MH Interview with Broods!

As I mentioned on the ‘gram, this week I’m gonna be rolling out content like Monday Hustle ain’t never done before.. There’s gonna be an interview a day published on the blog – ’cause we all need a fresh bit of perspective, motivation and real talk sometimes (myself definitely included..)!!

Yesterday, I kicked it all off with a video interview I did with the stars of the Shakespeare Pop-Up Globe.

Today, I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ve been working away behind the scenes for the Auckland City Limits Festival – and over the next 4 days I’ll be posting interviews with some of our favourite kiwi stars, as well as one ridiculously cool international!

Kicking the ACL interview vibe off are ‘Broods‘ – the multi-awards winning brother/sister duo who hail from mighty Blenheim (as clarified below!), and now grace stages around the world, performing with the likes of Ellie Goulding, CHVRCHES and Tove Lo. They’ve even supported Sam Smith (casual, like)!

Caleb was kind enough to answer a few hustle questions for us below..

Chuck your headphones in, and listen to this track as you read the 5 minute interview! Can’t wait to see these cool cats killin’ it. NZ, WHAT!

Hey Caleb!

Firstly, thank you so much for agreeing to this interview – I really appreciate your time. You guys are doing so ridiculously well, and I can’t wait to finally see you live at ACL! Hustle on!

1) What is one reason to love a good Monday?

I never know what day of the week it is, so my opinion is probably no good. But if I knew it was Monday I would say my reason would be that you’ve got the whole week to go, so you could sit there and procrastinate all day, well I would. You feel safe about not doing everything you were meant to!

2) You were lucky enough to work with the incredible human that is Joel Little (producer of Lorde’s ‘Royals’), but it didn’t happen right away.. Between meeting him in 2011 as a judge at the Rockquest, and debuting your first single ‘Bridges’ in 2013, how did you manage to foster a relationship with Joel, and when was the call made to work together?

Georgia worked with Joel with her high school band so that’s where the relationship started. Then when the two of us moved to the big smoke for uni, our manager Ashley got us together and we started experimenting with the three of us. We worked really well as a writing team, and it went on from there. 

3) You were both at University before you decided to pursue Broods – Caleb, you were studying industrial design, Georgia, pop music – was there a specific moment where you both suddenly realized that you were gonna focus solely on Broods, and hustle to make it happen?

That decision didn’t come till we signed our record contract, and I never went back haha!

4) Prior to your huge success, there must have been times when you felt like giving up! What motivated you to keep going keep going with Broods? Did you have a plan B?

Of course sometimes it’s really hard, and when it gets like that you have to remember there are worse jobs out there and we’re extremely grateful to be doing what we love. It helps having your sibling by your side, we keep each other motivated.

5) You were born in Nelson.. And I imagine that’s a bit different to Hollywood!! What was that feeling like when you rocked up to sign with Capitol records in 2014? Was all the stress and hard work totally ridiculously worth it? 

We were not actually born in Nelson, this is just an urban myth! We were both actually born in The Boom (Blenheim). But yes it is very different to chilled out Nelson for sure. When we arrived in LA for the first time to meet the label etc, it didn’t really sink in till we got back here. It didn’t feel real for ages.

6) And finally.. Where are you hustling to get to next?

We are of to LA to sort out stuff for the new record and hopefully come back with a bang!


Thanks Broods – they gon’ be awesome on Saturday!

Anyone else heading along to Auckland City Limits?! Who are you most looking forward to seeing??


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