Do You Need a Hustle-Health Boost??

Who hears me when I say that at this time of year, RIGHT BLOODY NOW, the shine starts to wears off. Summer breaks become a distant memory. Failed resolutions are relegated to next year. You feel like throwing in the towel, but then realize that may be a bad idea because winter is on the way and your roof leaks.

This year, my hustle health has been way off in many ways. Some of these ways are to do with my actual health – that’s a given – but also, my directional health has been suffering. Not many people know this, but before I snapped my Achilles,  I was about to hit crisis point. I had no idea where Monday Hustle was going. I had no idea what I was doing. I was so sick of just making it up and seeing my funds deteriorate and feeling like I was letting everybody down.

My Hustle Health sat at about a 1.5/10.

And then I snapped my Achilles. And for a while, it got even worse. Even though I had the space to just think and plan and craft, I was still so stressed. More than ever, I felt stuck. Worried about the future. I felt I was watching everyone else speed past me and enjoy huge success along the way. Dare I say that I began to regret my decision to quit my 9-5 all those months ago?


Fast forward to now, and I have consciously re-taught myself all the things I preach. That the journey is different for everyone. That there is no timeframe on the dream. That, aside from belief, patience and persistence are the most important things.

However, even so, I still feel like I need a kick up the cast.

And chances are, you might, too. Please answer the following questions honestly.

In the last 30 days, have you:

  • Felt overwhelmed with stress?
  • Said or thought something mean about yourself?
  • Compared yourself with others?
  • Questioned what it is you are doing with your life?
  • Worried about what other people think of you?
  • Wondered what you are doing wrong?
  • Had feelings of not being good enough?
  • Wanted the universe to give you specific answers about when you’re gonna catch a damn break??

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, then you need an urgent Hustle-Health boost. And I wanna help. Don’t worry, no needles involved.

I’ve decided to do something that will re-invigorate us with the inspiration we need to keep moving forward. I may not be hustling between cafés right not, but I am hustling to create something meaningful. I wanted create a space which we will enter feeling hungry for pizza, but leave feeling more awake and more alive with possibility than ever before!

On March 23rd, my friend Cam and I are putting on a Speakers Showcase. This showcase will help us realize that we can achieve whatever it is we set our minds to, and will also demonstrate how capable we are of persevering through setbacks and challenge to become the best version of ourselves we’ve ever met.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: The Grid in Auckland city (you lucky Aucklanders! Rest of NZ – hoping to get to you in future..)
  • Time: 6-9pm
  • Entertainment by Giant Killer
  • Speakers: Liam Malone (paralympian), Brylee Mills (dancer/amputee), Naresh Kumar (human trafficking activist – just cycled the LENGTH OF THE COUNTRY), Phoenix Puleanga (youth leader, hip-hop dancer) and Jacqui Preston (domestic violence survivor). For full bios, click here.
  • Food: pizza
  • Drinks: wine selection thanks to VinoMofo
  • All inclusive cost: $47

It’s going to be the best event on in the country, Hustlers! And yes, I do know it’s also Adele’s opening night…!

Grab your pals, put on your glad rags and nab your tickets from HERE before they sell out. We hope this is the first of many exciting events that will inspire you to live your Hustle most Awesome – and I can’t wait to share the experience with you!!

Can I look forward to meeting you in person then?? Click ‘going’ on the Facebook page to let me know!

Now to find to find a dress to go with my moon boot..


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Click the pic for tickets!

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    1. Consider that comment noted, Tabitha!! Would love to host an event in my home town – and would LOVE for you to be there!! x

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