SPANNER! (Trust me, Xena is related)

Spanners everywhere are on sale today because of the plug I just gave that timeless tool. Nah jokes, they’re not, sorry if I had you excited about spannering all that stuff you need to spanner. We all just got spannered.

There has been a metaphorical spanner, however. And those tend to be free. Or really expensive. And even though I did an online course to help me predict the future, I didn’t see this one coming.

Like, at least it’s an awesome spanner. Really exciting. Super cool, don’t get me wrong. But it took me a while to get my head around this fresh opportunity, because in order to take it, I had to sacrifice a couple of other awesome hustle progressions.. Read on..

As you might remember in one of my posts last week, I mentioned that I had sent off an email and received a game changing response. The email I sent off contained information about my measurements. Now, before you think tacky of me, measurement requests are extremely common in the line of work I’m about to introduce, so untwist those panties, Barbara!

My measurements are clearly oddly similar to those of another human (one who happens to be famous), as I have now been contracted to work as a stunt double for a movie being filmed in NZ before Christmas. Oh, you didn’t know I was a stunt person? Sorry about that! I’m a stunt person. Guess I had better explain.. Nutshell mode, Lucy!

I used to be a pretty alright spring board diver, and years after I retired (at 18.. LOL), I worked as an extra on the hobbit (unrelated). On set, I met some stunting humans.. And being a stunt woman was my ultimate dream as a 5 year old (remember Xena? I wanted to be her).. So, I decided that this was the universe was coming full circle, and it was my chance to honour my childhood dream. So, I made my skill set known.. Had a stunt assessment.. Sent some references.. The stunt humans made some stunt related decisions involving my future stunt involvement, and the rest is history!

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There it is!

It’s pretty cool. I’m so happy that my inner child is fulfilled. Once, I got to ‘be’ Rachel McKenna on Shortland Street. Remember, that finale a couple of years back, bomb went off under deck, deck collapsed? That was me hitting the wood, and yes, I’m pretty sure that thudding noise was my head. I can’t be sure, however, due to flames, crashes, bodies, delirium.. I remember hearing Angela Bloomfield (not Rachel McKenna) being interviewed on ZM just before the finale aired,and they were yarning about the stunts and the excitement and the big finish and I was like, me! ME, that was ME, ME WAS HER!! It was weird. They were talking indirectly about me, and yet not one of them had any idea who I even was! Sometimes, it’s really strange being the stunt person. You aren’t meant to be you. At all. You can’t even show your face!

I digress.

So although I know that this job is gonna be really cool, making the decision to take the job made me just a little bit anxious…


Well, I finally felt like I was gaining some ground in the realm of presenting. I’m on air right now! And while film work is flippin’ awesome for contacts, for experience and for fun, it’s also extremely hard to live a normal life while you are working on set! The days are long, and often go on for way longer than initially planned. The intensity is random. The hours are abnormal. The locations are all over the place. You never really know when your next day off is, so planning and committing to anything ahead of time is really tricky. Taking the job means I have to put ZM on hold until next year. Taking the job means I only get a short stint at my new office space. It means I’m no longer flexible, available, on my own time, ready to jump when people say jump (unless they are literally telling me to jump as part of this job). When I was offered the position, I couldn’t help but feel like taking it would mean that the hustle would be on standstill.

BUT. I had to remind myself.. There’s no such thing as hustle on standstill!

The fact is, I have been offered an opportunity. And almost every opportunity is worth taking, especially when it comes out of the blue. If I turned it down, I would be favouring something completely uncertain over something definitely awesome, even if it might be a tiny bit of a tangent.

Plus I’ve got a fail safe plan. I’m gonna work really hard on the job to make everyone say ‘wow, she good’, and then I’ll work extra hard during my downtime, making contacts and working out how I can present myself to the presenting market with a fresh bang in 2016. Sometimes a break from the mould is essential for some new perspective, as well – so this will be a great hustlexperiment. I’ll let you know the results in the form of an interpretive dance.

This is going to be the best possible end to the best year of my life so far – I’ll literally go out of 2015 fighting. Or at least pretending to..

Oh yeah, and the HAIR CUT! I had to get it cut to match the human I’m doubling.. ‘Cause, you know, I’m meant to be that person, not myself! And luckily.. It’s not too bad! I’ll show you a bit later tonight on the ‘gram…. Just give me 6 hours to run my fingers through it alone.

Do you think it was a good idea for me to take this work?? Would love to know your thoughts via email, on Facebook or in the comments below!


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