7 indications that you’re ready to take the leap of faith

So, you think you have what it takes? You think you’re ready to take that leap of faith? You think you’re ready to take action, to put your passion to the test, you think you’re ready to work yo ass off to get to where you want to go?

Ok, I hear your ‘yes!’ through this very SCREEN! I hope you are getting weird looks cause you actually vocalized ‘yes’ to all of the above. And I hope you’re somewhere where it’s inappropriate to use your outside voice, cause that just cements your readiness even more. Ima start a riot.

Here are 7 indications that will let you know you’re ready to take that leap of faith and take a chance on The Dream:

1) The Dream is clear

You know in your heart exactly what it is you want to be doing. You might have had this in mind since you were a little human, but somewhere along the way, an opportunity, a romance, a sudden change, someone else’s expectation has distracted you from making it happen. But despite all of that, you still clearly know what it is that you truly want from life. You’re just searching for that platform to make it happen.

My ideas in caffeine form.

2) Your mind is bursting with ideas

When you think of The Dream, it’s like your mind is on flippin’ roids, man! Your synapses are connecting faster than Nela Zisser can down a burrito, and you can barely contain the frenzy of excitement going on in that head of yours. You’re losing sleep because you can’t stop thinking about where putting that Dream into action could take you. And you know all this is natural excitement, cause you’ve only had one coffee today. OK, maybe two.

3) You have some money in da bank

Let’s get practical for a sec. In today’s society (and especially if you live in Auckland), it wouldn’t be socially responsible of me to shy away from the fact that you will need a bit of cash to get The Dream underway. The Dream might not need any money put in to it to make it happen, but you personally need to keep on top of them bills. Start saving, or make sure you have a plan to ensure the money you need to survive keeps rolling in – it might be that you take up a part time job, or change your money habits to sustain yourself. It’s important to make sure money is not a stress point, as this can be one of the biggest distractors from achieving The Dream.


4) You can visualize your projected future

You can see yourself succeeding. You can see yourself being brilliant at what you choose to do. You can visualize yourself satisfied, content, fulfilled. You can see it all in front of you – and you know the hard work it is going to take to get there. It’s intimidatingly amazing.

5) You are inspired by something greater than yourself

You know that by following your Dream, you will be inspiring others to do the same. You’ll be opening doors for people who you won’t even know. Whatever it is, you’ll be helping someone, somewhere in an extremely positive way. The Dream, while obviously involving you, is not all about you. There’s some greater good you are wanting to achieve, and this is your motivation.

I never wanna get out of this dreamy water.

6) You’ve already been testing the waters of your Dream

You’re not just sitting around letting your mind just wander idly about The Dream.. Maybe you’ve been doing some research, maybe you’ve been asking around about opportunities, maybe you’ve been doing a bit of work, or volunteering in areas you love on the sly to make sure what you’re thinking about is actually what you want to be doing.. Whatever it is, you’ve been testing those waters, and you feel so at home in them that it’s like you’re submerged in the womb.

7) And lastly, your brain is telling you that you can’t do it

This may seem counteractive, but it’s the most important thing to consider when taking that leap of faith. Your brain must be telling you that you cannot do it. There’s day dreaming about holidays, hoping for world peace and wishing that things were different.. But when you think seriously about following your Dream, there needs to be that doubt. There should be negative energy that accompanies it. That’s how you know that you’re dreaming your biggest, that’s how you know you really want it. And once you know how to harness that negative energy, you can use it to your advantage (blog post on that coming soon). If that voice in your head is telling you no way never, it’s a sign that your heart is saying a big massive hell yes do it.

So there you have it – seven indications that you’re ready to take that leap of faith. As I’ve said before, other people will doubt you. Other people won’t believe in what you do. Other people won’t see what it is you want to achieve. But if you’re feeling the above, it may well be an indication that you are ready to take that leap of faith in favour of The Dream. I’ll see you when you get here – and the water’s just fine! #MondayHustle

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