Why you have to read this right now

Now‘ – adverb. At the present time or moment

Present‘ – adjective. Existing or occurring now.

Future‘ – noun. A period of time following the moment of speaking or writing; time regarded as still to come.

Past‘ – adjective. Gone by in time and no longer existing.

You know what the spooky, screwed up thing is here.. I never have, and never will exist in a time other than right now. And my now is quickly becoming my past. Me typing my thoughts on this screen is evidence of time passing. See those definitions back at the top of the page there? Me researching and typing them out is well in the past. Even thought it was only 5 minutes ago, things become ‘the past’ as quickly as that. And, while I know I’m going to finish this post and publish it, right now, that is going to happen in the future. But, by the time you sit there and read this article, you’ll be existing in your now, reading my past creation which I wrote anticipating future digestion.

Welcome to your english lesson! Nah jokes. I have my own version of english most of the time anyway, so I wouldn’t be qualified to teach anybody, anything. Apart from how to make the perfect kiwi onion dip. And that’s science/magic class.

I am aging as I write this. My birthday is in two weeks today (if you want my mailing address, let me know), but that two weeks from right now is going to be an actual day that will come and go just like any other (if you wanna come to my party, also let me know – I’ll be making kiwi onion). And once that birthday has come and gone, it’ll soon be Christmas. And Christmas 2015 will exist as a now. But right now, as I sit here in my present, it feels like Christmas is really far away.. I can already taste the ham though.

What I am trying to say here, through food related events (must be lunch time), is that the future seems like a strange mythical land of wonder and promise, of change and positive vibes all round.. And that’s because it is. It’s mythical. It’s a mere projection, often full of hope and anticipation. The harsh truth is, we will never really exist in the future. Because by the time the ‘future’ rolls around, it’ll just be another right now. 

I have to be honest here, and admit that I used to be pretty complacent with my right nows. I didn’t give them the credit, the value and the worth they deserved. I was distracted from the now. I was distracted, because I spent half my time daydreaming. I was distracted because I thought the future would just happen. I may have been distracting myself on purpose, because although I knew I did want something different, literally making and acting on my decision to start all over again in the right now (which is now the past) was just a little intimidating.

I want pizza, now.

But, the worst part is, through all this distraction, I knew I was being lazy. I was just sitting around hoping, and in some ways, expecting something good to happen from nothing. I was going through life picturing my future self as so much better, as so much happier, as so much more fulfilled. I’d enthusiastically think, one day it’ll happen for me! One day I’ll get the opportunity I need! When the time is right, it’ll just present itself on a silver flippin’ platter!

And through all this daydreaming and hopeful internal banter, opportunities to make a change were passing me by. Opportunities to create an opportunity were passing me by. Time was literally just passing. I was a passenger on the Time Pass Express, which can move bloody fast.

I have come to learn that it’s true what people say – life really is short. And the only time we can actually make a change, the only time we can do anything positive for ourselves is literally right now. So stop thinking.. Stop wondering.. Stop daydreaming.. And do.

Make a commitment to your future self, by doing something amazing with the only real time we have. And, with any luck, one day your present self will wonder why your past self let time pass you by in the first place – because life, right now, is awesome. #MondayHustle

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