NZFW 2015 Round Up

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, first of all, where are you finding motivation, swag and videos of me making a dick of myself all in one place? Is there someone out there faking my profile? I knew it!

Anyway as I was saying, if you don’t follow me on any of dem social platforms, you may not have known that last week, I, yes, Monday Hustle rep rep, attended NZ Fashion Week 2015. And if you do follow me, sincere apologies for the fash-spam. I dressed, I schmoozed, I survived the whirlwind. But best of all, I got to see the results of what some serious hustling can do. I’ll tell you about my experiences across days 1-3, because it was on these days that I felt like I was imposing, on these days I felt I didn’t quite belong.. There were the media folk, the international buyers, the fashion superstars.. And then there was Monday Hustle. But who am I kidding, I’m pretty important. To my mum.

Tuesday was the most intimidating day of my life. After getting my hair and make-up done by my gorgeous friend Enisa, I was so nervous at the potential of being late that I forked out and grabbed an Uber to Britomart, assuming I could easily walk from there. I felt kind of cool allowing myself to Uber.. You know, out of my way, I’ve got to get to Fashion Week!! Even if I can’t afford it righnowww.

I started to walk with importance and purpose (preparation) towards the event, and was congratulating myself over the fact that I would arrive with plenty of time to get organized. However, in all my excitement and stress, I had envisaged the wrong event location entirely. That’s what you get for originating from Wellington and therefore thinking that the only event space in Auckland is The Cloud (foreigners aye. Yes, I have been here for a year). Any who, after a slightly rocky start, and a stroll (sprint) in the rain towards the ANZ Viaduct Events Centre, nervous as sh*t that my new shoes would break (am I the only one that fears losing a heel on the first wear?), I made it to the correct location just in time. I went up to the counter to grab my pass and in a relaxed part-of-the-furniture-manner said ‘ah yes hi, an all access pass for Monday Hustle please’. The ocean of cool people around me didn’t even blink an eye at my smooth moves. And then, in true fresher style, I walked confidently with an air of self-importance straight in the direction of the bathrooms.

I love being out of my comfort zone.

The first show was outside around the back of the ‘tent’ area (a runway in a tent) and it was raining. Luckily Resene ($20 for that plug please) had sponsored the event and therefore provided umbrellas for the occasion. The first show was Twenty-Seven Names and boy did they not disappoint. The storyboard for their collection had a bit of a ‘dinner party for hustlers theme’. See below:

“Welcome to the dinner party. Using Judy Chicago’s iconic feminist artwork as a starting point, today we set the table for an imagined 25 women. A dinner party of women who question, imagine, challenge, who shake up, who inspire. Women whose songs get us so excited we break into spontaneous dance in the workroom; whose books we’ll even loan out to that friend who dog ears the pages. Women who have made the tv shows and films that we rave about to anyone who will listen, who made the art that changes how we see the world, or feel about ourselves. Women who fight the good fight for the rest of us, who live the lives that inspire us.”

Image credit – James K Lowe

So that was rad. And I’ll take one of everything.

Next up was a show called Choose Wool, which featured the likes of Hailwood, Sabatini, Liz Mitchell and Tanya Carlson. Don’t forget peeps, the showcase was meant to be for winter 2016 so even though we are going in to summer (thank hell), the wool thing was totes relevant. This show entailed way too many thick, gorgeous warm looking pieces of genius for my wallet. It was a show so bursting with fibers that it could have kept the coolest cucumber warm. If any of you feel like shouting me anything from that show, I wouldn’t hold you back. I would sum it up with one word – luxury.

Snap from Liz Mitchell’s collection.

The day went on and the runways kept on running. From the New Gen show which featured up and coming fashion geniuses, to the seasoned-professional likes of Kate Sylverster and NOM*d, I saw them all. I pined. I lusted (at the clothes, not the male models). And in true Fashion Week style, I had just a tipple of wine. It was quite the introduction. And of course, I had to get my swag game going strong for day one too.. Not too much, not too little.. Just a safe helping of black and gold. You can check my day 1 look here!


Day two and I was feeling a little bit more at home in my Fashion Week bubble. Hair and make up looking on sass, I again forked out for an Uber, cause you know, Fashion has to have game. And money. And if you don’t have either, fake it til’ you make it right. I was just a little bit shady from the nervous wines the day before, but nothing a bit of bacon didn’t fix right up. I entered the arena, grabbed my coffee (50c extra than I’d normally pay, but it was L’Affare + Fashion Week, so yaknowwww) and sat down to try and look like I knew what I was doing. I was excited for this day, because it was the day I would get to meet some of the gorgeous fresh humans I had been Instagram crushing on – Bethany and Rebecca from Her Apparel. These two rad peeps have created a line of lingerie fit for a queen, and have gained a massive following in a really teeny tiny amount of time. Hustlers. Their show was fantastic (full of babes) and it just goes to show that with hard work, focus and dedication, your wildest dreams can come true – possibly even faster than you think!

Her Apparel.

Day two saw the likes of Julian Danger, Lucilla Gray, Harman Grubisa (OHMIGOD AMAZE) and Annah Stretton take to the stage. Such beauty. Such crafted looks. Although sometimes, ignorance is bliss, cause now all I can think is pastel pink fur, but all my Eftpos card can think is pastel pink my-ass.

Julian Danger.
Julian Danger.
Harman Grubisa.
Harman Grubisa.
Lucilla Gray.
Lucilla Gray.

I also went to the NZ Wedding Magazine Collection runway show, which featured a wide array of wedding dresses; from simple and understated, to no-qualms-about-how-many-people-have-to-hold-my-train-or-my-headpiece, there was something for every bride and every groom. With the music, the scent and the display of beautiful people, it was quite hard to not get swept up in the whole wedding business; but then Art Green walked out as a model and burst my fairy tale bubble, cause then all I could think about was how many of the bachelorettes I had seen walk in to the show, and how many of them were now sinking in their chairs. Reality TV got me good.

John Zimmerman.

That night, Stolen Girlfriends Club featured their collection at the St James Theatre. Such good vibes – the liquor was flowing freely before the show, and was also in fact free. The selection included coffee martinis so that was a massive tick for SGC. You got my vote. For some reason, they also must have thought I was more important than I actually am, cause my ticket was VIP2. This meant I got to stand right on the side of the stage as the models strutted past (thought about tripping one up – resisted) and the confetti rained down. It was an impressive collection featuring lots of badass prints, bold structures and my personal favourite item, a bomber jacket with a jaguar emblazoned on the back. Every hustler needs a bit of swag armor on their off days right. Can I justify it.. NO. The party went well in to the night, and that was all a massive part of the hustle. Come on, you gotta network right! And show face right! Over a vodka-soda right! You can check my fun day 2 swag right about here.

Dying over this bomber.
Dying over this bomber.

Day three and somehow I escaped any form of repercussive physical lingering from the evening before. You know it’s gonna be a good day. And it was a good day. You can check my look from day 3 here!

The Miromoda showcase, which is a dedicated platform for design concepts with indigenous stories, was extremely impressive. From strongly crafted intricate design, to thought-provoking and emotional, these were pieces which were far more than just fashion, darling.

The Resene Designer Selection Show was always set to be a crowd pleaser. Colour, music, fun and even the All Blacks in undies.. If providing the umbrellas on day 1 didn’t sell Resene any paint, this show bloody would have.


Day Three of Fashion Week ended on the highest high possible – Sean Kelly (New Zealander – and winner of Project Runway), Hailwood (display of how to be cool with absolute ease), Ruby (which was shown at a car park off K-Rd – extremely commercial, beautiful, accessible fashion), and classic Zambesi kept the fashionistas smiling from 5-10. . These people know their flippin’ craft alright.

Schedule and fashion frontiers aside, I learnt a lot from Fashion Week. I learnt how to pretend to be important. I learnt about the lie of the NZ Media land. And I learnt, as always, that everyone starts from somewhere. I had the pleasure of interviewing NOM*d, who started selling out of a garage in Dunedin in the 70’s. I talked to Her Apparel, who met each other over Instagram and decided to start a business selling lingerie (with the greater purpose of helping women feel body confident). I met Sean Kelly, who grew up in Taranaki, moved to New York after completing his Bachelor of Design in Wellington and, while looking for work on a one year work Visa, decided to take a punt at Project Runway.

And designers aside, I learnt a lot about passion from another perspective. Through the eyes of the volunteers, the media, the bloggers, the caterers, the models and even the goodie bag putter-togetherers, there were so many people involved in this event who helped create the platform for the designers.

So this taught me two life lessons – 1) celebrate achievement in others. Don’t get jealous, envious or bitter that a person has ‘made it’ – get excited and help them where you can, because one day you’ll need people to create the space and the platform to showcase what you have to offer, whether physically or metaphorically.

2) And as a follow on from that, when you do make it, stay humble. It’s such a big world out there and there is so much possibility. So when your dream does come true, remember that you are not, and never have been the only player. It takes an army to make a dream come true and more importantly; it takes an army to make a dream stay true. NZFW2015 – you have been a pleasure! #MondayHustle

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