Remember when I said Monday Hustle was Changing? Here We Go..

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I’ma get straight into it today.

Here’s the deal.

Monday Hustle is expanding. It’s growing. And, as I said in my first ‘change’ post, I wanna provide you with more.

I want to make Monday Hustle a place where you come to and gain a wealth of knowledge, insight and ideas as to how you can work and maintain your best hustle.

So with that in mind, I’m looking to get a small team of contributors on board to write regular articles for Monday Hustle.

These will be people who are excited about offering their wisdom, their advice, their recommendations and their stories to an incredible audience.

These will be people who know what it’s like to start something, to take a leap, to try, to fail and to succeed.

These will be people who are able to be frank and authentic about their experiences, because they understand that both the ups and downs, and both the wins and losses are all a part of the process.

These will be people who, at the end of the day, are always able to err on the side of positivity and are able to see the humour in many-a-situation (ie, snapping an achilles, lol).

If you:

  • Are a keen writer/interviewer/story-teller
  • Are a keen writer who happens to own/run a business, big or small, who has wisdom and hacks to share
  • Are a keen writer who kills it in terms of individual style, and totes vibes with the fashion website Man-Repeller
  • Are a keen writer who freelances/contracts in an area that will assist people with their hustle (ie, wellness, life-coaching, consulting, accounting, legal, social media)
  • Can’t deal without caffeine
  • Have the time to write 2 articles per month

Then I wanna hear from you, Hustler!!

Take 5, grab a coffee (naturally..), fill out the form below – and I’ll be in touch very, very shortly.

Can’t wait to hear from you!!

And if you know someone who may be keen, please share this article with them. 2017 is the year of the hustler.


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