Making light

Alright, alright alright.. So as you know by now, I’m pretty passionate about living the hustle, living for The Dream, living for yourself etc etc. Now, I ain’t never written truer words in my life, apart from when I reviewed ‘Puppetry Of The Penis’ which really was an eye-closing experience.. But I’m also not gonna shy away from the fact that this is not an easy way to live. It’s never going to be 1-2-3 and HEY I’ve made it. The hustle for your best life takes work. It takes self-motivation. It takes energy you think you don’t have. It takes bags and bags of Kettle’s Salt and Vinegar chips to even get inspired.

Sister, when you chase the Dream, you are in it for the long haul. And there are all sorts of obstacles you’re going to have to run and hoops you’re going to have to jump through in order to get there. There are bizarrely structured formalities you’re going to encounter and there will be lots of people who just won’t get it along the way… It’s bloody tough out here guys!!

So, to keep us all motivated, I’ve decided to lighten up the blog and create some video content which tells the story of Lucy’s hustle… And yes, I’m talking in third person for good with this, cause it makes me seem more relatable and less threatening if it’s like, me, but not me yaknow? Deal with it.

I would love your feedback! Keep it real, keep it light and keep hustling. #MondayHustle