So.. Was it a party or a pass?

Welcome to Monday Hustle re-loaded, re-charged, re-invented, Monday Hustle the freshest most illest most mostest Hustle site like evahhhhhh!!

Seriously though, what do you think?? You like the new look? Feel? Is navigation easier? Is finding what you’re looking for simple AF? Do you like the Hu-Style element?? Tell me EVERYTHING!!

I’ll be posting a little something soon which will cover all the features of the new site, and what you can expect to see popping up in the near future, but first thing’s first.. Party debrief.

When I decided to re-launch the site, I knew it wasn’t going to be enough to just click a button and make it go live. I knew I had to do something more to get it out there, something that would get me out my comfort zone, something that was just a little bit risky which could either make or break this milestone

And the idea of hosting a party ticked all of those boxes.

How I became an event planner overnight, I have no idea. But it’s pretty amazing when you set yourself a challenge that scares the sh*t out of you, stick to it, and somehow muster the energy and means to make it happen.

Well, happen it did. And honestly? It was epic.

But wait, did it happen?! Or was it just a dream? When the guests and sponsors are all listed out like this, and the order of the evening is chronologically on display, I’m in total shock. How on earth did I manage to pull this together??!! And then re-launch the website?! Clearly, my alter ego Monday Hustle was in great form over the last few weeks.. Long may that good form continue.

If you made it along, thank you so much. Your support means everything. If you didn’t make it along, thank you so much. The fact that you are here reading this post also means everything. I would not be here, and would not be able to keep doing what I am without you. #TearingUp

Check out the photographic summary below! I’ll be posting the full albums on Facebook next week, and will be reflecting on the evening as a whole really soon – but for now –  just soak it all in.

Huge thanks to CJ Hadlow and Robbie Hunter for doing such an excellent job with the photography!

Everyone received a glass of delicious Deutz Prestige on entry – a welcome change from my usual passion pop.. 😉 Massive thanks to Pernod Ricard for sponsoring the bubbles!
The beautiful Jessie Cass and Dan acoustic-performing up a STORM! The perfect start to an incredible evening.
Megan from She Said Yes and Tessa from Refined By made an appearance looking fly as flip!
Let the mingling begin. I can spy Erin from Critically Drinking (watch that space..) and Belinda Nash from The Bella Edit. Those couches look comfy AF.. Way more comfortable than the shoes I was wearing!
The incredible graphic designer James Hunt who created with the best logo in the world! Contact:
A tailored cocktail menu for the event? Yes please! I’ll have one of everything! Oh, wait, I meant 5 of everything. Thanks Revelry!
Introducing the one and only Monday Hustle Cocktail! Bombay Sapphire gin, mint cucumber, lime and apple = a refreshing burst of hustle in a tall glass. Oh, that blue colour? Representative of how cool you look when you have one in hand.
Fellow hustlers Courtney and Rhys from Crave Fitness Holidays and Samuel from Refined By – what a line-up! Oh and that’s Monday Hustle looking star struck on the end there.
Jessie doing her thing!
Mimi Buckley offering pearls of wisdom – just being her usual inspiring self!
Revelry knows me too well.
Simply looking at this photo makes me nervous as hell!! The Re-Launch party congregation listening to me speak..
Clipboard + mic = professional, right?? In the background is Sheldon Nunes, which is extremely fitting seeing as he coded the new Monday Hustle website! This guy is a total genius (clearly!). Contact:
Monday Hustle’s biggest fan.
People are actually listening!! The power table – Mimi and my amazing agents, Liz and Sophie, from Outspoken By Odd.
Check ittttttttttt!
Inspiration city!! The beautiful and badass Mimi Buckley (founder of Burger Burger and creative director of Fish Fish) sharing a few tales of struggle and success from her incredible journey.
My Hu-Style photographer and beautiful friend Holly Burgess looking savvy as f*ck!
Let the party begin, and the Monday Hustle’s flow!
Dj Richie Rich and musician Indie Soull providing the sound!
Total babes from We Are Anthology, Dani & Nicole! Work hard, play hard! x
Revelry #mood
Mum was up for the event, my sister came along.. And yes, Dad made the hike up as well!! What a turnout.

As I said.. Total whirlwind!! I was able to get more than a few incredible sponsors on board, and the fact that they not only believed in this event, but went out of their way to support it was so very humbling.


The goodie bags were in a word, flippin’ epic! A very, very special shout out to all the amazing contributors:

Massive thanks to Iko Iko, Go Healthy, Deadman Vintage, Weleda, Maraca, The Collective and The Exercise Room for helping make these bonus take-home brown paper bags ridiculously exciting!

And, thanks to a few local businesses, I was able to give out a few awesome spot prizes across the evening, which were extremely well received.

Kokako Cafe - Interior Exterior Photos (Web)-40
Thanks to Kokako for supplying a $50 voucher and a delicious bag of coffee! Head along to their Grey Lynn location this Friday April 15th and help them celebrate their 15th anniversary! I’ll definitely be there caffeinating up a storm
image2 (1)
Skin Food supplied a few bits and bobs- always bringing it to the party!
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.15.58 AM
Thanks to Matcha Matcha for supplying an awesome giveaway!
Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 10.16.53 AM
Someone was lucky enough to take home a gorgeous cushion to compliment/make their decor, thanks to You’re Welcome Design!
There’s be no way this party would have been possible without the support and generosity of Revelry Bar. They went above and beyond by supplying the venue, the food, the sounds and the good times. Forever grateful, and forever loyal. I reckon those Monday Hustle’s should be on the menu permanently – nailed it in one!

Just ’cause the party is over, I’m not gonna let the buzz die – the hustle is about to get seriously real. So as always – watch this space..


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  1. Hi Lucy,

    My name is Brad and I came across your blog after looking into who you were, you liked one of my photos on Instagram. Thank you.
    I would just like to say I’ve read everything about mondayhustle that you’ve shared above an I must say I’m impressed.

    Well it’s nice to connect I’m always open to extending my network and meet new people, especially positive people like yourself.

    We’ll have a great week miss Lucy.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hey Brad – that’s awesome! Am stoked you resonate with the Monday Hustle vibe – clearly you don’t take life sitting down either 🙂 Keep up that hustle! Hope to cross paths soon. Lucy

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