Five scary reasons to invest in yourself

TEAM! How are ya! Hope you enjoyed the big hair reveal last week. It’s odd, because even though my head hair was literally halved (measured the length before and after), I felt like I owned it straight away. No panic attacks, no dissociative mirror shocks, no snippers regret (not to be misconstrued)..  It’s great.  The lob is so in. Nothing like the breeze on your neck in summer (watch that burn, kids).

I’ve been thinking a lot about self investment lately. Not like I wanna spend money on a new jacket (although, if it’s badass, no judgement), but like invest in knowing who the f*ck you are. It’s just.. I’m only just finding out who I am. And it has taken years for me to understand the value this type of investment can bring.

I used to live my life thinking that success was a measure of achievement, was a measure of worth. I felt like the only things worth sharing were when the good bits – when I was on top, when I was winning, when I was in in control. And this type of thinking was not good for me.. I don’t think it’s good for anyone. It creates an internal value system based completely around things you can’t always influence, no matter how hard you work. You are never guaranteed specific results, or a specific outcome in life, especially when the decision is up to someone else.

Since I quit my job, I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching. I’ve started to accept, and invest my time in understanding myself as a flawed human, and have started to explore 5 things I didn’t really pay much attention to before..

  1. I’m finding out what I personally am capable of

Nestled in the safety of my job with its fortnightly paycheck, I was never really forced to challenge myself beyond this reality. Sure, I would try to keep it interesting by doing activities, attending kite days (really) and drinking wine.. But I have forced myself out of that externally structured comfort zone, and am now having to create my own version of a reality I am proud of. It’s amazing how my priorities have changed. I’m now able to give myself the space to step back and feel really awesome about what I achieve.. Which only gives me more energy to continue on!

2. I’m finding out what I think is important

Now that I am having to carve my own path in a way that makes me personally happy, fulfilled and proud, it’s amazing how my ideals have evolved. When I first started Monday Hustle, I just wanted to pursue presenting. Since gaining a bit of distance and perspective from my first blog post ever, I still want to pursue the same things – but my reasons have changed. Now, more than ever before, I want to be able to give back to this Monday Hustle community. And that shift of focus is the driving force behind lots of the decisions I make. Watch this space..

3) I’m discovering what I refuse to accept about the ‘way the world is’..

.. And slowly working out how I can influence positive change in these areas, however small. Again.. Watch this space..

4) I have started to really appreciate the people who offer value to my life

.. And let go of the ones who don’t. I used to want to please everybody.. And I’ve finally learnt that this just isn’t realistic. Since putting this blog out there, I have learnt to focus my energy on fostering friendships and relationships that come from a place of genuine authenticity. What was that quote I posted on the ‘gram.. “Surround yourself with people who get it”. I feel like this is more like ‘surround yourself with people who truly get you, and love you all the same’

5) I have started to back myself more

Now, I feel a true sense of direction and purpose. Before Monday Hustle, I ran my life based on ‘if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen’. However, while that’s still true, now that I’m in the drivers’ seat, I feel like I have absolutely nothing to lose by putting myself out there. It’s no longer a waiting game.. It’s a creating game. And that has been a truly liberating discovery.

Do you have any bullet points to add to this list that you’ve discovered on your journey?? Comment below or send me an email –! #MondayHustle

P.S – can’t wait to tell you all about on-set life really soon!!

4 Replies to “Five scary reasons to invest in yourself”

  1. Thank you Lucy, since breaking up with my partner of twelve years a month ago, this is just what I needed to read. I hope I can do all of these things soon and truly feel the way you do. Lovely words you strong, beautiful woman xox

    1. Jade, apologies for my slow reply to this comment. As I said on Facebook, I am so sorry to hear about the breakup.. Mourning a relationship is never, ever easy. Just take it day by day as I’m sure you are, and don’t be too hard on yourself. Surround yourself with positivity and joy, whether that’s in the form of people, colour, adventure, and just do what makes you truly happy. Thinking of you babe xxx

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