5 Reasons Awesome Hustle Could Inspire You to Change Your Life

Late last year, my friend Cam Calkoen and I made a decision that would alter the course of our 2017.

We decided that together, we would organize and host an event like no other which aimed to inspire, connect and entertain.

We both know that life isn’t always easy. It doesn’t always go smoothly. It doesn’t always follow have a linear path. But we also know that amazing things can happen when you trust in your abilities, believe in your own strength and understand that you are capable of changing the world.

Sometimes, we all need to be reminded of those facts, so we decided to provide a stage where some of the most incredible people we know can share their stories of struggle, persistence, resilience and triumph. We know that through these speakers, you’ll feel motivated to keep moving forward with your own personal Hustle, whatever the challenges you currently face – and as a result, one day – it could well be you who gets the call up to speak.

We have 5 inspirational people taking the stage on Thursday. All of them have taken whatever life has thrown at them, said thank you very much and progressed forward despite all odds. Each speaker has chosen to be brave, even when it seemed the world was trying to make them feel anything but.

Have a watch of the videos below to find out a bit more about our speakers, and to spark your excitement in preparation for Awesome Hustle this Thursday night! I can’t wait to see you there.

  1. Liam Malone – Paralympic Champion 

Tickets Here

2) Brylee Mills – Professional dancer and amputee

Tickets Here

3) Naresh Kumar Silicon Valley corporate worker turned trail runner and advocate against human-trafficking

Tickets here

4) Phoenix Pule’anga – Performance artist and aspiring Prime-Minister who wants to end Tall-Poppy Syndrome

Tickets Here

5) Jacqui Preston – Mother of two and domestic violence survivor

Tickets here

We cannot wait to be inspired with you this Thursday night!

If you can’t make it along on Thursday but know someone who may benefit or find value from this event – please share this article with them using the buttons below. Rest assured we’ll be doing our utmost to capture the best moments of the night – and will do our absolute best to make the next event reach as many people as possible!



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