My 2017 Resolutions Are Not What You’d Expect..

TEAM. It’s over

We did it. We made it. If you’re here reading this, it means that you survived 2016, and live to tell the tale. I hear Peter Jackson briefly thought about making a ‘2016‘ trilogy, but realized it would be too much like ‘The Lord Of The Rings‘, since orcs, trolls, natural disaster and tragedy would comprise the main elements.

Remember Y2K? That stressful time in the 90’s when we thought the world was gonna end come the year 2000? The countdown to 2017 reminded me of that, only I was more scared of what might happen in the ten seconds before it ticked over to midnight rather than the ten seconds after. I, for one, had my 31/12/2016, 11.59.59 survival kit ready, fully equipped with crutches, candy and curse words.

I legit had a nightmare where my right achilles snapped on the 31st of December, just ’cause 2016. But even if that had happened and both my achilles were down, I would have collapsed, rolled onto my stomach and dragged myself into the new year like a boss, ’cause 2017.

Despite everything, we’re here. It’s time to look to the present. Build on everything we learned in 2016. And lay down some solid intention.

2017. Say it with me, ‘Two-Thousand-And-Seventeeeeen!’

Looks good. Sounds good. Feels good.

And this year, my resolutions are fundamentally pretty simple. Because in fact, they’re not resolutions at all. They’re questions.

Recently, I had this realization. I realized that every night before I went to sleep, I would consciously ask myself a question. And that question was, ‘what did I achieve today?’

Now, this question at face value seems positive. But as you know, when living the hustle, some days you achieve 10 to 15 things, and other days you only nail one or two. Or zero. So putting constant pressure on myself to ‘achieve’ was not conducive to me actually achieving. In fact, all asking myself that question was doing was making me weigh up the things I had done against the things I hadn’t. All it did was leave me to feel like a failure under a positive guise.

Because we know that it’s impossible to achieve everything in a day.

So, with that amateur psychology in mind, I’ma try something a little different this year. I’m going to try to trick myself awesome without actually putting pressure on myself to ‘achieve’ or ‘do better’ or ‘try harder’. All I’m going to do is reinforce the positive – and hopefully the rest will naturally manifest..

So, without any further ado, my three resolutions daily questions for 2017 are:

  1. What did I enjoy today?
  2. What am I most proud of?
  3. What are three things that I grateful for?

If my line of thinking is correct, asking myself these questions will mean that..

  1. I’ll be more likely to repeat the activities, and do the things that brought me joy the next day

Although this year has been incredible, I’ve worked pretty darn hard without taking many breaks – and therefore, I haven’t respected myself enough – potentially hence the achilles situation. I’ve realized that I need to take time for myself, and do more of the things that I love. So this year, my focus is on holistic happiness. If every day, I remind myself of the things I enjoyed, I reckon I’ll only do more and more of that as the year goes on.

  • I’ll celebrate and recognize accomplishments, however small, in a positive light

Being proud of something means taking a moment to reflect and acknowledge the things you’re particularly stoked with. Often, in order to achieve pride status, you overcome something, push through adversity or get out of your comfort zone. By consciously recognizing what I’m proud of each day, I’ll subconsciously remind myself that good things take time and hard hustle pays off.

  • I’ll always keep top of mind what’s most important – and that is what it is I’m grateful for

Because there is so, so much to be grateful for.

PLUS – as an added bonus – asking myself these questions will help me feel happy, content and relaxed as I nod off to sleep, ready to tackle the next glorious day with excitement, belief and positive anticipation. With any luck, one day soon I might get to feel proud of my fantastic sleeping habits..!

So, brush it off, freshen it up, and get ready to Hustle. ‘Cause I dunno about you, but I’m pretty damn keen to make 2017 my best year yet.

Maybe I do have one resolution after all..


What do you reckon about my question theory?? Does it hold any weight, or should I just stick to the classics? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

*I’ve actually asked myself these questions over the last two nights, and here are the answers I’ve given so far:

  • Things I’ve enjoyed: reading and playing the piano (and opshopping, but that’s a given)
  • Things I’m proud of: finding exercise I can do around my left leg and finally nailing the Monday Hustle mission statement (watch this space..)
  • Things I’m grateful for: having a loving family, food in the fridge, thoughtful friends, a capable mind, for living in a country with a healthcare system, and for my dog.

If I’m not mistaken.. It looks like my typical New Year’s resolutions are so far taking care of themselves!

2 Replies to “My 2017 Resolutions Are Not What You’d Expect..”

  1. Great post! Totally agree with asking yourself questions and reinforcing the good things you’ve done. Definitely the track I am currently on.
    Keep it up and great things will manifest, can’t wait to see what this year brings you.

    1. It does make sense, right?? As in I’m not totally crazy? Thanks for backing me up with this! Can’t wait to see if it makes a difference in how I think and what I do! Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings you either, Desiree 🙂 Have a feeling – it’s all gonna be pretty good! x

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