The only reason this blog exists.. 

Today is a special day. A very special day indeed. SO special in fact, that I’m actually getting a bit emotional writing this right now. Ok, some of the emotion may be stemming from the two glasses of red wine plus chocolate I’ve just consumed.. And this, teamed with the fact that I’ve been listening to Adele for the last 2 hours (SUCH a good album. Totes worth the $18.99), may mean my brain is totally checked in to ‘weak tear duct mode’. But regardless of melody and consumables, I reckon I’d still have to choke back a few tears. Because.. HECK, life! My goodness. I can’t even.

Today is my last post for 2015. I know, I know, I hear your contentions.. What on earth will you have to look forward to on a Monday over the Christmas break?! Well, Hustler, they don’t call it a break for nothing! You’re totally on top of your Monday Vibes. You’re not going to be spending time on the interwebs when there’s cocktails to drink, waves to catch, wafer ice-cream cones to crunch.. You’re going to be channeling the sun, sounds, swag, sweat and swhatever else. I’m going to be spending a couple of weeks checking in with my friends, my family, and my fresh direction for 2016.. And trust me when I say that Monday Hustle is a flippin’ big player for next year. For now, all I can give away is the fact that I’ve been in discussions/negotiations/creative brainstorms with a few amazing people.. It’s set to be epic. More info on that ASAP. AGH, can’t wait to share the exciting developments that are coming up for this space real soon!! And, if you had any ideas, requests or suggestions for this blog, I’d love to hear them! Please don’t hesitate to send me an email – 

But in this post, I’d just like to reflect. Reflect on what an incredible year it has been. My first ever blog post went live on June 29 2015, and since then, life has been totally different. Not even 6 months in, and my mindset has been flipped upside-down.. The clouds in my brain are slowly evaporating to reveal a personal sense of clarity.. And although I still have high expectations, I’m somehow becoming less harsh on myself. Life has never felt more right.

And you know what the reason is for all of this positive reflection, drive and dream-pursual?


Yes, you, sitting there reading this post! You, the dear friend, the dearest stranger, the committed flippin’ hustler who takes the time to actually consume my drivel! Before my first post went live, I was nervous. Ok, screw that, I was the closest I’ve ever been to having zero control of my bowels. I honestly thought that my content wouldn’t resonate. I felt an anomaly, I worried people would see me as an attention seeker, I stressed about the way people might talk about me behind my back.. But something made me click ‘publish’. Something made me close my eyes and dive in. Something told me ‘it’ll be all good, Luce’ (probably that weird internal brain yarner who only ever chats in third person). 

But you. You have kept the hustle alive. After all.. You read it. You share it. You talk about it. You get me! You have totally validated this space. And even if some of my jokes don’t make sense, and even if you’re genuinely worried about my passion for salt and vinegar chips, you’re still stickin’ around.  Un-flippin’-believable.

So, Hustler, I just want to take this time to extend my total appreciation for everything ‘you’. You were there with me to celebrate the good times (like that time I got the Nando’s break through). You were there with me to endure the random times (remember that video I threw together ages ago titled ‘Waiting For The Interview’? Well, here it is again!).

But most importantly.. My fellow Hustler. You were there to share my dark times. And that, to me, was a game changer. It spoke volumes. Before that post, I was never one to admit weakness. I was never one to admit to struggle. I was never one to share my emotions for fear burdening others. But that post.. That one, single, completely uninhibited post was everything.

It provided me some much needed education in the realm of human kindness. Opening up, sharing my fears, allowing myself to truly feel that moment, was liberating. Instead of giving me more anxiety about the way I was feeling, instead of having my negativity reinforced, that one admission of vulnerability totally flipped my understanding of what it is to be a Hustler on its’ head.

That post told me that, just as its ok to talk about your passions, it’s also ok to reach out. To feel down, to feel stagnant.. Because it’s HUMAN. It reminded me that we all have those days. It’s part of the reality that comes with the Hustle. And rather than run from it, rather than conceal it, rather than suppress it, that post made me realize that it’s super important we talk about the good and the bad. Because it’s all real. It made me decide to stick to my guns. It made me know for sure that I’m doing the right thing. It made me realise that I want to do more to give back to you, the person who keeps me accountable, the person who keeps me motivated, the person who holds me up when shit gets tough. I hope to one day be able to provide you with the same level of support you have offered me so generously.

So, my dear friend, thank you. Thank you for being a massive part in this Monday Hustle journey. Thank you for your unconditional understanding. Thank you for your encouragement, love and belief in my journey thus far.. I have never felt so humbled. But, most of all, thank you for being so brave as to think about your own future. Thank you for taking your own dream in to consideration. Thank you for taking some time to validate your passion. Thank you for giving your desires some room to breathe. Thank you for believing in yourself. I am so proud of you.

Always remember.. You are brave. You are bold. You are beautiful. You are here for a reason. You are worthy. You are enough. And most importantly.. You have the power to define your own happiness. 

If I was crying as I wrote the first sentence, I’m bloody bawling now!!

I’ll still be on Facebook and the ‘Gram over the break, cause Facebook and the ‘Gram. And if you need any help, advice or just a general yarn, I’m always available on Facebook or email – 

I can’t wait to share my resolutions for 2016 and the developments for this space on this link with you real soon!

Until then, keep it real. Keep it positive. Keep that hustle alive. But don’t forget to take some time to breathe in the world without agenda.

All my love and gratitude,


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