Interview with Wallace Gollan, golly me!

Wallace Gollan.

Say it out loud. No, but seriously.

Do you vibe with that alliteration as much as I do?


Because that’s an indication that you’ll most definitely vibe with her unique, memorable and original voice, too!

This future soul singer/songwriter moved from Wellington to the bustle hub of Sydney in order to hone her craft and make her mark in the music scene – and make her mark, she most certainly is.

Wallace’s latest single ‘Raffled Roses’ recently popped up on my ‘Discover Weekly’ Spotify playlist and I stopped everything. My brain got the feels. My ears were like, is this heaven? My eyes couldn’t locate name of the artist fast enough.

Her vocal background is in traditional jazz, but when you hear her sound, you’ll be all like whaaat, this is everything, howwww does this even happennnnnn.


Wallace is without a doubt one to watch.. So I thought we should ask her a few questions and glean a bit of her wisdom before she inevitably gets too big for Monday Hustle!

1) I have to ask.. What’s your number one reason to love a good Monday?

I love the fresh-start feel it inherently has. I do tend to have a bizarre schedule most of the time but there’s something refreshing about Mondays to me.

2) You’ve always loved singing.. But what is it about singing for you that cancels out any other career option? Was there a lightbulb moment that made you decide that it was music or nothing?

I didn’t have a lightbulb moment to be honest, I think my parents had that for me. I was cast in a musical as a lead character in my first year of primary school (before I could even read) and I think it was obvious to anyone and everyone that I was in my element. I kept singing everyone else’s lines… I would’ve been quite happy for it to be a one woman show haha. There’s never been any question in my mind that this is what I’m meant to be doing.

3) Being self employed is never easy! How do you personally try to stay positive and motivated?

I’m all about balance. It can be so easy to get consumed by your hustle, ’cause you’re doing what you love, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like work but I think it’s important to have other activities that make you happy.I’m really into design so I’ve been teaching myself how to use Illustrator and Photoshop for the past couple of years so I can do all my own posters etc. I also LOVE dancing and the feeling you get after a class or just a good boogie to Missy Elliot in your room, drunk haha.

4) We know that living the hustle involves a fair share of ups and downs.. But you never get the highs without the lows. With that in mind, can you tell us about what have been the best and worst parts of the journey so far?
I guess the worst part of the hustle so far has been the severe hit to my (already almost non-existent) funds. I’m sure this is the reason most people choose not to hustle for their dreams and part of me doesn’t blame them, but the rush I get from singing always overrides any doubt.


5) Your sound has been described as an exciting mosaic incorporating jazz, blues, soul and hip hop. Have you ever felt pressure to conform? And if so, how do you stay true to your sound?

I’ve definitely found that people instantly want to put you in a box when they hear you. It can be flattering being likened to heavy weights, but every musician wants to be an innovator and create music that is sonically new.I spent my teens trying to mimmic Sarah Vaughan and Carmen McRae to try and get inside their phrasing and explore their layers of tone. I like to think my voice has started taking on a life of it’s own though and having your own stories to tell has really informed that

6) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? And what would your advice be to people thinking about taking a leap of faith on their own personal dream?
I wish I could think a profound quote haha but I guess it all just comes down to if you love it, make it your job.

7) Finally.. Where is Wallace hustling to next?

Planning to release my debut E.P at the start of the year, can’t wait to be able to hold a physical vinyl of my music! I’m also doing a couple of festivals, jumping on a tour and have some exciting collabs in the works. It’s all go here at team Wally. Can’t wait for 2017!

Clearly, Wallace is going from strength to strength – and there’s no doubt this incredible hard working, passionate talented woman is going to be around for a long time to come.

Check out her debut music video below – and follow her progress using the following links:


Thanks so much for chatting to us, Wallace!


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