Why I’m breaking up with Netflix..

I woke up like this. I woke up like this.

A zombie.

But a flawless one.


Oh.. Actually.. Technically, as society would deem.. Zombie or not, I do have flaws. Whattttt!! That’s news.. So hang on, hang on, hang on, you’re telling me.. Pimples are flaws?? A red face after running is a flaw!? Subtle bum chins are flaws?!

Oh jeez, I’m well far gone. I mean.. I wear foundation!!!! I wear foundation that attempts to make it look like I’m not wearing foundation! I feel like foundation is a sick joke, because where’s the foundation in that?!

However, apparently, being flawed also makes me a human.. So.. meh!

Gosh, I’m so sorry, I always do this, Lucy, get on track. This person has not come here to indulge in the workings of your tangent-favoured brain! They came here to read something with substance, humour, inspiration (once someone called me a funny looking inspiration, so that ticks all those boxes).

How did you wake up?’, I hear you ask through gritted teeth!

Alright, I’ll tell you how. Ready?

I woke up early!


I feel like that was an anti-climax.

I feel like you’re wondering where the actual punchline is.

I feel like you assumed I had my waking-up-early shit together, because I go on and on about embracing opportunity, which includes those before 9am..

Hoever, I don’t. I don’t have my waking-up early shit together. There, I said it.

I understand that the fact I got up early may not sound very impressive..

However, those who know me personally will tell you that my sleep/wake cycle is somewhat.. How do I put this? Unfortunately nocturnal. Why unfortunate? Well, I don’t want to be awake once I’m in bed! But as soon as the lights go out, the light in my brain goes on. Suddenly, it seems sensible that the last bit of washing gets folded before tomorrow.. Suddenly, my ears become supersonic, and I can hear those crickets as clearly and annoyingly as my mum’s nagging (sorry, mum).. Suddenly, the best ideas I’ve ever had come flying at my consciousness, and not in a nice way – like the monkeys with wings from the Return to Oz movie (‘Fly, my pretties!’)..

In my first year at University, I got really, really good at pool. Like, really good. I’m talking pool shark level, backed up by the fact that I even won cash prizes! Why did I get good at pool? Because in my hostel, there was a pool table. At night, I didn’t sleep. So, at night, I practised pool. Now, even though this may seem like a positive, the amount of coffee I had to drink to function during the day was definitely not.

Sleeping has never been a forte of mine. Which means that getting up at a reasonable hour consistently is also not a forte of mine. I have to high five myself every time I’m up before 7am without absolutely having to be. I’m that person who needs to put their alarm on the other side of the room. I’m the person who can always justify fifteen more minutes of nap time. I’m the person who at 8am, is so many dream-layers deep, that the sound of my alarm ringtone is normalized in my sub-consciousness. I’m basically the walking snooze.

But this is the year I am making a change!

Getting up early is my 2016 Resolution. And as I always say.. Better February than never! (Disclaimer: I’ve actually never said that until now.)

Getting up early is my only real New Year’s Resolution, because I feel like as long as I plan for that one thing, everything else I want to achieve will start to fall in to place.

If I have to get up earlier.. I’ll have to go to bed earlier. I’ll have to find ways to wind down during the evenings (no phone, no laptop, meditation, etc). I’ll have more time during the day to tick off tasks. I’ll have the time to exercise stress free. I’ll be ready for the day sooner. I’ll never forget to brush my teeth in the mornings. And the best bit about getting up early?

There’ll be more waking hours to hustle.

January was such a great month! There was sunshine, mimosas, a healthy dose of debauchery, there was of course Japan (if you haven’t seen the videos, you’re missing out!). 2016 has already been awesome! But now, it’s time to settle in and initiate hustle nek level. I’m going on 7 months without a regular income, without a ‘proper’ job, without any consistent responsibilities, aside from those I’ve created for myself. And I flippin’ love those responsibilities.. I wouldn’t be here writing if I didn’t!

But I also have to pay some bills.

So, it’s time to get serious.

Over the next couple of months, I’m gonna be in forge mode. What does that mean? I’m going to be focussed more than ever on forging opportunities. I’m going to try to network, collaborate, meet with who I can. I’m going to be pitching my skills and selling my capabilities with confidence to anyone who cares to listen.. And maybe to a few people who initially won’t care at all. I’m entering full hustle business mode.. The product? Me.

Over the next couple of months, I’ll make sure I share the tips, tricks and insights I learn through my mistakes and my epic fails, as well as (hopefully!) my successes and my wins, however small. I’m going at this with an open mind, a hopeful heart and a resilient soul.

Agghhhhh, I’m so nervous!

There are going to be a few other surprises thrown in there for good measure! All I can say is watch this space.. Watch the Facebook space.. Watch the Instagram space.. And also, watch the sunrise! If you ever need a buddy to share the sunrise with, I’m stoked to say that I’ll be up early enough to be that buddy. As of today, I’m breaking up with Netflix. I’m dumping late night chocolate. I’m saying see-ya to late night infomercials (which, by the way, I honestly love).

As of today, I’m saying a big what’s up to some serious hustle.

If you have any tips for getting a good night’s sleep, or for getting up early, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

Also, feel free to share this article with anyone who also may have been a bat in a past life.. Let them know, they’re not alone!



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