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Team. Happy Monday. We have another blank-canvas-week ahead of us! What a flippin’ blessing. Hope you have several exciting things planned to help catalyze your progression to personal greatness. What’ll you do? Write a letter? Send an email? Make a phone call even? 

As you know, I’ve been working pretty hard over the last few months. And the reason I’ve been working so hard, is because, thanks to Monday Hustle, I’m accountable to actually do stuff.. I’m accountable to test waters.. To try out fresh things.. To take a few risks.. ‘Cause let’s face it, you don’t really want to read about how I slept in, tidied my room and baked scones to distract myself. Or do you? Have I got it all wrong? Mmm scones. Did you know that I’ve only baked 4 things total in my life.. In my life!! I’ve baked two batches of scones, one batch of cookies and one orange cake. My scones were terrible. My cookies were great (who can go wrong with condensed milk, choc chips, and a few powders which, when combined, create science?). And the cake was somehow the most epic cake ever. Man, flukes are the best. How is it that I can screw up scones, but make a perfect cake? Ok, actually, if I wrote about baking, it could be really interesting since I never do it.. I’d call the blog ‘Bake-day Hustle’.

Anyway. Back to this scary thing that I did. Are you ready? Get yourself a hot water bottle for comfort.. ‘Cause (deep breaths) here we go. I.. I.. I left the internet. For a whole day.

There, I said it. Phew. Feels good to have that off my chest.I know, I know, it’s a scary concept. What did I miss? What kind of opportunities will I never know about? Who might have been trying to contact me that I’ll now never connect with?

I haven’t left the internet, or more specifically social media, for more than an hour a day in the three months I’ve been out of my old job. You’ll remember from one of my earlier posts that before Monday Hustle, I was hardly even on social media. But now, being present and active online is something that makes me feel useful. It makes me feel like I’m doing stuff even when I’m not.. And, even if it serves no direct purpose at the time at all (*cough*, Facebook stalking), it can all be linked back to ‘research’, right?

Well, yes, right. But not always right.

The reason I left, was because I found myself doing the old wake-up-in-the-morning-and-check-my-accounts thing. Alarm goes off (after one (two) snoozes..) and boom, I was locked in to my phone. I had barely even left dream world before checking in to virtual world.. I started to check everything I could possibly check before I had even wiped the dribble from the side of my mouth (gross, sorry, but I’m not deleting it).

When I start to compare myself to others on social media.. Never ends well for my face.

I left the internet was because I started to compare what I was doing with what other people were doing. I started to think about where I was at in comparison with where other people were at. I started to get wrapped up with blog stats, my ‘likes’, with what my neighbours cat was doing (see top image – apparently, she likes bacon)..

And while that stuff does have a place (ok, I’ll admit it, not the cat), I realized that I was putting emphasis on completely the wrong things. I was actually letting you down, ’cause I was losing focus on my actual, real, tangible, day-to-day hustle. I wasn’t living in accordance with the Monday Hustle values. I was getting virtual FOMO. And that is not what the hustle is about.

The day I tapped out, I tried something completely new. It was something that forced me to focus and concentrate on myself in the moment, ’cause if I didn’t, I would have gone hurtling down a hill face first. I learnt to ski. But that’s a whole ‘nother story!

And you know the funny thing is? That one day I left the internet, I didn’t miss a thing. At least nothing that couldn’t wait! No one sent me anything requiring an instant reply. No one had called me 17,000 times. No one had sent me a million dollars, on the condition I fill out a form with my bank details within the hour (those things are real, right?). And the best bit? When I checked back in, I had more direction. I didn’t lose my focus in the social media void. I didn’t feel pangs of envy over tropical island Instagram posts. By taking some time to focus on just me, I had got my hustle mojo back in just 24 hours.

So while the internet is an amazing tool for our community in terms of connection, I realized that to actually stay focussed, I owe it to you, I owe it to myself, I owe it to the hustle to check out of the internet, and to check in with just my brain every now and again. Because every year, social comparison and internet black holes kill far too many individual hustles. If you ever feel overwhelmed scrolling through them feeds, keep that presence of mind and give yourself a break to change your focus, to do something different, to get back on top. Remember, at the end of the day, your hustle is exactly that – yours, and yours alone. And there’s no ‘correct’ way to get it done, apart from the way you make it happen for yourself.

And yes, I do see the irony in that I’m about to post this on social media.. Remember, connection, not comparison makes the hustle go round!


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