MH Interview With Shakey Graves (USA)

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Day 4 of the Auckland City Limits interview rollout, and I can’t even.

I can’t.

Ok, ok, ok, I can. Just.

You know those people who are like, really awesome, a little bit mysterious, and entirely inspirational?

Two words. Shakey flippin’ Graves.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, arguably one of the coolest cities on earth, Shakey Graves is on the up-and-up, as his sound continues to develop and his loyal cult following continues to grow. I reckon his huge success comes down to two main things:

1) His gritty and original combination of blues, country and rock-and-roll

2) His commitment to ‘keeping it weird’ (quote, Tuning Fork, Auckland 2015).

I was lucky enough to chat to this awesome human via old-school telephone, and in ten short minutes, I gained an infinite amount of wisdom, as well as an infinite amount of admiration for the Texan accent.. Have a listen – get the inside on his hustle – and prepare to be totally mind-blown!

P.S – remember when I said on the ‘gram that I maaay have fallen in love with one of the people I interviewed this week? Any guesses as to who that may have been..!?

(Note to self – be less transparent.. And also less creepy)


Written by mondayhustler

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