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When I started Monday Hustle, I never envisaged it would be such a soul-searching venture. I’ve learnt more about myself in these last few months than I ever have in my life.

I know I keep going on about last week’s post, but holy heck, was it a game changer. I never thought that putting out negative energy would produce such a positive response.. No one likes a Debbie Downer right.

Now that wasn’t the first time my ass has hit the bottom (lol, ass, bottom) – but, it’s definitely the first time I’ve put it all out there so openly sans any positive camouflage. And you know what? It felt awful. I felt totally naked, totally on show. I felt vulnerable. Worse than showing skin, I was showing emotion. Eek!!

Now this is an extremely generalist view, I’ll be the first to admit that.. And there will of course be exceptions. However, in New Zealand, I feel that we are taught from a young age that showing emotion (other than anger if the All Blacks lose), is unacceptable. Wrong. Attention grabbing. Overly invested. Embarrassing. Too ‘American’ (love that one!). So, we sit there and we suffer alone with our thoughts a lot of the time. ‘Cause we think that having issues, or struggling openly is ‘weak’. We think that if we don’t ‘harden-up’, we won’t be taken seriously. We assume we’ll be judged more on our weaknesses than our strengths if we dare display them.

Well, last week disproved these notions for me. It was a Monday – hustlers, it was our day! And in my mind, Mondays should be full of nothing but positive energy. I’ve come to feel slightly responsible for this day of the week.. Responsible, in terms of putting out good vibes only. So when I wrote that post, I actually wondered at the time whether I should save it to share on Thursday, ’cause I was afraid that if I shared it then, I’d lose that Monday-loving edge some of you have come to love.

Being honest was flippin’ scary. It wasn’t at all comfortable. But, when you see what came from it, you’ll understand why this exercise has changed my views about the importance of talking about the bad stuff as well as the good..

“Keep on taking those baby steps – write a list of everything you have achieved with Monday Hustle. I bet it is bigger than you would expect.” – Bridget, Goal Diggers NZ

“Really appreciate your post today. Straight up honesty is both gutsy and refreshing to hear. Thank you! I relate and I empathise completely. Some days … even hustlers need a break …. Hit the refresh button tomorrow. Your work and positivity speaks for itself and I bet you the universe will provide just when you least expect it! Sounds ridiculous … but it’s proven true in my life. Keep going girl!”

“I think you’re very courageous – we need more people like you who are not afraid of being vulnerable to let people know that it’s ok to feel however you’re feeling, and that truly experiencing it and expressing it is a healthy thing to do for wellbeing.”

I’m back to dreaming in colour!

“What you’re doing is so uncertain that it must be hard to stay confident and positive all the time. I just wanted to say (something I don’t practice although I preach it) is to feel this emotion and embrace it- as the highs and lows of a life well lived are so much better than the numbness of coasting through and feeling vaguely dissatisfied”

“Just caught up on your post from yesterday – hope your doing better today champ!”

Did I get one negative message? No. Did I get one judgmental post? No. Did I receive anything other than genuine goodwill and caring? No. And this selection of 5 messages was just the tip of the ice berg. I would be inclined to hope that if I did receive some negative feedback (those trolls!), the good would have countered the bad tenfold.

And as I said in my video, this says a lot to me about the importance of making sure that when you are down, when you are finding things difficult, when you aren’t feeling your best, you find the courage to talk about it. The hustle isn’t always easy – in fact, it’s never easy.. That’s why it’s a hustle, right? But there are people out there who will stop everything they are doing just to make sure you are ok, just to help you to get back on top – and more often than not, this support comes from people you’d least expect. It made me realize that we have an amazing community here at Monday Hustle. And that is something pretty awesome indeed. So thank you for being an active part of this journey.

I’m going to do more work to keep the conversation lines open. I wanna hear from you guys. Let me know what you’re finding hard, or alternatively, what you are finding great. Let me know that I’m not alone in this hustle. Let me know about your projects, your dreams, your bigger picture, and I will help in any way I can, whether that’s by connecting people, or just having a good old yarn. ‘Cause at the end of the day, this isn’t just my hustle, it’s our hustle. We might want different things, but that doesn’t mean we’re not in this together.

If you know anyone who may benefit from knowing that this community exists, or from understanding the importance of talking about the tough stuff, feel free to share this post.

This week, I can safely extend a completely honest happy Monday to you!!! Now, let’s go get ’em.


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