What happens on Wednesday???


Hey yooooouuuu! Yeah, you, sitting there reading this post on a Monday. Just casual Monday, June 27th. A day that has no real relevance whatsoever aside from A) it’s a Monday (awesome), and B) the fact that in two days, it’ll be June 29th.

Just June 29th, plain and simple.

Plaiiin and siiiimple.

What a nothing date, right! Only actually it is a something date. And for me, from now on, whatever happens – it’ll forever remain a something date.

So what relevance does nothing-but-something June 29th have? Oh, you know, it’s actually a nothing something really. It’s just something small. It’s just the date that Monday Hustle went live, and my first blog post was published a year ago.

No biggie.


Ain’t no-thaaaang.

It’s chill!

Like seriously, it’s no big.


Holy shit.

It’s actually kind of big.

June 29th 2015 is a date that defined and paved the way for so many things in so many ways, that whenever I think about it my face just goes completely neutral because the emotions are too intense.

Let me paint you a picture. With words. On a screen (millennium, what up).

On Monday June 8th 2015, my life changed forever.

A decision was made. A gut feeling was acted upon. A commitment was initiated.

I cemented a sure fate that day. This fate meant that I would no longer have a regular, guaranteed paycheque. This fate that meant I would no longer have caffeine on tap. This fate meant I would no longer have a set 9-5 routine. This fate that meant I would no longer be employed.

Because on June 8th, 2015, I handed in my letter of resignation so I had some space to start chasing my dream.

I’d be lying if I said that it wasn’t slightly liberating. But more than the feeling of liberation was the feeling of debilitating terror.

What the hell was I going to do from here?

I knew I had to have some sort of output that would keep me engaged, that would keep me motivated, that would hold me accountable.. I knew I couldn’t just leave with nothing to show for myself. So, after much deliberation, I decided to finally start building that blog I had been thinking about for a year and a half.

From June 8th 2015, I spent every waking moment of my spare time, as well as the occasional unconscious moment (in my dreams) building what was to be the first Monday Hustle website. I attempted to think in HTML, and trial and error-ed my way through a basic WordPress theme (what the hell even is a widget?!), and somehow.. Somehow! A website began to take some shape.

On June 29th 2015, I was sitting in my room at my flat in Central Auckland, feeling a mixture of exhaustion and anxiety. Three weeks had passed since I handed in my resignation, and finally.. Finally! I was happy with the website I saw on the screen in front of me.

I remember this bit ridiculously clearly.

It was a Monday at about 6pm.

I had just finished a cup of tea, and for some reason, this had resulted in a bizarre amount of momentum that normally only consuming a cup of coffee can achieve.

I wrote a blog post which cutely and naively set out how I had reasoned my decision, and what my intentions were from here.

I set up a Facebook page. I hit ‘publish’ on the post. I posted the link on my own personal Facebook page. I posted the link on the Monday Hustle Facebook page. And within 24 hours.. Twenty Four hours! That one single post, with no lead up, marketing or tease whatsoever, had been viewed over 1,400 times and shared on Facebook over 200 times.




I have never felt the feelings of shock, fear, humility and motivation so intensely and in that exact order before, ever. Something was actually resonating with people I didn’t even know. They got it. And the weirdest bit.. They were rooting for me to make my dream a reality.

Now that’s a feeling I can’t describe.

In that 24 hours, I received comments and messages which provided genuine excitement, offered unconditional support and shared personal stories of how people had hustled, or were hustling for their dreams themselves. People began to ‘like’ and ‘follow’ the Monday Hustle social media pages. An incredible community was building, and a whole new world was opening up right in front of my eyes; a world which before Monday Hustle, I had actively resisted for fear of judgement and fear of failure.

From that day, as a result of all the support I received on June 29th, I made a totally unanticipated commitment. And that was a commitment to you. I made a commitment to be real on this space. I made a commitment to offer the lessons I learnt along the way as transparently as possible. And I made a commitment to see this darn hustle through to make sure that you know dreams are possible! I wanted accountability? Well, thanks to that post, I definitely got it.

And somehow, here we are. Almost a full year in. And still going strong. Well, not always strong as you’ll know, but always still going!

So what did that single act of rebellion against my own sense of fear teach me?

To feel your heart beating out of your chest, and to dive into the unknown anyway. Because while you’ll always able to imagine the worst thing that could happen.. You’ll never be able to anticipate the best.

Yesterday, the Monday Hustle website hit 35,000 views. People are reading this blog from all over the world.. New Zealand, the Netherlands, Ecuador, Japan, Sri Lanka, the USA.. Not surprisingly, 39% of all visitors come to hang out on this website on a Monday.

The most humbling search term that has landed people on this site is ‘Monday Hustle blog’. The most nonsensical search term is ‘key rapzone’ (perhaps thanks to mum, the rapper?).  The best search term is a toss up between ‘taking a leap of faith’ and ‘how to follow your dream’. And the most random search term, without a doubt, has to be ‘bacon cats’.

So what does all of this mean?

That you are out there, reading and supporting from wherever you may be in the world. That you are possibly pondering a decision that could change your life as you know it. That you are potentially gaining something from the fact that I am sharing my journey on this website. That you are already out here hustling with me. Or, ideally, all of the above!

So while I need to celebrate the fact that I’ve been working at Monday Hustle for a full year, I am also going to celebrate you. Because without you, none of this would be possible. Without you, people who looked at my social profiles wouldn’t even consider hiring me as an MC or presenter. Without you, most of the time, I wouldn’t feel like I had anything to even get out of bed for.

So for that, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

Watch this space on Wednesday, when I’ll be revealing a few epic giveaways which will totally increase your motivation to hustle!

Until then, to finish this post, a quote comes to mind. I can’t for the life of me find out who said this originally, so if you know please reveal in the comments below!

The quote simply reads like this:

[quote]”Thank you for seeing museums in me where I saw empty hallways.”[/quote]

All my gratitude. #MondayHustle

Now here’s the link to Monday Hustle’s first ever post again, just in case you missed it a year ago! Don’t forget.. There’s always a day one, hustlers.

P.S – is it now clear as to why the word ‘Monday’ features in the name of this blog??

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    1. Amber!! WHAT A COMMENT! I don’t even know how to respond to that. Thank you. I think I need to print that out and read it on my off days. Heck, I’ll read any day! Keep up your own incredible hustle as well, and let me know if ever you’d like to grab a coffee – my shout! xxx

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