Confessions of a hustler

I figure it’s about time I gave y’all an update on my progress. How it’s all going, what I’ve been up to! The EXCITING life I’ve totes been leading.. It’s been five weeks. And so much has changed. Let me tell you about a typical day in the life..

I wake up and gently lift my head off a silk covered goose feather pillow. My on hand barista whips me up a flat white which I compliment with Veuve soaked bircher. It’s a beautiful 23 degree day, so I have breakfast outside and sit next to my salt-and-vinegar-chip-filled-pool. I figure I’d better send a few emails to thank people for their interest in me, but regretfully inform them that my work diary is full until 2019.. But if they can wait ’til then I’ll totes pencil them in!

Lol, k you got me I’m joking none of that stuff is true! I know, I’m soo convincing.

Ok. Reality, Lucy, come back down.

The reality is.. It’s hard.

Where am I even going??

I wake up early (or try to.. But it’s so cosy!). I do some exercise (slash try to if I haven’t slept in). I have breakfast. And then.. It’s business as usual. Working the hustle that is. Trying to forge something outta nothing. Cool. May have bitten off more than I can chew.

The question I get asked the most is ‘so what do you actually do?’ And this is a really hard question to answer in a way that satisfies the asker. Without a contracted 9am start, it’s hard to imagine me being motivated enough to even get out of my pyjamas.. And I’ll admit some days that is really flippin’ hard. But these days don’t arise any more frequently than when I was in paid full time work. So ya know.

Since going cold-turkey on the whole paycheck thing, what I have been doing a lot of is networking. I’ve been cold-calling, cold-emailing, and cold-introducing myself to strangers on the damn street. Ok, I haven’t gone as far as that last one because I don’t want to get arrested for being a desperado. But hell, if all else fails..

I’ve been putting my name and my vibe out there to organizations, networks, businesses and companies that interest me. I’ve been introducing myself with all the fresh-enthusiastic-young-keenness I can muster. I’ve been working as my own saleswoman.. And you’d be surprised at how hard this role is since it’s 100% commission based – and I am the product.

It’s a grind. For every ten people I email or call, I hear back from 0.5. on average. I say 0.5 because sometimes a robot emails me back, so that doesn’t really count as a person (yet). Ok fine, I’ll round it up to 1. I reckon from the people who respond, one out of every three actually wants to meet me. So. Hang on, maths.. 1 times three… Divided by.. Obtuse, algorithm, polygon.. That means one person out of 30 is interested in meeting me. Um. Did I mention it’s a grind?

But through all this networking, I have had some really, really positive results (thank goodness). I’ve managed to set up a few awesome meetings, have had a couple of cool auditions and have stumbled across inspiring people that I would otherwise know nothing of.. And this is all incredible, fantastic stuff and I feel really cool when I get a foot in the door and get in front of these peeps.

However it is hard to label these events as ‘successful’ or as ‘progress’ because I don’t have anything tangible out of these interactions. People seem to like me enough. They respect what I’m doing, and say wow you’re so brave.. But my bank balance hasn’t increased. I haven’t been offered any contract to sign. No one has said ‘you’re awesome, come back in next week’. So far, as far as I know, no-one actually wants me.

And this.. Kinda sucks. I mean. Do I smell?

But when I feel like my mental resilience is slipping, and these negative thoughts cross  my mind, I counter them with a three letter word I like to call ‘yet’. I know that it’s not just me that calls’ yet’, yet.. But it just felt right.

So let’s rephrase all my negative statements with that lovely three letter word tapped on to the end there.. “My bank balance hasn’t increased.. Yet” “I don’t have a contract.. Yet” “No one has asked me back.. Yet”. How much better does that feel! With one word, my whole outlook is changed and it fills me with childish glee. The future looks bright and exciting and impossibly possible again.

There is light once we get through this storm!

It’s really easy to get caught up in the ‘I’m a failure’ buzz. But this trend is so 90’s emo. I think it’s important to remember that as soon as I get that break, as soon as someone says yes, then I’ll wonder why I ever bothered stressing during this time at all. This is the fun part. The part you’ll look back on with fondness. It’s the the part that makes of breaks you. And you never know what might come out of all this networking. After all, it is all about who you know. Or rather, who knows you..

So what am I doing? I feel like the most appropriate response to this is taking charge. Creating my own future. Putting myself out there not knowing if I’ll be accepted or declined, like an Eftpos card the day before pay day. And what is this? Work. This is harder than any 9-5 I’ve ever had. Cause this part doesn’t have an end in sight. Yet..

Keep hustling peeps. We’ll get there. #MondayHustle

P.S – would love to know what you guys are up to in your own hustle! Feel free to comment, send me an e-mail at or message me on Facebook.

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  1. What do you want to get paid to do though? I’m not really 100% on what your dream is, or how you are planning on monetizing all this “hustle”?

    1. Great observation Alyce! You’re totally right – I haven’t yet clarified what my dream is because I wanted Monday Hustle readers to be inspired to think about what their own dream might be without any initial bias!! Will write a post revealing all this week – thank you so much for the question (I’ve been waiting for someone to ask!!) 🙂 xxx

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