Just Me.. Or Was July Crazy?

On a scale of one to mad, July was absolutely barking.

Why is it that excitement is often so immediately met with silence, and discouragement followed by encouragement?? Sometimes, life really does seem like some sort of nonsensical cumulative test. Alright, out with it, which production company is funding the Hustlewoman show?!

The start of July was all go in the most fantastic of ways.

Here’s full week number one.

I MC’d a two day conference (employment, thank goodness, needed $ somewhat desperately). I celebrated the first anniversary of my last day working in a 9-5. I had a couple of events to attend in the first week, including a Clarin’s breakfast (avocado = yes) and a Benefit Brow Launch (cocktails = dangerous). I met with influencers, game changers and rarker upper-ers, had a few auditions, edited a few videos, wrote a few pitches and took a little break when a great friend visited from Wellington.

Full weeks number two and three.. And the flatness began to sink in. Maybe it was winter.. Maybe it was because there was no way they could live up to week number one. Maybe, as suggested twice, it was the influence of the moon! But oh, did the flatness come-a-creeping across those middle weeks..

Whoever said that your internal state reflects your external may not have been wrong. That low feeling came first. And then my reality seemed to fall into a slump.

I missed out on jobs. Meetings were cancelled. Pitches were rejected. My creativity was starved. And I felt like I’d totally lost my edge.

I can’t even remember anything tangible that actually happened in the middle two weeks of July, but what I do know is that A) they were a struggle, B) they felt like two years, and C) bed seemed consistently appealing.

We all know how last week started when that low came to a head. And while it was a tough time, expressing that feeling reminded me of three things. That I’m human. That I have incredible support around me. And that what I am doing isn’t meant to be easy.

It also gave me a reason to explore a fresh new direction, and motivated me to create something which might help people when they experience a feeling similar.. Watch this space..

Enter the final week of July, and while that low feeling was still lurking, I had things to do.

It started when I interviewed Matilda Rice last Tuesday. If you read yesterday’s post, you’ll know I definitely wasn’t feeling up to it the morning of.. But it’s pretty amazing what we can achieve even when we aren’t in the zone, isn’t it?!

Well, amazing, embarrassing, same same..

From Tuesday, things got really weird.

In an awesome way.

That interview took off. I was booked for two auditions. I had an art event to attend on Thursday, which was incredible in terms of both culture and networking (not to mention that the goody bags included pinot noir). I had two big brands extend an invitation to collaborate. I had people enquire about the potential of me interviewing clients they represent. I spontaneously saw MAALA performing at the George FM studios. I was invited to attend 5 events across the next two weeks.

Oh yeah. And I was featured in three publications. Check this.

First, Ponsonby News published a pic from a Saben event I went to in June.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.51.23 PM

Second, Verve Magazine featured me as one of their ‘People To Follow’

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.50.59 PM

And third.. M2 Woman’s Magazine put Monday Hustle at the top of their list of favourite lifestyle bloggers. I mean. WHAT?! That’s truly insane..

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 5.59.51 PM

July started and finished with an absolute bang. And while it featured a bit of confusion and emotional turmoil in the middle, it was a month which existed to remind us that we are human, that we are capable, and that we don’t know who’s watching or what might coming at us next..

If we didn’t experience the bad, we’d certainly never know the good, right?

I don’t know how August is gonna top all of the above – but heck, let’s try our darndest to make it the best month of the year so far.

May as well hustle, right?

To celebrate the month that was, I have an epic giveaway running on Instagram at the mo where you have the chance to win an exclusive print designed by Megan Stephens!

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5 Replies to “Just Me.. Or Was July Crazy?”

    1. Hey Tillie – so glad you stumbled upon Monday Hustle too – and thank you so much for the kind words!! Always endeavour to keep this space as honest as possible, so always great to know that you can relate. Checked out your blog, and LOVE what I see!! Keep up that awesome work babe. xxx

    1. Thanks so much Robert!! The interview was lots of fun – am definitely keen to build on that momentum. August is already off to a fun and busy start, so long may that continue. Hope your hustle is also ticking along nicely!!

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