S0, this happened!

PHEW, what a relief! Thank goodness that’s off my chest. (Insert one more cliche) – the flood gates are now open, and I can talk to you all about the first break through I’ve had as a hustler!!

I’ve been itching to tell you (oop, one more) about my fresh presenting job with TVNZ/Nando’s/MKRNZ. Obviously, I was under strict confidential obligation to tell no one! Not a soul. Not even my mother. Do you know how hard that is? Do you? Things don’t feel real ’til your mum knows. Having a secret is like like being pregnant with information. As it grows, and as time goes on, you just want it out or you’ll burst. Literally. You don’t even care if someone faints ’cause it’s messy and gross. It can’t be good for you.

When the first TV commercial went to air on Monday night, I was surprised for a few reasons. First of all, I was surprised to see my face and hear my voice on TV. For any of you who have experienced seeing yourself on TV for the first time, you’ll know what I mean. “What? My face, my voice, my-SELF on TV? What the hell? But I’m sitting here. Oh geeeeeez my voice sounds reeeeaaallllyyyyyy weeeeeird. How do people put up with me talking? Is that what my expressions look like?? Really? Omigod please don’t show that double-chin angle again! What the hell am I doing with my hands? Why am I standing like Quasimodo?”. Weird. So very weird.

Secondly, I was surprised at how much work goes in to just 1-2 minutes of content. It’s pretty darn remarkable to see how it all gets cut together coherently and concisely when you were working on it for far longer than just a coupla rounds of 60 seconds. The magic of production aye?

And the third surprise was the speed in which one of my best friends called me. The 30 second ad was still playing, so in the first 20 seconds, she recognized me, unlocked her phone, found my contact and hit call.. I just kept it cool, you know, like ‘hello? Oh hey. How are you?’ and she was all like.. ‘hey.. Uh, were you just on TV?’ and I was like, ‘oh yeah, lol, casual, yum, chicken.’ True friendship right here.

It was such a good day when I was told I had the job. I was sitting, eating a bagel and drinking a coffee by myself, ’cause I had to get out of the house to try and get my spirits back up. I saw my agent call.. Which is always a good start.. And the first thing she said, which I’ll never forget, was “Lucy, you little rockstar, you!” And even though the job wasn’t quite the same as being hired to be the lead guitarist for the Rolling Stones, I felt like a flippin’ rockstar, just for that break through moment.

Me as a moving picture. Thanks to my cousin for the pic! She posted this on Facebook almost as quickly as my friend called.. Now that’s tech-savvy.

So I went along on the shoot days and tried to be all professional and pretend to be in the know and in the game, like yeah whatever, done all this before; which isn’t untrue but for some reason, this job felt like it had so much more at stake.. My reputation as a presenter was on the line. It wasn’t just oh, this will be a bit of fun between my normal job – this was serious. Ain’t no fall backs now. I had to repeat the words ‘girl, you got this’ so many times (yes I talk to myself like that). I said it before every take.. Before every line.. Before I ate my lunch.. Do you have a fear of choking on a sandwich around people you hardly know, as well? Just me? Damnit. Every time someone watches me eat now, they’ll be like, ‘it’s ok – girl – you got this’. I give way too much away on this blog.

Well, the shoot went REALLY WELL! Everybody was stoked. Eventually, I relaxed in to it and the fun outweighed the fear – always the best emotional tipping point, whatever you’re doing. And the results are finally out there in the world, ready to be consumed.

Man it feels good. It feels right. It makes it easy to keep the number of regrets I have down at zero. I can’t help but take it as a little sign that I’ve done the right thing, a little bout of awesomeness to keep me motivated to keep the hustle alive. I am so happy this information has been birthed, good vibes weighing in at a healthy 100%.

Exactly three months of focus, drive, emotional roller-coasting and far too many coffees, and this has happened. I’ma do my best to capitalize while I have some presence and see what kind of opportunities I can forge. This is where the real hustle starts.. ‘Cause now I gotta keep that ball rolling and work to stay relevant while it’s running hot. But that’s not to say I didn’t give myself a day-off, a glass of wine and a few self-high-fives to celebrate the amazing fact that for a few days, I got to live my dream!

There will be a fresh video up at this link on a Monday (!) for every week MKR is on – check out the first one if you haven’t seen it yet! And definitely enter the competition to go to South Africa. I’ll see if I can have it rigged for one of my hustlers.. Just kiddingggg I couldn’t do thattttt! I don’t have that much street cred (yet..!) 😉

Have you had a break through too?? Would love to know about it! Comment below, or send me an email at mondayhustler@gmail.com


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