What we have to look forward to – with Jaime Ridge!

Team. How the heck are ya. Thought I’d lighten up the end of the week by getting a bit excited about the flippin’ future. ‘Cause hustlers, despite a shaky start to the week, it still looks bright.

A few weeks ago I sent Jaime Ridge an email, ’cause I thought she’d be super cool to chat to – and, because we have the same agent, getting in touch with her was just a middle-woman away! The agent always has the best hook ups. I was interested in this glorious human because she does so much, like, all the time.. From designing jewellery, to modelling, from contributing to Remix Magazine, to running an Instagram account with over 43,000 followers, she has responsibility in many areas – awesome areas – and somehow, she manages to stay down to earth and humble about it all. If it were me I’d be all LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME like the donkey off Shrek. So she can definitely teach me a thing or two!

Now it’s no secret that Jaime is the daughter of some high profile parents, but she still has to make her own way in this world. And, like the rest of us, she has to hustle to keep herself busy, relevant and interested in areas she loves  – and she does pretty darn well I reckon.

As someone who is successful, but still works really hard, I asked Jaime to give us her top tips to leading a balanced life, a ‘how-to-stay-focussed-guide’ once your hustle starts to pay off. This is a list I hope to be able to refer back to one day, when I am as busy and in demand as her.. Gotta keep that dream alive!

Over to you, Jaime.

  1. Inline image 1Organization is key! I am a very organized person and I believe this plays a major role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle and staying on top of my workload. Virtually every aspect of my life is organized in some way – from my scheduled Kikki K diary, to my extensive to-do lists, to my colour coded closet – some say I am crazy!
  2. Preparation is also key. Simple things like making my lunch every evening before work to maintain a healthy diet, packing my gym bag and laying out my outfit the evening before are very small things that save me time and stress.
  3. Set time aside each week to catch up with friends. Prior to doing this, I often found myself so deep in my work that I would miss out on spending valuable time with my gorgeous girlfriends, so now I make sure I set a certain amount of time aside each week for catching up. Friends are so important so making an effort to see them is crucial.
  4. ‘Killing two birds with one stone’ (as horrible as that sounds!) is also a great way to stay on top of your workload and maintain a balanced life. I try to do this as much as possible as I am often very time poor, so being able to do something whilst achieving something else also, is amazing! Walking to work instead of driving or catching the bus and going to Hot Yoga with my girlfriend in the evenings are both perfect examples – I get to catch up with friends, and get to work, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Make sure you set time aside for yourself, its so important to relax and reflect! I will often get a massage or a facial or set time aside to read – these are my go to’s, but there are so many different things you can do to escape from work and unwind!

So there you have it –  a comprehensive, how to guide on leading a balanced life once the hustle gets busy and exciting! Definitely going to take Jaime’s advice and treat myself to a massage and a facial once it all starts to pay off…. Pay being the key word in there at the moment. Must stop purchasing coffee. Delicious, delicious coffee.

Thanks Jaime! And team – hustlers – keep it up ’cause one day soon…. Oh boy. It’s gonna be good.

Do you have your own tips on leading a balanced life? Would love to know about ’em! Comment below, or get in touch via email, Facebook or Instagram 🙂


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