Top 3 reasons to love a good Monday. Plus some gross-ness

Guys, I did it. I have no job. No, like, seriously, I have no job! I HAVE NO BLOODY JOB (laughs manically)!!! I get that this is not a normal thing to celebrate, but whatever, I’m celebrating. To me, this small fact is worth a thousand high fives. It’s the first essential step in the re-launch of Lucy, and although it means I have no money coming in for now (hopefully not forever), there are far more essential things at play here. Things like time, focus, energy, and most importantly right now, flexibility. But even more most importantly, the challenge has finally landed. I’m out of coast mode and in make shit happen mode. So cheers to that!


However, after my rather anti-Monday post last week, I realized something pretty devastating. I realized that for too long, this amazing day has been unfairly disrespected. For too long have we sat down and let each Monday pass us by un-noted. For too long have we agreed with what everybody else says about this day, and in turn let it control our ex-pec-tation. For too long have we said on a Tuesday the dreaded, ‘at least it’s not Monday’. But we will not cross our arms and blindly agree to whatever bullshit we are fed, we will not lay still and accept what everyone else tells us to believe! We are our own people, and together we are going to reclaim. Our. Mondays!! ***Roooooaaarrrrrr**!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok whoa Braveheart, bring it back a notch. But actually, nah I’m not going to cause it’s true. Can you just imagine being Monday for a second.. Here you are, a fantastically unique individual, you have a name that rolls off the tongue, you are full of promise and possibility, you are just as sunny throughout the year as your pal Saturday.. But for some reason, people hate you. People dread you. People despise you even. Now, do you think it would be easy showing up week after week, month after month, century after century? Do you think Monday relishes in the fact that we hate it? Do you think it’s fair to let Monday feel terrible about existing? It is not Monday that needs to change, it’s our minds that need to re-package this glorious day. Picture Monday in your mind. No seriously, picture it. There it is, hiding away in the crevices too afraid to come out for fear of backlash and shame.. Oh what’s that floating past? Some Thin Lizzy. Grab that shitty tin with both hands and yank that mineral foundation out, cause it’s time to give your Monday Duckling an instant makeover.

Here are the top three reasons we should love a good old-fashioned Monday:

  • Monday is the first opportunity to make the whole week awesome

The old saying goes, ‘start a week as you mean to finish it’. If Monday is amazing, the rest of the week is going to be epic. Charge in to the week with determination, drive and engage the three P’s – productivity, passion and positivity. If you view a Monday as having the most potential of any day of the week then before you know it, any poo-tential will slide away. Oh that’s gross. Sorry about that. Hope you didn’t eat curry last night.

  • ‘Mon’ means ‘mine’ in French.. So make Monday yours

The French are hopeless romantics, and this just nails it home. What will you do with YOUR day? It is completely within your power to make of it whatever you wish. If you think your own day is going to be crappity crap, it will be. But if you want it to feel like you’re riding the roller-coaster at Rainbows End completely naked bar a cushion for your ass (that thing rickety), then you’re in for a pretty sweet ride indeed. How you own Mon-day, or your-day is up to you. Oui-oui!

  • It’s a day which can make you or break you – challenge accepted

A good attitude can counter even the worst of situations. When you get in to that elevator on Monday morning, resist every temptation to lament the day. Ask about the weekend, ask about what people are hoping to achieve this week but do not pin any negativity on the day at all! When someone says, ‘I can’t believe it’s Monday again’ just say ‘me either – I love it!’ This will a) throw them off, b) make them rethink and c) make them wonder if you’re still drunk. It may come out a tad sarcastic at first, but eventually through repetition, you’ll actually believe that you love Mondays. Once you believe it, your positive attitude will be infectious and you’ll be the best colleague ever. Do not feed in to the negative Monday cycle – it’s all in the mind. You’d be surprised how much a good attitude can do for you – so take the challenge, and don’t let Monday be a day that breaks you.

  • Bonus reason: If you’re still struggling to see the good, change Monday to ‘Nomday’
Yay for Monday!

Self explanatory. Eat the chocolate. Nom nom nom nom..

So there you have it. Monday is not a day to dread, but a day to rejoice! It’s a day full of opportunity, potential and there’s always chocolate there if you need it too. Do not fear! Embrace! If you can make this day absolutely effing ridiculously great, then every day will be full of little wins. Starting Monday, capitalize on these wins and come Friday, you’re going to be one fulfilled Monday-Lover indeed. #MondayHustle

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