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Holy hell, what a weekend. What a game, what a test, what a blimmin’ performance. I’m still sweating and having heart palpitations from the excitement that was the Rugby World Cup Final 2015. I swear, sporting events are not good for your health. I wonder if, as well as domestic violence rates (humans. Come on.), there is an increase in the amount of people who suffer from heart attacks when a rugby match is on. Would not be surprised – health professionals?

You know, I have a tendency to resist getting emotionally involved in sporting matches that I’m not playing in for as long as possible (lol, can you imagine if I was an All Black – one of these players is not like the others! Vagina, for a start). And this is because when I do eventually get involved, that’s me. Done. Things stop making sense. It’s like I’m addicted to the sport. The stats, the plays, the tactics, the conspiracies.. I’m all over it. It happened with the America’s Cup (when I was walking to work, I’d leave early so I could stop in at every bar along the way to get real time updates). I happened with the netball (I was watching every sneaky elbow, Casey). It happened with the cricket (and if it can happen with cricket, it can happen with anything.). And, sure enough, it happened with the Rugby World Cup.

Anyone that knows me will also know that I am not a morning human. If I have to get up before 7am, my brain remains shriveled until midday. My eyes, even if they look open, are in fact still asleep, glazed over by an extra layer not dissimilar to the transparent eyelid crocodiles engage when submerged (who do I think I am talking with authority about crocodiles, flippin’ David Attenborough?!). Check out the ‘Gram for proof of this. My legs, although gaining ground, are actually in a sleep walking state, which means I am a total flight risk. Can you imagine.. A blind, sleep walking human with a prune for a brain. I shouldn’t be allowed out of the house before 2pm, legally.

So anyway, the fact that I managed to get up to watch something as trivial (but, you know, as important) as rugby is actually quite an amazing achievement for me. I can’t even manage to get up for bacon sometimes.

The All Blacks did not disappoint. A team of ultimate hustlers. Even when the Aussies seemingly gained the mental upper hand, they focussed on nothing but the moment – not the score board, not the crowds reaction to Australia’s comeback, not the pressure of the situation – just the plays that they were in control of, the plays that they could create.

#squadgoals. Image courtesy of dailymail.co.nz
#squadgoals. Image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

My outtakes from the World Cup? That New Zealand has the best rugby team in the world right now. That Richie is going to be the godfather of my spawn. That Sonny Bill can’t be human. That Dan’s legs need to be insured for the same amount as Heidi Klum’s. But most importantly, this achievement has reminded me that in the hustle, nothing is immediate.

As fans, we got up, we watched, we enjoyed, we relished.. But that was the easy part. Remember that this team has been working towards this common goal for 4 years. FOUR YEARS! They’ve been training, they’ve been gelling, they’ve been eating the right stuff, they’ve been nurturing injuries, they’ve been at the gym, at media events, taking selfies with John Key.. They’ve been hoping. Working. Hustling. And, they’ve done it. It’s paid off. The setbacks, the pains, the emotions, were all totally worth it. And I think this can teach us a great lesson about the fact that great achievements do take work. They take resilience. They take persistence. They take a team. They take lots of praise-less grind behind the scenes. And, most importantly, they take guts. One day, I know that we’ll feel the same elation as the All Blacks did when they achieved their goal of making history. Ridiculous goal for us, too? I think NOT!

It’s going to be amazing. It’s going to be life changing. I can almost smell it. Oh, wait, that’s just lunch. Siiiiigh – a sure sign that I’d better get back to work.

Do you have any outtakes from the Rugby World Cup of your own? Feel free to comment below!


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