The Someday Shuffle

I once read a quote titled ‘The Curse Of Someday’, which goes a little something like this:


When I read this title, all I saw was a little witchy leprechaun waving his wand, throwing wingardium-levio-somedays around and laughing like a maniac, high on making other people’s lives a little bit crap.. Creepy, yes? The stuff of nightmares.

But weird brain projection aside, it also got me thinking about the number of times I have used the word ‘someday’ as a means to avoid doing anything in the direction of my Dream. Now I reckon I am slowly but surely getting better at making my somedays my have-dones, but it wasn’t always this way! Past examples of my ‘someday’ musings include:

  • Someday I’ll find the perfect turtle neck (tick)
  • Someday I’ll start my blog (tick)
  • Someday I’ll commit to my dream (also tick)
  • Someday I’ll live my dream (not yet tick)

Yes, you did see right. This blog was a ‘someday’ thought. Monday Hustle has been in the pipeline for a long. Time. Let me tell you a brief historical tale of how and when this glorious idea finally came in to fruition..

Before Monday Hustle was born, it was sitting in the womb of my brain for well over a year. I’d be all like yeah I’m tooootes gonna write a blog someday and people would be like omigosh good for you.. I’d think about ideas.. I’d wonder about the content.. I’d dream up the style.. I’d toss up whether or not anyone would even care about what I had to write.. I’d think about it so much, that in my head it felt like I had already started it.. But the fact was, I hadn’t done anything tangible towards making it happen. At all. And time just kept rolling on past.

Your someday starts here

So finally, one day, I just went enough thinking. Let’s bloody go already.

And it was all on. But the end result wasn’t immediate.

It took about four weeks of full commitment before Monday Hustle was ready to go live. I began to write my ideas down. I started to seriously think about names. I got a graphic designer to create a logo. I found a WordPress template (I’ll take $20 for that plug, thanks WordPress), which I then made look the way I wanted (HTML what even is that). I purchased my domain. And then, once everything was up to scratch, I said sweet as homie (yes, I call myself homie), get your sh*t together, we doing this. So I sat at my desk, put my head down, tapped out some writing and then did the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life. I made it public.

That day, Sunday the 5th of July 2015, was my ‘start a blog someday’ finally, actually being a day in my life. And it was awesome.

So looking back on that, I have come to the conclusion that the notion of ‘someday’ isn’t the problem here, because good things don’t happen overnight. And sometimes it isn’t even possible to do something the very same day, especially when time zones are involved.. The problems arise when we don’t hold ourselves accountable for making our someday a reality, when we fail to commit to the starting block. We need to make sure that we take that first step, that we put aside the time, that we do that ground work to future proof our somedays. And, more often than not, once we actually start, it’s a whole lot easier to keep that ball rolling and see it through to the end than it is to sit around and wonder about it.

Remember that there ain’t no leprechaun throwing curses out willy-nilly.. There’s only you. And you are responsible for ensuring that the work you need to do, happens. You need to chip away, to make a commitment to yourself.. Even one small thing a day in the direction of your someday can bring it that much closer.. So do that research. Make that phone call. Send that enquiry. Because one day, you’ll be able to say that your someday is today. And that’ll be a bloody good day indeed. #MondayHustle

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