The Positive Side of Negative Thinking

Ok. Breathe. It’s all gonna be ok. You’re gonna get through this. It was the right decision. Remember everything you’ve achieved. The money will come. The jobs will manifest. People will get in contact. Just stay positive. Keep going. Keep pushing.

Keep the hustle alive.

You got this.

Hey there! And welcome to my inner monologue.

As much as I’d like to not have to repeat this (at least once) daily, the fact is, if I’m to keep this momentum going forward, this mantra isn’t just necessary – it’s essential.

So with that in mind, today I thought I’d share with you one of the important lessons I’ve learnt in my journey thus far.

Are you ready for this? Here goes.


If I’m being honest, I knew this hustle would take a while. I absolutely knew it wouldn’t come easy. I definitely knew it wouldn’t happen overnight. But I reckon that you’ll understand me when I say that despite knowing all of this, I always held a secret hope that maybe – juuust maybe – all of the above would be exposed as a mythical old wives tale.

Maybe I’d get lucky. Maybe it’d be straightforward. Maybe this journey would be linear. Maybe the hustle would manifest as a blissful painless reality!

Ahhhhhh, the daydreams!

But alas. Despite that initial hope – we now all know that when it comes to chasing the dream, after the naive excitement of day one – the word ‘easy’ doesn’t feature very often.

While a lot of the time I’m deep in brainstorm/creation mode, pondering who I can get in touch with, who I could collaborate with, what I could produce next, what other avenues I could be exploring – more of the time I find my mind wandering to things which, at face value, are not overly conducive to the hustle.

And these wanderings of the mind are where it where it gets tricky.

I begin to wonder about what people really think about what I’m doing. I wonder if my old colleagues are giggling at me from afar. I wonder if I’ve made the right decision for my future. I wonder if I’m a disappointment to anyone. I wonder if there will ever come a day when I will actually feel satisfied, fulfilled, happy. I wonder whether I’m getting too old to be this unsure. I wonder how much longer I give this thing. I wonder who I was in the first place to think that I’m capable, deserved or talented enough to even make a go of this.

The brain can be a dangerous place to reside in for too long.

Having been running this game for nearly a year (Monday Hustle turns ONE on June 29th), the biggest hurdle for me without a doubt, has been working to manage my own mind and overcoming the obstacles it constantly presents me with.

And I now know that it is for that reason that the hustle isn’t easy. I now know that these thought processes are an inevitable byproduct of taking a risk. I now know that negative self talk is one of the the hardest habits to break with when it comes to pursuing the dream. I now realize that while you can anticipate all of this, there’s nothing that can really prepare you for these realities until you’re in them.

I also believe that there’s probably a way I could make a living from all the work I do to to switch off my own mind, but that’s another journey (#SwitchOffMindHustle).

Now, let me tell you something surprising about all of this seemingly damaging negative self talk.

Although in some ways it’s the worst part of the hustle.. In other ways, it’s the best.


Because as a result of all of this, at the end of the day, I’m only getting stronger. I’m only getting wiser. I’ve learnt, and am constantly learning so much about myself -things I never would have learnt as thoroughly if I hadn’t given myself the challenge, the time, and the space to do what I am.

I’ve learnt resilience.

I’ve learnt to be self-efficient and self assured.

I’ve learnt what makes me tick.

I’ve learnt what makes me not tick.

I’ve been able to define and refine what it is I want.

I’ve been able to define and refine why it is I want it.

I’ve been able to define and refine exactly where I want to take it.

I’ve learnt how to bounce back from a ‘no’ like you wouldn’t believe.

I’ve learnt how to say no when an opportunity doesn’t feel right.

I’ve learnt how to trust in what I’m doing.

I’ve learnt how to back myself in my pursuits.

I’ve learnt how to manage my time (better!).

But the best part of all this?

I’ve learnt how to treat myself kindly and with respect.

See, I’ve learnt that there are always going to be negative thoughts, questions, and external factors that at face value might seem to be holding you back. But this journey.. These experiences.. This hustle.. It’s not a battle against time. It’s not a battle to gain ‘success’. It’s not a battle where there is a clear finish line.

It’s a battle within yourself.

What I’m in the process of discovering isn’t just about what I want to do as a job, as a career or how I’d like to make a living.

This journey is about discovering exactly who it is I am, and exactly what it is I have to offer this world as Lucy O’Connor, human being.

The rest? Well, I have no doubt that it will come once I’ve worked all of that out first.

If you take anything with you from today’s post, I hope it’s along the lines of this.

Remember why you started, and remember how far you have come. You are not yet where you want to be, but you are where you need to be. Every experience, every ‘no’, every internal battle exists to prepare you, to educate you, to get you one step closer to finding out who you are, what you are made of and what your greater purpose is

So at the end of the day – whether you feel like it was a good or a bad one – make sure you give yourself a hug. Remind yourself that you’ve got your own back in this, whether at the time you’re able to appreciate it or not. After all.. It’s you who has made the decision to take this journey – and it’s you who is consistently working to build the necessary strength to see it through to the exciting end.

Keep that hustle alive.


Feel free to share this reminder with someone who might need it today – possibly more than we’ll ever know.

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