How To Discover What You’re Really Digging For..

I’d like you to do something for me. Trust me. It’ll be worth it.

Stop what you’re doing. Grab a cup of tea. Find a zen-ish place to chill. And say a collective ‘hey- you’re-awesome-we-love-your-work-keep-it-up’ to the one and only Bridget Paddon from Goal Diggers NZ!

Bridget and I started our respective journeys at about almost exactly the same time, and even though we live at opposite ends of the country, she has been one of my biggest cheerleaders ever since we discovered each-other on Instagram. Yup, I said Instagram (a hashtag search is like the modern day equivalent of going to club night). Without giving too much away, Bridget is a life coach with a passion for helping others discover their potential. As you’ll find out, like many of us, it took Bridget while to discover her own potential and purpose in life – but after taking a risk on her dream, she’s smashing her own goals and is a huge positive influence to many people, including me!

I know that lots of you will be aware of this magnificent babe already, but the story behind how she came to be doing what she is is a pretty motivating, daring and exciting one indeed! That cup of tea should be cool enough to sip on by now. So get comfortable, welcome Bridget into the Hustle Hall of Fame and get ready to be inspired..

1) What’s your number one reason to love a good Monday?

It’s super hard to choose just one reason!! So here are my top 3 reasons why Monday is my fav day of the week..
1) Monday morning is when I plan my goals for the week – this gets me pumped! I love being organized and I love GOALS (clearly), so Monday AM is dedicated to planning what I want to have achieved by the end of the week, breaking that down into steps I can take daily and I also ALWAYS reflect on my goal and WHY I’m working towards smashing it. Hot tip: Knowing your WHY is absolute key to achieving your goals!

2) Weekends are usually pretty relaxed for me and lack structure – I listen to my body and train if I feel like it, eat what I feel like, sleep in if it I feel like it! It is so important for me to spend my weekends this way otherwise I would end up getting burnt out. But I also crave structure and routine so I love knowing Monday morning that I’m back to another week of routine, planned meals, regular walks, training and a whole lot of hustling.

3) My last reason I love a good Monday is because SO MANY PEOPLE hate Monday – so I’m determined to turn their frowns upside down and inspire them to embrace Mondays!
2) Although we have different destinations, our journeys share many similarities! Are you able to share with the MH readers what you were doing before GDNZ, why it was unfulfilling and the lightbulb moment or the series of events which lead you to bite the bullet and take a risk on GDNZ?

I’m a fully registered Primary School Teacher. I always wanted to be a teacher (so I thought). I feel like when you’re younger you almost idolise your teachers and think they are just the absolute bees knees. And let’s be honest most teachers are absolutely AMAZING!! The time, effort and energy we put into our work is indescribable, a big shout out full of love to all the hard-working, gorgeous, incredibly caring teachers out there!! I would come home after school and play schools with my teddies and barbies, roll call, writing up handwriting on the whiteboard, making them homework sheets, that I’d complete myself so I could mark them, because marking seemed like so much fun HAHA!

So when it came to mid way through 7th form/year 13, I head over to the careers advisor to make a plan of what to study at University, take a personality test – ‘teacher’ pops up among other things so BINGO! Because that is how you should decide what you are going to do for the rest of your life, when you’re just 17, here pick something off this list. NO NO NO! (Is this still happening? How do we make it stop??)

Fast forward through four glorious jager bomb infused years at the University of Otago and BAM I’m a teacher. Halfway through my second year teaching, I decided to seek further study. It just wasn’t feeling right. Don’t get me wrong, I loved teaching. I was at a low decile school which made it extremely rewarding. I was the positive role model in many of their lives that unfortunately they didn’t have at home. I wasn’t just a teacher but a counsellor, a confidant and a friend too. Unfortunately the teaching profession is nothing like it was when I was a wee fart at primary school and I don’t agree with a lot of the BS that is filtering down from the Ministry of Education.

So, like I said, it just wasn’t feeling right! So I flicked through a prospectus for the Southern Institute of Technology and came across a Diploma in Professional Coaching. I thought, that sounds like me, that sounds A WHOLE BLOODY LOT like me. Signed up and dove right in. The last paper in the course outlines what you need to think about when setting up your own business – it was right there in front of me so I thought WHY THE HECK NOT?

3) Tell us about your vision for Goal Diggers NZ! What makes you so passionate about it?

Goal Diggers NZ is a community for like-minded babes to discover their passions, unleash their dreams and start living a kick-ass fulfilling life by doing more, seeing more and being more. Goal Diggers NZ empowers its members and clients to create positive and passionate intentions that make each beautiful day more fulfilled than the last.

I’m extremely passionate about it, because I’ve lived it, I’ve been there. I know what it feels like to be stuck in a 9-5 job, where you go to work to make money to pay the bills to go to work. Life should be about feeling fulfilled and filling your days with the things that you love doing! My dream is to share this realization with the world, change perspectives and change society so that we are all living a life we love where we are constantly working towards achieving our goals instead of feeling uninspired and overwhelmed.


4) You spend lots of time motivating others, but how do you personally stay motivated when you’re working for yourself?

This is a tricky one because if you follow GDNZ you’ve probably read my latest post – ‘Since You’ve Been Gone‘ – which shares about my recent shit time where I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated after I went back teaching full-time to cover a maternity leave position. So I’m slowly getting back into motivation mode by doing the following:
– Following a routine that puts my health and wellness first
– Having an action plan to achieve both my personal and professional goals and knowing exactly what needs to be done and when by
– Being conscious of making time away from GDNZ and any related goals – My post ‘Break up with your goals‘ explains the importance of having time away from your goals and gives you examples of how you can do this
– Sharing my goals, dreams and visions with friends, family and my support crew
– Knocking self-doubt or any negative thoughts on the head with positivity
5) What has been the best part about the GDNZ journey thus far? Have there been any downsides?

The best part about the GDNZ journey so far, hands down, has to be how it has opened up the doors to meet so many incredible like-minded people. Like this amazing lady who runs Monday Hustle! What a honey!!

I have developed some pretty amazing friendships that I know are going to last a life-time which makes this journey worthwhile in itself. If that is all I get out of starting my own business – I’ll be one happy girl.

I’ve meet and coached some very special people who continue to inspire and motivate me as they go through their own journey towards achieving their goals and changing their lives. There are some absolute super-woman out there who we could all learn a thing of two from! I’m ecstatic to be sharing 5 of my GDNZ clients I have been coaching over the last couple of months, very soon over on the Goal Diggers NZ website! You MUST check them out, serious inspiration right there, everyday people smashing their goals by doing more, seeing more and being more.

6) What’s your biggest fear when it comes to putting yourself and your passions out there? Where do you think this stems from?

Oh man! Isn’t it just natural to fear uncertainty? Flashback to the day I published my GDNZ Facebook page and SWEATY PITS AND SHITS is an understatement. I was so f’n scared!! I had only spoken to a few friends about Goal Diggers NZ, worrying about how it would be perceived so only picked a handful of close friends that I thought would ‘get it’.

The Facebook page was a massive step, I was putting my dreams out into the universe, out to all of my friends and family, out to friends of friends! I feel sick just thinking about that day. I had worked so hard on my website, developing content putting my heart and soul into it. I don’t know if I’ve ever felt more vulnerable in my life. But I was abundantly overwhelmed with support and continue to be! I mean there are certainly some dicks out there, but there will always be dicks.

I guess my biggest fear is that myself, my business and my passions will be misunderstood, misinterpreted and not respected.

7) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given, and what would your advice be to people thinking about taking a leap of faith on their dream (other than to get a life coach, of course!!)?

The best advice that I have been given and can give is not to worry about what anyone else thinks, which I guess contradicts my biggest fear a little, doesn’t it?

Through my experience, the people who bring meaning to my life have 100% backed me from day one. Their support has been consistent, genuine and full of love. They’ve been supportive when I’ve been nailing it and feeling on top of the world. They’ve been supportive when shit’s hit the fan. They’ve been supportive when things have been extremely overwhelming and a box of Kleenex and a block of chocolate has been needed! At the end of the day, nobody else’s opinion matters and should not be given power or have any emotional impact on you whatsoever.

Which leads me to my second and final piece of advice which is be careful who you choose to surround yourself with. Surround yourself with like-minded, positive, fun and energetic people. Surround yourself with people you want to be like. Surround yourself with people who exude qualities that you want to develop. People who will lift you up, not drag you down because they have their own issues going on. Life’s too short and you’re WAY TOO important to be spending your time with people who bring no value to your life. Choose wisely, Monday Hustlers!!

I dunno about you, but after reading that I’m feeling sick with motivation!! Keep up with Bridget by ‘liking’ her Facebook page, following her on Instagram or adding her on SnapChat (goaldiggersnz). If you’d like to learn more about her life-changing coaching packages, click here!

Thanks so much for your time, Bridge!! Am ridiculously excited to see how your amazing journey continues to unravel. And like you, even if nothing else comes from this crazy experience, I’ll be forever stoked that I was fortunate enough to cross paths with such a beautiful, passionate, like-minded babe.

#Fangirl much?


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  1. Awesome interview Lucy! I’ve followed Bridget for a while now and she’s just so lovely and inspiring. I’ve recently started studying the Diploma in professional coaching so I’m stoked to hear this is what Bridget studied!

    1. Isn’t she great!! Awesome to hear that you’re tackling that diploma – by the looks of it, it’ll set you in great stead. xx

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