Ft. Mum-Day Hustle

Just when my mum thought I was being so, so nice to her by giving her not just one but TWO shout outs on Instagram this week.. I’ma be in the good books something chronic when she sees this latest post. Only, by the time she reaches the end, I may not be in the good books.. In fact, she may be left just a little bit red faced. It’ll be embarrassment of the healthy, awesome variety of course, but with this in mind – I’d highly recommend that you see this post right through to the end!

If you’re anything like me, you would have grown up feeling like you were super independent, that you knew your own mind, that you knew what was best for you when it was best for you, and that there was no way in hell that your mum could understand the inner most complexities of your brain’s infinite wisdom.

Therefore, if you’re anything like me, you would have grown up with your mum looking over you and out for you, trying her very best to guide you in the right direction without coming across as too overbearing/clingy/embarrassing. She would have softly expressed her thoughts and opinions when you asked for her advice about your outfit/job application/english essay/boyfriend, only to be met with a retaliation of insults, exasperated tears and more blame than you could shake a stick at for whatever worldly crisis you thought you were facing at the time.

If it wasn’t for my mum I would have likely:

  • Dropped out of school at 16
  • Got a tattoo of a Chinese dragon
  • Worn dungarees, a short sleeve and a snap back for the rest of my life (not just occasionally)
  • Eaten chicken nuggets and rice for every single waking meal forever (apart from the odd cheeseburger to mix it up)
  • Not seen the bigger picture far too often
  • Not followed my dreams

Mum is where it’s at. She has guided me on every path. Cried with me through every loss. Celebrated with me every small win. Supported me when the whole world seemed to stop caring.

Now you know that I had a rough start to the year – but whenever I chatted to my parents, I always downplayed how rough it actually was so as not to worry them (we don’t live in the same city, you see). However, parents being parents, they easily saw through that mirage! I caught up with my Dad recently, and as usual, we talked a bit of business and we talked a bit of family over coffee and some bacon (naturally). He quietly mentioned that mum had been super stressed out and a bit worried about me. When I probed as to why, he eventually divulged that mum was stressed because she was concerned that I wasn’t happy. Plain and simple.

If that’s not love, I don’t know what is.

NB: Dad is an awesome support for me as well – but that will all become clear on Father’s Day! Phew, covered that base.

Although mum and I don’t always see eye to eye (I’ll never understand her preference for lattes over flat whites), through this Monday Hustle journey, we’re able to be more open and more understanding with each-other than ever before – and as a result, we’ve never been closer. Ever. So whatever happens from here on in, taking this risk will have always been worth it – because that’s the best unforeseen byproduct a daughter could ever ask for.

At my 21st, my mum gave me the best present ever in the form of a performance. She had been preparing this thing for weeks right under my nose, yet I never had a clue. On the night of my 21st, a few of my friends said a few words ( all good, of course), and then up gets mum. In a black T-shirt. Sunglasses. And a New York city snapback. What happened next will always be one of the best moments of my life.

She started to rap.

She had re-written the lyrics of Empire State of Mind so that they accurately reflected the 21 years of the life of Lucy O’Connor. It. Was. Absolutely genius. The best line? Even though it was also the most disturbing? “With a daughter like that/I’m glad I got laid.” And with that, the whole crowd erupted in to a sound that can only be described as raucous disbelief. I didn’t even know she knew what that meant. Was she implying that if I was any different, she would have been disappointed? What does that say about my sisters? Is that finally confirmation that I’m the favourite? Do I even want to be thinking about this!!!??

Now, you may remember that I (semi) jokingly said that Mom-Day might do a repeat rap performance at my re-launch party (until now, clearly I had blacked out the fact that the first performance scarred me for life). Well, she didn’t. But what I now know (and should have guessed!) is that she came prepared, just in case I got her on the mic on the night. She had been stewing over some occasion appropriate lyrics for some time. And because she sets the best example for doing whatever is within your power to make other people happy – even if you run the risk of looking silly yourself – here it is. In all it’s glory. And in this instance, the word glory is definitely an understatement.

Mum, you are ridiculously awesome. Thanks for being a role model who consistently demonstrates that hard work, empathy, kindness, health, happiness and family are the most important things – but so too is the ability to not take life too seriously! I hope you know that your unconditional love and support is not taken for granted. I could not be doing what I am without such an incredible mother who guides and backs me every step of the way. Even if I don’t always express it.. I hope you know how grateful I am for everything.

Cue – “Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww”!


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    1. Haha, she ain’t bad is she!! I like to think that this video clarifies a few things about where my own rapping capabilities originated from.. 😉 Will be sure to pass this on!! Thanks girl xx

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