Wait.. But WHY?

Hey Hustler.

How ya doing. No, but seriously, how are you?

Are you looking after yourself?





If you’re anything like me, you’ll struggle with all of the above to varying degrees almost all of the time.

In fact, since starting Monday Hustle, I can only clearly remember one time when I felt like everything was falling into place.

It was a year ago, September 2015. I was sitting at Best Ugly Bagels. It was a Friday. The sun was shining. I had decided to treat myself, to give myself some credit for making it to the Monday Hustle three month mark.

NB: Back then, it seems I not only knew the importance of the little milestones, but actually celebrated them. Present Lucy needs to remember to do this more! 

I was still in a good fitness routine, still had money in the bank, still had fresh optimism and a relaxed sureness about what I was doing.

And, while I was sitting there in the sun eating a pile of fresh avocado on a freshly made bagel, I get this phone call from my agent telling me I had landed a presenting job with Nandos.

Can you imagine the hype?

I was like, this is too good to be true.

I ordered another coffee. Lapped up just a fraction more Vitamin D. Called my mum. And almost literally skipped home.

Now while the job wasn’t too good to be true (ie, I did actually get it, and it did actually happen!), looking back, the speed in which it came through was a little bit misleading.

Because ever since, it’s been one tough road.

And right now.. A year on.. I’m feeling pretty tired.

The hustle is a lot to manage. Money. Schedule. Content. Fitness. Connections. Personal life. Personal health, in all ways imaginable.

And the all encompassing factor – motivation – is arguably the hardest thing to manage of all.

It’s hard to keep this dream alive when you’re the only one really gunning for it.

The only one 100% invested in it. The only one living the realities, day in, day out.

The only one waiting, hoping, working for that phone call, that email, that break that could change your life.

The only one having to create fresh ideas, fresh challenges, fresh direction for yourself all. The. TIME.

There are so many things that, all of a sudden, you have to take full responsibility for.

Like, who knew that having a 9-5 routine would help create a timeframe in which to work exercise around? Who knew that it was waaay easier to prepare lunches in advance when you had a second fridge to store them in? Who knew you’d actually miss mundane work like filling in spreadsheets because it meant you got a break to actively relax and just THINK?

Lately, I’ve seriously been asking myself a one-worded-question.

I’ve realized that it’s a question which holds most, if not all of the weight in the hustle. It’s a question which clarifies the fact that you are in it for the right reasons. A question which reminds you of your decision to start. A question which, when answered, can provide an extra push to help you take one more step forward, just in case it’s the step that changes everything.

[quote]The question I’m getting at is WHY? [/quote]

Why am I doing what I am?

Why did I give it all up to do this?

Why did I decide to start in the first place?

Asking this question leads me onto questions involving what?

What is my greater purpose?

What is the POINT?

What am I hoping to change?

What, and who do I want to impact?

And it’s only when I’ve answered the why and the what that I’m able to get back in touch with the how.

How am I going to make the why happen?

I dunno if you’ve noticed anything different, but of late, to be honest, I’ve been feeling a bit disconnected. A bit uninspired. A bit confused, even.

So over the last few weeks, I’ve been stripping it right back.

I’ve prioritized exercise. I’ve been doing some research. I’ve been sitting up and taking notice of what makes me feel excited and driven and passionate. And just as importantly, I’ve been sitting up and taking notice of what doesn’t make me feel excited and driven and passionate.

I’ve done this, because I’ve realized that in all of the stress, the exhaustion and the distraction, somewhere along the way, I’ve lost my why.

But, with time, energy and focus, I’m reminding myself of what my why is, and it’s becoming more clear, stronger even, with each passing hour.

Today, I want to encourage you to take a step back from it all, and ponder your ‘why’ from a distance. Don’t worry, the world will keep ticking along without you – but, for me at least, I know I need to do this in order to start ticking along with the world again.

I’m sure that Monday Hustle is about to get yet another overhaul in the not so distant future. Because as you know.. Empowering others has always been my why.

So, when the going gets tough, and I start to lose direction, that’s what I have to remember. This journey isn’t for just me. It’s bigger than that.

And I have to hustle accordingly.


Do you agree that the why is the most important factor in the hustle? Let me know what your why is in the comments below!!

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