What does it take to be Romeo OR Juliet?

This is big.

I’ve decided that it’s about time I offer you a bit of inspiration that’s not straight from this hustlers mouth. So, this week, I’m gonna be posting an interview a day. Yes. An interview. Every day. Monday, through Friday. Stay with me and you’ll be SURE to find a few little nuggets of hustle-truth and wisdom to help grow your dream’s potential!

Today, we’re starting with a video interview I did with the stars of the Shakespeare Pop-Up Globe – Christel, Stanley and Jonny – who are currently working day and night to entertain, inspire and put on a bloody good show. All three of them have hustled super hard to get this gig – and, as with any hustle journey, it hasn’t always been easy – it hasn’t always been fun – but, as quoted by Jonny, when gigs like this come through, it’s all definitely been worth it..

Chuck your headphones on, take a few moments and check it out for some fresh motivation! If you can’t watch, just listen – their accents are fantastic (be warned – you may fall in love with one/two/all of them when you hear them speak..!).

All the detes on tickets etc can be found here!