Out With It.. What’s The Job??!

Ok. Here we go.

If you’re a follower of Monday Hustle, surely you’ll know by now that the unthinkable has happened.

The unfathomable.

The undoing.

Nah jokes, not the undoing. I’m actually hoping this fact will assist in the making.

If you haven’t heard.. Then clearly, you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (and if that’s the case, change status IMMEDIATELY).

But also, if you haven’t heard, prepare yourself.

Deep breath.


I have a part time job.


There, I said it.

Was that news as shocking for you as it was for me?

The word ‘job’ in direct correlation with my employment status feels a little foreign. About a week ago, I made a confession video to share this fresh fact (which you can check out at the end of this article) – but the question is.. Why did I feel like it had to take the form of a confession?

I’d be lying if I said that the whole thing doesn’t feel a bit weird.

I mean, the whole point of Monday Hustle was to take the risk, to sever the 9-5 ties, to hustle for exactly what I wanted no matter how treacherous the landscape became.

The whole point of starting this journey was not to give up the pursuit of what sets my soul on fire.

So why the hell have I done this?!

Well, for starters, it’s an awesome job.

I’m working part time for Pandora.

No, not the jewellery company. No, not the bakery (which is PandorO, by the way.. Getting sassily protective already).

I’m working for Pandora Radio, as im the music platform. Yes, kind of like Spotify (a word which will be considered blasphemous going forward).

Pandora is a company which is totally in line with what us Monday Hustlers are all about. If you’re not yet in the know, it’s a platform which gives listeners an entirely personalized radio experience. Pandora have an entire team who are dedicated to uncovering new music, thereby offering emerging artists (hustlers) a way to get heard. This in turn means that Pandora listeners can effortlessly discover fresh sounds, and expand their musical horizons.

What a beautiful thing.

The job itself is excitingly ad-hoc. It’s a new role down here in NZ which will be developed and refined over time. At this stage, I’m assisting with event planning, implementing ideas, researching brand activation initiatives, managing merchandise.. In week one, I’ve created a Give-A-Little page, learnt about NFC tags (a digital thing which allows data to be exchanged between devices that’s actually still kind of beyond me), and worked out how to use a helium balloon pump (not as straightforward as one might think. Was nervous I might kill someone. Would not have been a good start).

And not only is this job part-time – it’s flexible – which means I can continue to flippin’ hustle on the 4 days I have off a week!

It wasn’t just the company, the job or the flexibility that won me over, however.

Truth is. I dunno if you’ve noticed. But I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired lately.

It’s impossible to quantify, but I don’t think I’ve felt more lonely than I have this past year. I mean, my friends and family have been ridiculously supportive, I’ve worked with and met some incredible people and YOU make me smile and want to keep hustling every single day!

But miss being part of a team. I miss having external pressures. I miss having somewhere to be that’s not my own room. I miss learning new things from people with entirely different and advanced skill sets.

I’ve also realized that I not only work best, but actually feel my best when I have LOTS going on.

The most motivated I’ve been this year was around the time I re-launched the website and independently organized a party in its honour. I had no choice but to dive in and make sh*t happen. If it was going to work, it was up to me and me alone. And on top of this, I had to manage my day to day as per usual.

During that time, I really came into my own. And sh*t happened. Sh*t turned out even better than I could have imagined. It was exhausting and stressful, but it was also fun and challenging and hugely rewarding.

What I’m trying to say is when you have no choice but to get stuff done, you just get stuff done. Movement breeds momentum. And when that momentum picks up, you never know what’ll come at ya next.

With a few days dedicated to Pandora a week and the rest dedicated to the hustle, I feel like I’m going to be far more productive, inspired and, with a shift of focus, even more driven to hustle than ever before. And, with a bit more routine, that hustle will likely be far more effective than it’s been for a long while.

Oh – and with a bit of regular income – I can start to justify paying for things like yoga classes, which are apparently good for you and may aid the hustle even further. And I can also maybe justify going to Waiheke again this summer. You know. The essentials.

I’m sitting on the Auckland waterfront during my lunch break as I post this, and ya know what? Monday still feels pretty damn awesome from here.

Now here’s a link to that confession video I mentioned earlier!

Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes.Ok. I have an announcement to make. Life’s about to change – and I’m not sure how to feel.. ⚡️#MondayHustle

Thanks to Alice Brine for forcing this out of me. Couldn’t I mean wouldn’t have done it without you.

Posted by Monday Hustle on Sunday, October 23, 2016