A Different Perspective on the 9-5. WARNING – This May Shock.

I know we have just ticked over from April to May and, because you’re a Hustler, like me you’re also wondering like WHERE THE HELL HAS THIS YEAR GONE!

Remember way back in January when I appeared to be on a roll? I had been sat down for like 4 full weeks and had done little to nothing with my summer, being horizontal and thinking aside, because SNAPPED ACHILLES take ONE.

It is important to note this time frame as being “snapped Achilles take one” because, as you may recall, ‘take one’ didn’t involve any surgery and therefore my brain was still at full capacity, which meant I could plan and prepare for what going back to normal life might be like as opposed to having to focus on what the time it was and should I be eating again because surgery is kind of like getting punched in the consciousness.

Anyway. As per my Instagram Post from this morning. I’m growing through it.

Back in January, I put something out to the universe and asked for expressions of interest from potential contributors. Unexpectedly, the post went all gangbusters on me, and I received about 40 full submissions from people looking to make use of the Monday Hustle platform. It was great. I was excited. Things were moving – people were invested – and, despite leg, it was all go in the best way possible! I was sitting there thinking that this must be the reason I snapped my Achilles – so I could gain this effin’ clarity.

And then I snapped my Achilles again and then I got an infection and then blah-blah-blibbity-blah, here TF we are. And it’s May.

However, never fear, am getting my sh*t back together slowly but surely, and there is still lots of opportunity to be a part of Monday Hustle – but you’ll just have to bear with a little longer.

To help tie this process over, I thought I’d start sharing some of the submission articles I received way-back-when my brain felt firmly attached to my spinal chord. Side note: apparently, for every hour you’re under general anaesthetic, it takes a month for your body to clear them drugs out of your system. So, with that logic, I still have 6 months before my head is back to a hundy. Sorry, did I say ‘still’ 6 months? I meant ONLY! #ThePowerOfPositivity.

This first article is written by a woman named Jessica. And as per her email subject – we met at a party. And decided to be friends.

Jessica is awesome. She totally gets this Hustle business. And her story-telling is on point. Take 5. Have a read. And get ready to feel your perspective of the 9-5 shift dramatically!!




‘Silenzio!’ the guard’s voice boomed to the already hushed crowd. The sound echoed off the crumbling walls of the dimly lit room.

The air was still and close, but cooler than the punishing 35 degrees that radiated off the marble of St. Peter’s Square outside.

I craned my neck and searched for the fingers of God stretching toward listless Adam. It was there on the ceiling, amongst other biblical scenes. It was smaller than I’d imagined. Or maybe it was because it was up so high.

“It took Michelangelo four years to complete painting this room.” our guide whispered to us behind his Sistine Chapel pamphlet.

“Part of the reason it took so long was because Michelangelo was a sculptor – not a painter.”

‘Silenzio!’ the guard boomed again.

Our guide moved us away from the guard and continued. “He was forced to paint under the decree of Pope Julius II. Michelangelo had to re-learn to paint. He had no choice and hated it. He had to leave his sculpting practice…”

The guide pointed out the undeniable haunting overtones of the artwork. “Michaelangelo’s way of expressing his frustration.”

And I thought,

Sweet baby Jesus! Everyone has hated their jobs since the beginning OF TIME!

There’s actually no hope.

For any of us.



Fast Forward a few years.

I was enduring a particularly painful stent at work. Plowing through 60 – 80 hours a week in a job that made me feel completely out of my skin. I was an imposter.

What was I doing? I was supposed to be glittering something somewhere. Which was a far cry from what I was doing.

I was drained.
I was over it.
I cried.
But mostly in the shower – so it didn’t count. Because I was already wet.

Quitting unfortunately wasn’t an option, because girl needs to pay her bills. And I’m an annoying A-Type personality and don’t know how to quit anyway (put that on the goal list 2017).

So I kept sludging forward and got through the thick of it. Worse for wear and pretty disillusioned.

It was a few months later when I thought about the Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo.

Now, let’s not kid ourselves. I wasn’t painting a Sistine Chapel. But I thought about him in that dim room for four years – lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. Doing something that he (in his opinion) wasn’t qualified to do. And wasn’t passionate about.

Ah yes, that ol’ word. ‘Passion’. The close cousin of today’s ‘Purpose’.

Yet, his creation attracts of millions of tourists every year (myself included). People traverse the globe to stand in that room and stare at his painting. People look moved. They are hushed into awe of this undisputable masterpiece. I saw it. I felt it. It’s pretty f*cking amazing. (and it’s also a great source of internet memes). And through looking at his painting, viewers learn about art, culture, history, religion – the list goes on.

I think it’s fair to say Michelangelo didn’t imagine this outcome when we was begrudgedly toiling away in Rome.

Somehow realising this, I was able to see my work struggles differently. I won’t say I would want to go back to that situation, but I felt the anger thawing a bit. Those month’s weren’t completely lost.

I changed my lens over the experience, and could see the benefits of that time.

I was definitely stronger. I had a clearer sense of judgement and an ability to create boundaries. I was more prepared for challenges later.

I wasn’t the only person struggling to figure out my sh*t. Everyone is trying to get ‘there’.

Maybe you’re there too. Maybe you’re feeling like you’re living someone else’s life. Playing some sh*t game of ‘make believe’ – and you’re hoping this is all just a bad dream that is going to end.

Maybe you can see the path you want to be on. Or maybe you’re stuck in the woods and you have no idea. And you’ve certainly been there longer than you thought you’d be.

I can tell you you’re not alone.

Our lives have these moments, pauses and roundabouts. But it does change.

What you’re doing right now might feel pointless or not quite you.

But maybe you’re impacting the course of history. Or making someone’s day. Or learning a skill you might need in the future.

It all adds up somewhere.
Sometimes we can see it later. And sometimes we don’t.

Often we can’t change our situation as fast as we may want to. Change usually takes time, and planning, and oh ya, time.

To ease this angst, see if you can change your mindset about where you are and have been.

Just even for a moment.

Something is happening right now. You just might not be able to feel it. Or smell it. Or put it on your Instagram. But this time is important too.

You’re not alone friend. We’re here, right next to you.


Have you learned any tricks to get through tough times in life? Let a sista’ know in the comments below!

Find Jessica here! 

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