Was it a Fashion Week faux pas?

What was a faux pas was missing that bit of fake tan in the middle of my back.. Rookie.

Oh em gee, where the FLIP has August gone?!

Lol, rofl, but srsly. Has it been the fastest month ever in all of flippin’ history for anyone else?

Here we are at the last Monday in August, and I feel like I have barely a thing to show for it.


Well, generally getting older aside, while July seemed to be the month of features, August has definitely been the month of events. Of the 29 days that have passed, I have been to 20 different events. Two-zero. Twen-ty. TWENTY!

And between preparing, getting ready, attending the event and at times being potentially just a teeny little bit hungover.. I’ve barely had a second to think or plan ahead. At times, I’ve barely had the motivation to drink coffee, I’ll admit.. Potentially slightly self inflicted.

Either way, it’s to re-employ the skills I learnt in Time Management 101 (does that class even exist?).

From movie previews to skincare launches, from conferences to theatre performances, from wine parties to Fashion Week, August had it all. And while it’s been exhausting.. It’s also been epic. Because this can only mean one thing.. People are not just noticing Monday Hustle.. Now they want me to be at things!

Whaaaat. But why? I reckon it must be because they enjoy watching me make awkward conversation with people way cooler than me.

I do it on purpose. Honest.

Fast forward to the latest event. Fashion Week.

The ‘week’ part ain’t no lie.

Last Monday = opening party, last night (Sunday) = closing party.

Everything in-between? Fashun.

I have to admit, I did miss the Friday, but I swear it was for good reason. Other than that, I was there doing my thang, networking and mingling, surviving off goodie bags and apples, drinking coffee I couldn’t afford and trying not to fall over in high heels.

If you saw last Monday’s post, you would have seen that this year, out of sheer necessity and a bit of slow-on-the-uptake-ness, I decided to opshop my outfits. From head to toe. A terrifying thought in more ways than one..

Firstly, on a normal day, you head into an opshop with a happy-go-lucky attitude, a completely open mind. Although you may have an idea of what you want/need, you know that there’s no point pinning all of your hopes on finding a hot pink pleated spaghetti strapped singlet with gold embroidery resembling the Eiffel Tower on it.

Mainly because it sounds kind of hideous. But also, you get my point – too specific.

Normally, you’re looking for that one gem in a sea of duds. Not one full outfit. And definitely not six full outfits.

So that was kind of terrifying.

Secondly, the whole opshopped style at Fashion Week thing made me kind of nervous.. What if people hated it? What if they thought I was trying to undervalue the occasion? What if an international publication asked me who I was wearing and how much it cost keeping in mind that my answer would determine the amount of money they were going to donate to charity?

So many thoughts.

So little time.

So little money.

In the end, I decided to stick with what I know, and took on the opshop challenge. After all, Fashion Week is as much about style as it is fashion, amiriiiight? I further challenged myself to incorporate as little black as possible into the outfits, and somehow I ended up with lots. Of. Pink.

Perhaps an unconscious homage to the Monday Hustle logo..??

It was a fabulous challenge – one I’d totally do again – and to be honest, no one really cared about the fact that my clothes were opshopped! A few people were even impressed.. I guess Fashion Week is all about feeling fabulous in whichever way you feel most awesome.

If you haven’t been following me on Instagram this week, be sure to head over and check out how all 6 outfits turned out. What do you reckon? Which outfit’s your fave? Can you tell they’ve been opshopped?

Keep an eye out on the Facebook page this week as I’ll be posting a few videos – one of which will reveal how all of these outfits actually came together. Because as last week’s video stated – everything was no as it seemed. This jumpsuit, for example, isn’t a jumpsuit at all.

It’s a pair of Japanese pants. WHAT!

Remember to stay true, and to stay tuned, Hustlers! Keep it real. Happy flippin’ Monday.



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