have to spend the last of my money on blueberries to get my health back in order. I’ll get so lazy and unmotivated that I’ll lose all my friends because I make zero effort and can’t even find the inspiration to Gram anymore.

Me + my impending doom

Ok, oh dear, I’ve just lost my sense of amazement. Nice one Lucy, way to make yourself keep positive. And now you’re writing in third person. You know what they say about third person. You’re losing your mind. Back to first person before these people think you be crazy.

Ok, so you got me. I would be lying if I told you that I felt good about Monday. Scratch that, my whole Monday has been booked to watch the Breaking Bad series in one (for the 5th time) so you know it’s going to be epic. I deserve one day off don’t I? JUST ONE! Yes I know it’s not conducive to the blog title, but let me pretend I’m Walter White and get in a badass mind set so I’m ready for the world. Tuesday on the other hand – Tuesday is when the reality and the discomfort will really sink in.

Goodbye work community. Goodbye clients. Goodbye being able to relax in knowing that the work I put in correlates with the pay cheque I get. And, worst of all, goodbye free milk.

Hello nothing. I’ll be on my own, kid. The only thing I’ll have to focus on is The Dream. So how does that make me feel as I sit at my extremely comfortable secure 7th floor desk with a harbour view? Nervous. Anxious. Flighty. Stupid. The discomfort zone seems pretty fucking terrifying to be honest.

But there is nothing better in this world than feeling uncomfortable – because once you’ve realized that there is no life worth living other than the life you desire, you won’t ever be comfortable until you are living it. It’s a feeling that creates unrest, a feeling that forces you to make shit happen. So bring. It. On. #MondayHustle

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