Why 2016 is going to be a struggle..

Hustler. It’s 2016. It really is! Two-thousand-and-sixteen. It’s got a bloody good ring to it, that. Today is the first Monday of the year (gold star for Lucy..). And although I had planned to take a bit more time off (*cough* another week), I realized that I could not let this momentous Monday pass me by without a post! That would not be cricket. It wouldn’t be right. It wouldn’t be Monday Hustle.

I had a fantastic holiday, thanks. Ugh, it actually makes me sick how good it was (and no, not because I was consistently hungover..). Sun, books, rain, naps, swims, sleep ins, fish ‘n’ chips.. But best of all.. The option to wash my hair or not! What. A dream.

But I know what you really want to know.. Which amazing (insert gig/festival/country/beach location/house party) did I attend to see in the New Year? Well.. Let me tell you.. Before this year, it’s been all R and V and bach parties and La De flippin’ Da, all of which are fantastically fitting events to see in the first sunrise..

BUT. This year, I had no plan. Literally, no plan. I was hanging out with my mum and dad and best friend in a township reserved for retirees – quite frankly, what better company do you need? On the evening of the 31st, we were prepared. Armed with a drowsy sun induced confidence, and absolutely nothing to lose, we crashed parties, became blood brothers with the neighbours, performed karaoke, received shout-outs, were double-bounced on trampolines, consumed a beverage the locals called ‘Illusion’ (it was bright green, like really unhealthy snot).. And it was f*cking amazing.

But you know what has been the best bit about this little hustle-holiday? The fact that I actually allowed myself to take a break. Shifting my focus from the hustle for a couple of weeks has totally cleared my mind. I’ve gained some much-needed fresh perspective on how I see the bigger-hustle-picture panning out. Man, do I have some, hash-tag, GOALS for this year. Lots involve this space. Lots involve how to better my personal hustle. And, of course, a few resolutions involve the essential topic of health (wouldn’t be a new year without health).

However, I’ve been reading lots about resolutions, and to be honest, it seems like they’re getting lots of negative press.. So many articles are floating about covering why resolutions don’t work, why they WON’T work, the ‘science’ behind why we slack off after January, etc, etc.

But.. You see.. The truth is.. I LOVE resolutions! At what other time of year is there a mass thought migration towards positive change? At what other time do we reflect on what we have loved and hated about the past year, and how we want the next to be different? At what other stage do we feel ok about sharing our goals and dreams and ideals with others? All of that stuff just can’t be bad.

However, I reckon there is something to be said for the way we go about making our New Years resolutions. Because it’s not just as simple as saying ‘this is what I want’, and having it magically manifest. Let’s face it.. We all want to be healthier, more successful, and happier overall.. We all want to get a promotion, receive a pay-rise, to have abs..


Now don’t get me wrong, acknowledging what we want is often the first step – after all, without intention, it would be difficult to get anywhere – however, in June last year, I realized something. I realized that, in my life, I pictured only the end result. I day-dreamt about the reward. I visualized my success manifesting, but only once the ground-work was already done. Before that fateful day, I never really paid much attention to the processes that any of my dreams required.

I realized that to make my vision a reality, I was going to have to change my situation. I was going to have to give up my solid, stable, credible 9-5 in favour of something uncertain. I was going to have to give up my regular paycheck, and stress every time the words ‘coffee catch up’ were mentioned. I realized that I was going to have to network on my own, run my own game, create my own challenges, be willing to compromise, prioritize, and probably let a few people down in order to get to where I want to go. I realized that I was going to have to live in an uncomfortable state for X amount of time before I gained any forward momentum in the direction of my goals.

I finally clicked that if I wanted to live my dream, I was going to have to actually work for it. I considered what that might mean. I acknowledged that it was going to be difficult. And I decided that, in the end, the work, the struggle, the hustle, was all going to be worth it. So, after considering the process and realizing that yes, my vision was still what I wanted, I chose to pursue that end result. The best bit is, even 6 months in, I have absolutely zero regrets, even if it hasn’t always manifested in the way I envisaged.

So now, instead of just asking myself what it is I want from life, I also ask myself this.. ‘Am I Willing To Struggle For It?’ – or, more accurately, ‘Am I Prepared To Hustle For It?’

When honing in on your resolutions this year, perhaps spend a few seconds considering that question. What kind of hustle are you willing to live to get to where you want to go? Are you willing to give up some of the comforts you know in order to get there? What sort of processes are you prepared to adopt, what sort of sacrifices are you prepared to make, in order to reach your end goal?

You want the promotion – but do you want the extra work, hours, spreadsheets, responsibility required to get it? You want to run a marathon – but are you prepared to do the training in the lead up? You want to eat healthier – but does your definition of a ‘quality life’ really rest in kale consumption?

The best bit about this approach? If you think you want something, but realize that you aren’t willing to hustle for it, it’s definitely not a negative thing. It just means you are one step closer to honing in on what it is that you are willing to hustle for.

This year, let’s focus on what goals we are prepared to hustle for, and ultimately, what processes we will fall in love with, in order to one day live the life we’ve always imagined. Let’s be real. Let’s embrace the uncertain. Let’s learn to love the uncomfortable. Let’s look at what we gain from the negative. Let’s be prepared to put the work in, to go that extra mile, to commit to making our shit happen!

That is how we hustle 2016 style, my friend.

What are you willing to hustle for this year? How will this year be different from the last? Where will you be on December 31st, 2016?

And you know what else was great about my holiday? Eating salt n vinegar chips relentlessly in to the night. ‘Cause it’s not a real break without some guilt –free indulgence. Ok, over-indulgence. Ok, down right gluttony. Whatever, it happened. Not making the mistake of giving those up again..

Oh, one more thing – happy flippin’ new year!!


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    1. The love goes both ways, Melissa!! Extremely happy you found some value in this post! 2016 is going to be amazing. Cannot WAIT to see what we are able to achieve this year 🙂 xxx

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