Labour Day Musings

Happy Labour Day! Yaayyyyy! I wish I had the coffees above in front of me right now. I’d smash them. I’d inhale them. I’d seep them in to my veins via my eyeballs. Ok, whoa.

I’ve always thought that calling this public holiday ‘Labour Day’ is a bit weird.. It’s like it’s Labour Day, let’s take a day off! Whattt? Is it opposite day?

Labour Day exists, of course, to commemorate the historical struggle for an 8 hour working day, which is still not legally enshrined. Did you know that New Zealanders work longer hours on average than any country apart from Korea and Japan?? And that’s a positive outcome, as if our employer decides they don’t need us, we aren’t even guaranteed to work 8 hours a day.. Why on earth did I resign again?

But history lesson aside, I have a few thoughts for you if you’re lucky enough to have this Labour Day off work – and also a few thoughts if, like me, you happen to be working (see Monday Hustle Facebook or ‘Gram to find out where.. At least it’s a bit exciting!).

If you have today off:

Drink coffee(s).

Sit in a fancy chair.

Avoid Bunnings Warehouse.

Eat a bagel if possible.

Wear something you’d normally save for a special occasion.

Stroll through nature.

Take a nana nap.

Ahhh, nature!


Think about the concept of a concept.

Go for your first swim of the year.


Visit someone that makes you happy.

Wear a headscarf.

Visit someone you haven’t seen for a while.

Visit someone who you know will appreciate your visit more than they’ll let on.

Spend money on health and buy a new plant.

And if you do happen to be working:

Make it the best working day you’ve ever had.

Smile. Constantly. Like a maniac.

High five a colleague.

Be kind. Kind of mostly.

Remind yourself that working today WILL pay off, whether literally or metaphorically.

Draw on your resilient positive energy.

High five a stranger.

And remember that even if working is the last thing you want to be doing, you’ll be helping someone else have the best deserved break ever – and karma will no doubt be good to you when you bank your next day off.

Whatever you are doing, make sure you enjoy it. That’s all for today! Happy Monday, team.


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