My Dream Revealed

It has happened. A lovely Monday Hustle reader has noticed that they can’t uncover specifically what my Dream is, nor how I plan to monetize my ‘hustle’. And they are right. I haven’t told you.

I’ve kind of done it on purpose in the hopes that you’ve been inspired to think about this concept in relation to yourself without any bias. I’ve kept it neutral up until this point so you haven’t compared your own Dream directly with mine. Sorry, it’s kind of sick and twisted. I did study psychology after all. I can also read your mind if you didn’t know. Or, is it just that I’m nervous as sh*t to tell anyone what my Dream is, because I don’t want to be a tall poppy. Ahhhhh I don’t even know anymore!

But, I’m doing it. I’m revealing all. This post will tell you everything! It’s about my Dream and how I have planned to make it happen. As you probably know, plans are a funny old thing to have because how often do they work out perfectly? Um, like never. But you gotta have something to go off right.. Anyway. Dicing around the subject and getting lost thinking out loud. Or rather, writing out loud.. Writing through a key board.. I guess that makes ‘writing out loud’, loud. Especially with the way I type.

Dreams are free. And also possible.

Buckle in – here we go, team – Lucy O’Connor’s Dream. Are you ready? I don’t think you’re ready. For this jelly.


My Dream is to make others feel empowered, important, worthy and at peace with their individuality. I am a naturally good speaker and have quite an enthusiastic, positive personality (if you couldn’t guess). Therefore, it makes sense for me to get my ‘break’ within the realms of presenting and public speaking so I have the platforms to capitalize on my natural ability to engage and (hopefully!) inspire.


I always thought I was pretty normal in the way that my little brain thinks about the world. I’ve never understood the concept of ‘settling’ for a job. I’ve never thought of getting older as a barrier for change. I have always believed that with slight shifts of mental attitude, awareness and confidence, a person can achieve incredible things.

However, every day I encounter brilliantly diverse, multi-layered and talented people who are so far removed from their Dream that they feel like the potential to make it happen has passed. And this makes me incredibly sad. As humans, we can’t help but compare.. And I always find myself thinking, ‘boy if I was that passionate, if I was that talented, I hope I would give myself the chance to make it happen’, whatever their ‘it’ is. But, what they are good at, and what they love is not necessarily what I’m good at or what I love. For me, it’s empowering others to feel positive in the direction of their Dream. So that is my calling in life – and I’ve been pondering a practical, realistic way to make this happen in a way that makes sense with who I am, what I love and what I am good at for a looong time!


I cannot put a time frame on the Dream. It is a complex beast, with so many possible avenues and so many variables. It’s something I can chip away at, something I can always work on and improve.. But I don’t know where my path may lead, or what kind of curve balls I’ll get thrown .. I don’t know when I’ll get that feeling of having ‘made it’ because that feeling is different for everyone. So I’m just going to work hard, keep positive and try to enjoy the journey.


Wherever there are people.


I’m all exposed! So am covering up in this pic..

I plan on getting my ‘break’ by hustling for it, by networking with the right people and backing my own capabilities. This will hopefully get me in front of people who will see my potential and who can offer me that platform to empower. I need to show through my own personal experience that Dreams are possible, that we can make a difference, that we can be doing something that we love every day; but that it takes work, confidence, self love and a bit of resilience. Can someone say Monday Hustle??!!

So there you have it! Lucy’s Dream revealed. Let me know what you reckon! Massive let down? Hugely farfetched? Exciting as hell? Or not good enough?

My challenge to you is to define your Dream. And, when you get down to the nitty gritty, you’ll see that there’s never going to be a clear path or a right direction. You’ll see that a multitude of ‘jobs’ could allow you to live your Dream, because lots of ‘jobs’ will fall in line with the values of it. It’s a matter of taking a risk, and pursuing a path you think you’ll enjoy, one you will feel excited and challenged by. 

And always remember, The Dream, like yourself, is in a constant state of flux. So don’t worry about whatever you’ve been doing up til’ now, because everything is a learning, everything is valuable preparation. And in the same breath, don’t worry too much about the future. The fact is that anything could happen. In ten years from now, I don’t know where I’ll be. My Dream might may have moulded and re-packaged in to something completely different, and this could take me along a road I didn’t even know existed. In ten years, I still might not be anywhere near my Dream. Or, it may have played out exactly as I envisaged. The unknown is all part of the fun.


4 Replies to “My Dream Revealed”

  1. Yayah love it. Particularly like the part where you make vague reference to your skills. the anti-tall poppy battalion of hustle

  2. Your dream is awesome Lucy! I had been curious what you were hustling towards but now that I know it totally makes sense and I know you’ll get there at the right time.

    1. Aw thanks Melissa!! It’s all there, written down and out there to be consumed by the world.. It’s scary to feel so vulnerable and accountable, but also surprisingly motivating! Thanks, as always, for the unending support. I really, really appreciate your belief in me! xxx

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