Take It All In Your Stride.

Oh my GOSH.

But seriously.

I feel like I haven’t been properly in touch with you for ages. Like I have been, but I feel like it’s been ages since I’ve had the capacity to sit back, focus and reflect on everything that has gone down lately – because a lot has gone down lately. ‘

A lot.

But two main things stick out.

About this time last Monday, I was in the middle of my first keynote speaking engagement.

Yes, you read that correctly. I was booked to be a keynote speaker.

The event was called Emerging Talent. It’s a quarterly event run by CINZ (Conventions & Incentives NZ), and it’s purpose is to provide a space for  young professionals to network and gain insight as to how to get ahead in the game.

I knew about this event three weeks prior to the day I was scheduled to speak, and to be honest, it took me the majority of that time to even just work out what I was going to talk about.

I kid you not – I was still making amendments the day before I got on stage.

Because the audience were all young professionals mainly in the event space, I doubted whether I had anything of value to offer them. I had quit the corporate world to chase the dream! Doesn’t that all seem a bit waffly?!

And also, even though I’ve had a great year, in terms of society’s definition of success, I’m not even close to having it made. Money wise. Career wise. Or even next-week-plan wise.

How was I going to provide these brilliant young people with something even half decent?!

I realized that all I could do was tell my story, about how and why I started Monday Hustle and the sacrifices I’ve made in order to make it happen – and keep it happening.

I centered the talk around being open to change, about trusting your own capabilities, about hustling not just for a career, but for a purpose.

It was about being excited about the process, about repackaging negative situations and moving forward with learnings instead of feeling burdened with regret.

Overall, the talk was about being ok with feeling uncomfortable.

And even though I know that this topic is relatable to lots of different people doing lots of different things, as I was walking to the event venue, I was still doubting myself. I was doubting my capabilties. I was doubting my value. I was doubting my ability to engage.

I had a 35 minute time slot, and I think you’ll agree – that’s a bloody long time in which you could suck.

At some point soon, I might well post the transcript, but for now I’m stoked to tell you – the talk went really well.

Really well.

At first, I don’t think the audience knew what to expect, and I was met with a little bit of skepticism. But as I elaborated about my experiences, my thought processes, and the journey I’ve had in order to get to this point, the room began to feel – dare I say – just a little bit inspired.

As I was making my closing statements, I almost had tears in my eyes. I had no idea that this would be such a good exercise in reminding myself why it was I started in the first place. Being given a reason to really stop and reflect on exactly why I began this dream chasing process was exactly what I needed to re-centre. And being given the opportunity to actually say it out loud was unexpectedly re-affirming.

As I stepped off stage, it was unbelievably humbling to be met with such an engaged and appreciative audience. Every single person there was driven, passionate and invested in their own right – and I left the venue feeling ridiculously inspired by them, too – a feeling which continues even a full week on!

So that was the first main thing. Now onto the second one..

Since I last chatted to you in real time, in real here-and-now vibes, I had just received the job at Pandora.

Before finding out about the role, I had recognized in myself that I was getting a bit of tunnel vision, and knew it was time to take on some external responsibility. If the hustle was to continue, I needed to be distracted from my own brain. I hate to say it.. But I was beginning to feel impossibly stuck.

Crazy how the universe can provide when you need it most. While it seemed a bit backwards agreeing to being employed again, it’s definitely been anything but. This job is literally perfect.

Since taking on this job, it’s been forward momentum. With everything. My direction has become clearer. My motivation has been refreshed. My reasons feel more refined. And it’s all just starting to make sense.

As well as distraction, having to be at work three days a week has provided me with some much needed structure in terms of routine. Now I have something to base my schedule and priorities around. Amazingly, I’ve still been able to make it all work despite having three less days in a week.

It just goes to show how much we can achieve when we’re actually feeling motivated!

Within the role, I’m currently in the throes of organizing two events, brainstorming fresh initiatives for 2017 and am involved in the planning of something pretty exciting for New Years. In just over a month, this role has already broadened my knowledge base, my skill base, as well as my professional network.

For some reason, it feels appropriate right now to say hasthag blessed out loud.

Crafting that speech and getting my head around my new role (plus the creation of that VNZMA video) formed the basis of my entire November. And strangely, despite having extra responsibilities on my plate, as I said before – I’ve never felt better.


Because I have a plan.

I can’t wait to share my fresh ideas with you in the coming months. I think you’ll like them. And you may even get to be a bigger part of Monday Hustle than ever before!

Remember – remaining invested and continuing to trust in the process, even when it feels uncomfortable – is without a doubt the best thing you can do in the hustle. Every experience, good or bad, exists to teach you something. And as a result, the phrase ‘Watch This Space’ has never felt more relevant.


Snap with thanks to @hsburg!

4 Replies to “Take It All In Your Stride.”

  1. Personal narratives appeal to the audience so much because there is an element of trust in the lived experience of the speaker. They have the power to move in a way simple motivational speeches cannot…Perhaps that was the reason your speech was a success…Congrats….!

    1. Yes Sunaina, now you say it like that, I think you’re totally correct!! Definitely made sure I was totally honest with the tough stuff as well as the good stuff. Thanks for the comment – and the wise insight!

    1. You’re not wrong there, Jenn! Gotta capitalize on these rare moments of energetic motivation. Thanks for the comment gf xxx

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