Mimi Gilmour-Buckley and her #LifeLessons

Hey hustlers. This post coming to you from Wellington city. I’m currently sitting at the dining table in my parent’s house surrounded by crumbs and the smell of bacon (gotta get that while you can). It has been a fantastic weekend, and if you follow the mondayhustle SnapChat you would have seen exactly why it’s been so fantastic. Opshopping, friends, food, coffee, perhaps a wine or two, mum’s birthday celebrations, dad showing off his new dance moves (SnapChat win).. It’d be difficult to complain about any element!

I am looking forward to heading back up North this evening, mainly because it’s a bit windy (SHOCK!) and there’s nothing I love more than turbulence.. But also because getting out of the norm has given me some fresh ideas and a few new leads which I’m excited to explore.. Can’t wait to share a few hustle wins with you soon! Between you and me.. May has been a pretty darn awesome month so far indeed.

Today however, I thought I’d step back and offer you the chance to nab some tips from someone that isn’t me, from someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about because they have lived the hustle and come out on top. And this someone isn’t just anyone..

As you’ll remember, Mimi Gilmour Buckey (creative director and founder of Burger Burger/creative director and co-founder Fish Fish) spoke at the Monday Hustle re-launch. We were lucky enough to hear a few of her tales of struggle and triumph, and also got a few insights in to her vision for not just her restaurants, but the hospitality industry as a whole.

I thought I’d share with you the key outtakes from her talk. These points are excellent guidelines to make sure that you stay true what it is you are trying to achieve, while remaining humble, grateful and grounded. These points speak for themselves – so without any further ado – are the top six hustle lessons Mimi has to offer:

• 99% of the time you should follow your gut. Your gut is a combination of your experience and your emotional intuition. Both know you well.

• Never assume you are entitled to anything. Regardless of talent you will only really be the best if you work extremely hard to get there.

• Work in a business that aligns with your values. You will be the best version of yourself in this environment.

• It’s OK to not always know the answers. Don’t be afraid to recognize your weaknesses and ask for help when needed. Don’t be ignorant to not, it will cost you energy, time & money.

• Get as many experiences as you can, in areas that interest you, under people you admire… Education is good but hands on experiences are invaluable.

• No amount of work or ‘things that need to get done’ are more important than the relationships you have with the people you love & your health


By 2025, Mimi’s goal is for Burger Burger to be recognized as the most inspiring place for under 25-year-olds to work in New Zealand. Her reason behind this is that she wants to change attitudes in regards to hospitality work, as she is someone who knows first hand the value and scope of the skills one learns when working in this industry.

Also by 2025, she wants to have had the population of New Zealand – four million customers – through the Burger Burger doors. These milestones of course will be worked towards while Burger Burger stays true to their vision, and continues to honour both their staff and customers.

Told you she was amazing.

Mimi is a total badass who too once took a chance on her dream, stuck to her ideals, learnt from her mistakes and continued to hustle to make shit happen. And even though she has personally achieved extraordinary things, she’s always working hard towards a greater good – the measure of a true hustler!

I am still in total amazement that Mimi so generously agreed to give up her time and speak at the launch party. Not only this, but I later learnt that speaking is something that Mimi doesn’t feel overly comfortable doing – and if you were at the launch, this is something you’d never have realized!! So to this day, she continues to grow herself by engaging in experiences that are outside of her comfort zone and living life with an air of boldness and courage.

Make sure you eat at Burger Burger and Fish Fish whenever possible – because, thanks to Mimi, you know the experience is always going to be a great one – and also that it will only get better from here.

Knowing that she believes in what I’m doing is something that will keep me going on this journey – because if someone as awesome as her is watching it all unfold – hell, I’d better get back to making this happen!

Thanks again, Mimi. See you soon, Auckland!


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