It’s official. I’ve taken a biiiiiig risk..

Hey. Ok. So. Um. As per video last week, this relaunch party is actually happening.

What I’ve got myself in for, I have no idea. All I know for sure is the following:

  1. Revelry are being awesome
  2. A few big players have been like “YO I’m gonna come” and I’m like “WHOA, for sure, no worries, yeah anything” (announcements as to who might be there will be made on the event page real soon!)
  3. Most reassuringly.. My mum is flying up for the party, so whatever happens, everything’s gonna be ok (cue strained smile, and heavy breathing).

The question is.. Why did I decide to put my ass on the line, and host this party in the first place?!

Great question. One I’ve been asking myself every minute of every day since the first round of invites went out.

Let’s remember back to the post I wrote 3 weeks ago where everything sucked. Now, I’m still unsure as to whether this stagnant, uninspired feeling was post Japan blues, or just me being stuck in a good old fashioned rut, but something was definitely off. I wasn’t my hustle self. And, even though I tried to remain positive and fresh and all YAY, HUSTLE-ish, I knew that you could see through the cracks.

I was thinking long and hard about why this might be occurring, and between distracting myself with more coffee and trying to resist the temptation to nap, a couple of weeks ago, it finally clicked.

I had no goal. No deadline. No movement. No momentum. I was riding this weird, unrealistic internal expectation that things were just gonna come to me, without me actually bothering to do anything different.

Lol, when I think about it, who the hell did I think I was KIDDING?! The first rule of Monday Hustle Club – never expect ANYTHING to come to you! If you want something, you go out and you get it. You work for it. You hustle for it. How did I forget this when I see the word ‘Hustle’ every single day?!

A few drops of metaphorical clear eyes later (aka, a reality check) and lo and behold, I started to think clearly again. I wanted movement? Ok. Then I was going to have to create it.

To the drawing board I went. I knew that my next move had to involve three things.. Change. Personal challenge. And stepping out of my comfort zone.

Way out of my comfort zone.

The first point. Change.

When I thought about this year, I realized that the only thing that had been keeping me going was you. Yes, you the supporter, the cheerleader, the fellow hustler who checks in with me every week and so generously offers me more encouragement and support than I sometimes deserve.

So, I decided to put some effort in to developing a brand new fresh blog as a way to say thank you SO MUCH for sticking around – because if you’re awesome enough to hang out with me on the Monday Hustle website, the least I can do is make sure it’s a beautiful and inspiring space to be in.

Well, this new website is in the pipeline.. And it’s looking sharp. I can’t wait for it to go live on April 11th – just one week’s time! I think you’ll be happy.. I anticipate you’ll find it more exciting.. I HOPE you’ll be inspired by it. EEK!!!

On to the second part of the rut equation. I knew it wasn’t enough to just create a new website and publish it. That, I could do while remaining behind the scenes. I needed to seize the opportunity to promote the fact that there was change a-comin’ by creating some hype and getting in front of some key people..

It was time to take a big risk for the sake of Monday Hustle’s future. And what’s more of a potentially crippling risk than deciding to host a party?

So, there it was. Change, challenge and ‘out of my comfort zone’ all wrapped up in to one fateful night! My brain kept trying to suppress the idea, but niggle away it did. I started to drop a few lines and spark up a few chats, and a confirmed date and venue later.. It was official. This event was going ahead.

I decided that it needed to consist of two parts – first part, media/PR agencies/social media influencers. Second part, partying with them, as well as YOU. It’s about time we hung out and let our hair down together – but most importantly, it’s about time I say thanks to you in person for being a pivotal role in my journey so far. And what better way to say thanks than over a fresh Monday Hustle cocktail (happening)?!

Now, regretfully, I don’t possess the means to host parties all over NZ – believe me, if I did it would totally be happening!! But I know that if you’re not in Auckland, you’ll be there in spirit, and if this event goes well, who knows where the MH party train could pop up next..

Here’s the full run down of how the evening is gonna go..

Between 6 and 7.45pm, I’ll be playing host to an eclectic mix of PR agencies, media companies and social media influencers. I have the gorgeous Jessie Cass (ex Sola Rosa) performing an acoustic set as people arrive, grab a goodie bag and mingle while enjoying a complimentary glass of bubbles (thanks, Pernod Ricard!).

At around 6.45, I’m giving a presentation about the kinds of opportunities will exist on the new site once it’s live (shitting myself). And speaking after me, the incredible Mimi Buckley, founder of Burger Burger and badass entrepreneur, will be sharing a bit about the journey she has had to get where she is. Every day I pinch myself as I re-read her confirmation email, just to make sure I didn’t dream this fact up – but no, Mimi is going to be there and she is going to share her hustle story! I’ll be sure to get the key inspirational outtakes from her speech on the (new!) blog ASAP.

From 7.45, you’ll swagger through the Revelry doors and together, we’ll toast to the hustle while local DJ Richie Rich spins tracks. We’ll enjoy happy hour prices until 9pm and cocktail specials in to the wee hours. There’ll be a few awesome prizes to win, a few awesome people to meet (ie, my mum) and a few awesome Beyonce tracks to break it down to (take note, Richie).. It will not be a dull evening.

Just quietly, I’ve kept a few tickets to the pre-party event in my top drawer on the sly.. And this is because I want as many of you as possible to experience Jessie’s voice, Mimi’s story, and of course, the goodie bag and complimentary glass of bubbles at this crazy event I’ve somehow hustled together!

I’ll be giving away double passes on Tuesday – so make sure you keep in the loop with how you can win these exclusive tickets by liking the Monday Hustle Facebook page, and clicking ‘going’ on the event page.

If I can pull this off, it’ll be fries (at least!) on me at the next party Monday Hustle hosts. So, Aucklanders, clear your Thursday calendar, share the event, invite your friends.. And come and get amongst the hustle!

SHIT, Thursday is 3 days away.. Agghhhh the nerves.. The sleepless nights.. The social anxiety.. What the hell have I set myself up for?!

Please tell me that I’ll see you there! Happy flippin’ Monday, Hustlers.


2 Replies to “It’s official. I’ve taken a biiiiiig risk..”

    1. Thank you so much, Phillipa!! The party was fab. More on this later in the week! Wish you could have been there xx

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