How to plan in advance for the best year you’ve ever had!

It’s that time of year.. The atmosphere is warmer, literally and metaphorically.. You’re finding glitter in crevices you didn’t even know existed… You can feel the amount of f*cks you give about spreadsheets lessen by the second.. It’s festive flippin’ December!

If you’re a normal human, you’ll be flat out crazy busy trying to get that 9-5 work done between 9 -12 – ’cause after midday, complimentary beers/prawns/taxis courtesy of boss dog are likely on the cards. Forget silly hat day! It’s time to let your hair do whatever the hell it wants, and make some bad decisions thanks to (insert business name)’s (insert ‘original’ adjective) Christmas party 2015! Can someone say streamers?!

But hold up.


Put that pash laden with regret on hold for just a sec. There’s something you need to do first, potentially immediately (if the pashee is serious, they tooooootes won’t mind waiting. And if they aren’t serious, don’t worry – there’s always Bevan from accounts).

Today, there’s something you need to do, something you need to start brainstorming. We need to live purposefully for today, of course, but we also need to start safe guarding the future so we have the capacity to really let out hair down stress free. As we continue to tick off Monday’s in 2015 (after today, there’s only 3 to go!!), why not use them to prep, plan and prime yourself for the best next year you’ve ever flippin’ had?!

I know that typically we like to leave our resolutions until January 1st while we are nursing the bat-shit mad eclectic displaced godfather of all hangovers. Or even worse, we make a panicked resolution on December 31st.. Which is never. A good. Idea.

Once I was at a New Years Eve party eating the best species of salt ‘n’ vinegar chip (Kettles, naturally), and a few humans noticed how joyful my face was while consuming these crunchy morsels of perfection. They decided it would be humorous to suggest that I would never ever be able to give them up for a year. Now, if my brain chemistry wasn’t altered ever so slightly because I accidentally drank hand sanitizer, I would have happily agreed with them. I would have said ‘lol, you’re so right, I could never, ever give up chips’ and cheers-ed them off so I could continue to scoff in peace.

But, alas, I got defensive.

I became ashamedly embarrassed of my one true love. I said I bet ‘I can prove you wrong’, and prove them wrong I did. However, it came at a cost.

2010 could well have been the worst year of my life.

It was 21st season, and there were hundreds of bowls of chips that weren’t appreciated by my tastebuds. I was a poor student in Dunedin, and there were several thousand nacho dinners I couldn’t partake in. Kiwi Onion Dip just didn’t have the same zang when the transportation vessel was a mere slice of cucumber. And although I should have felt triumphant, I only felt like I was missing something. It sure was a tough year for Lucy O’Connor. If only I had a resolution at the ready so I could have ricocheted the line of conversation from chip consumption to changing the flippin’ world, one blog post at a time…

I digress.

The reason we need to plan ahead, is so we can safe guard ourselves against the dreaded January slide. Let’s be honest – the first month of the year always goes faster than you think, and before you know it, you’re back at work, busy, stressed, and still discovering glitter. My 2015 resolution began in July this year (wondering what it was? You’re reading it right now!), and although it’s definitely, 100%, absolutely better late than never, I wish that I had taken some steps to  make it happen first thing. While it was sunny. And the days were long. And there was an actual. Full. New Year ahead!! SO EXCITING!

Here are three things I recommend you do which will help get the ball rolling on your 2016 resolutions right now..

  1. Put some time aside to set goals

Yes, yes, I hear your resistance – the glitter, the cocktails and, post cocktails, Bevan, are all extremely appealing.. But you must put some time aside, as soon as possible, to really get in the zone and ask yourself what you actually want from the fresh year. Daydreaming sporadically is all well and good but.. We need intention, people!

Discover what you overall vision for 2016 is, and then take it even further. We all want to be fitter, eat more healthily, drink less alcohol, earn more money, live our dream etc etc.. But I want you to really think about this, and then set some specific goals. Make them purposeful. Make them realistic.

Break down some steps in to manageable chunks to keep you on track. For example, ‘in 2016, I’m going to live my passion’ is all well and good.. But HOW are you going to make sure that happens?! Try (for example..) ‘From mid-January 2016, I’m going to contact 10 different graphic design agencies per week, to enquire about their internship schemes. This is so I can have valuable work experience lined up by March.’

And on the goals go. Manageable. Realistic. Achievable.

And who knows what the results could be when you team this (example!) goal with the outtakes from this post about how to get in front of an employer.. World = oyster. All it will take is one afternoon of pure, uninhibited focus with a big f*ck off piece of paper and a satisfyingly sharp pencil. What a great excuse to raid the stationery cupboard..

2) Work out what you can do right now to help make the transition easier

Although we love to think that we’ll be so motivated and rearing and passionate and fresh come January.. How often is that the case?!

Want to get fitter? Buy a Zumba concession card right now (FUN). Want to start a website? Purchase a domain name today. Want to network with graphic design agencies? Stalk the web to create a comprehensive list, and methodically Google each agency to find out which ones you like the look of – whether it’s to do with their clients, their business mantra, their location etc etc – then start to collect contact details, and draft emails, so you’re good to go in Jan. Want to quit your job to chase your dream? Well, you know my thoughts on that!

Over the break, we all want to relax and take some time off to just blob/read romance novels.. So do a bit of ground work now, which will A) safe proof your chill time, and B) make your return to the hustle that much easier! “Come back to reality on the front foot”, said every hustler in 2016.

3) Start to change the internal chat

You know what kills more hustle than anything? Complacency. Not when it comes to taking action, but when it comes to self talk. You know what you want. You know what you are capable of. You know what you desire, where you want to go, how you picture your life panning out.. So start fostering that self belief now.

Stop giving in to the creative excuses your brain offers, and start to be a problem solver. You know what the harsh reality is? You are the only person that can make your dream happen. You are the only person that can do the work to make it happen. You are the only person that you are fully, 100% answerable to at the end of the day.

So, start to back your self. Start to believe in your abilities. Start to create an internal resilience to the nay sayers and the haters. Start to believe, finally, in what you want from this life. Start to favour the positive. Work on that self belief. Create a new force of energy and drive and passion. Say YES to the life you envisage.. And mentally prepare yourself to take that leap!

So there you have it.. A few tips to cement change in 2016. I reckon it’s all about the preparation, the game plan, the strategy so idiot proof, you could convince your mum it’s a good idea (sometimes the toughest client to convince when it comes to the notion of chasing the dream).. Create a commitment to what you want right now, while the cicadas are loud, while your spirits are high, while the glitter is sparkling. And make sure you make it easy to pursue that high, and that you hold yourself accountable to this feeling of possibility, well in to the New Year.

It’s going to be bloody amazing. Feel free to share this post with anyone who needs to realize the full potential of their dreams As Soon As Possible!!

What are you going to do right now to kick start your New Year? Do you have any ideas to keep the motivation rolling in to next year? What are your goals for January? Would LOVE to know about them! Comment below, find me on Facebook or Instagram, or email!


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