Phase Three Is Nearly Upon Us

Blue hair, optional..

Does it seem like I’ve been up to a lot lately?? GOOD. Because I have been. And this isn’t accidental. From the Pandora/L’Oreal event to empire-building meetings with my friend Cam, from trips to Christchurch to mixing up my regular coffee haunts, I’ve been doing my utmost to keep my own momentum forward – or at least try to trick myself motivated.

And in some ways, it’s working. I mean, I know I’ve achieved a lot in the last few months. Opportunities have presented themselves. I know that every single day, I’m getting more and more clarity on all-a this Monday Hustle business.

However. I’d be lying if I said that all of this supposed momentum isn’t balanced by a bit of struggle. On December 14th 2016, a metaphorical phone rang. My left Achilles picked up, boomed ‘hello’ and I’ve barely been able to get a word in since.

I won’t bore you with the long version, but in a nutshell:

  • We’re nearly at the 6 month mark
  • I’m still in a moon-boot
  • I can now walk without crutches (LIBERATION)
  • The skin still hasn’t closed over
  • I’ve been seeing a specialist nurse 2-3 times a week to try and heal the skin
  • I’ve spent a tonne of cash on appointments with herbalists to try and get my body back to healthy
  • I have an appointment with my initial surgeon tomorrow to make sure surgery is still the best option going forward
  • If surgery is still the best option, I’ll be going under next week
  • I’ve resigned from my part time events role, because running around isn’t exactly my forté right now

This injury has become so much a part of my normal life it ain’t even funny or surprising anymore. Most nights, I have vivid dreams of sprinting barefoot across the sand, as if my brain is trying to compensate for my lack of ability. All I want to do is wear two shoes again. People legit know me as Moonboot Bae.

But, as is the only way forward.. I’m learning to take full responsibility for it all. For the initial snap. For my emotions. For my progress. For how I choose to spend time in my own brain. For what sort of energies I direct my attention to.

Achilles aside, there are a tonne of changes happening for me right now. I’m moving house in a week. I’m kinda seeing someone (ooooooh!). It’s my last week at my job. And I’m seriously knuckling down and beginning to work on a new and fresh Monday Hustle space which will, fingers crossed, be of huge benefit to everyone involved.

And this is where I’m focussing my creativity right now. Last week, I put together a wee questionnaire to get your feedback on what Monday Hustle means to you, and your input as to where you want to see it go.

So far, I have had some great responses – but, if you haven’t already, I would LOVE it if you could take 5 to click into this questionnaire and share your thoughts – because I want to create this new space with you in mind.

Over the course of this week, as well as packing my stuff, tying up loose ends and maybe even going on a date (LOL), I’ll be heading to my favourite café to compile these responses and put together an ACTUAL BUSINESS PLAN for Monday Hustle!

There, I said it. Accountability time. Responsibility accepted (thanks, Achilles..).

See, I’m sick of pretending that Monday Hustle is just a thing on the side. I’m sick of deflecting compliments about Monday Hustle by saying that ‘I never thought it would turn into anything’. I’m sick of tip-toeing around the edge of the pool, and not diving head first into everything Monday Hustle could be, because, to be completely honest, the potential of this space scares and intimidates me. The gosh darn truth is that I am so stoked Monday Hustle has turned into something. Is it tall poppy that has held me back from that statement before?? Time to own this shit. I am so proud of myself, of you, for sticking to the uncertainty and riding the wave – but now – let’s build a surfboard from everything the last two years have taught us.

Thank you in advance. Your time and energy does not go unappreciated. I seriously can’t wait to read your thoughts, Hustler!


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