Monday Hustle’s Top 3 Ted Talks for Feeling Unstuck

Monday Hustle’s Top 3 Ted Talks for Feeling Unstuck

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Stuck. Stuck.

I feel stuck.

If you say that word out loud, there is a feeling of dead-end-ness to it. It’s slightly gross and sweaty and lingering. You get trapped between the consonants.

It would be easy to argue the fact that there are few things worse than feeling stuck. That space is uninspired. Bewildering. Numb. You become blinded by the situation you’re in, and no matter what angle you look at it from, you can’t seem to carve out an out a way forward. A reason. A purpose.

I posted a question on Instagram the other day and asked – “What holds you back from acting on your Hustle?” Overwhelmingly, the response suggested that fear of failure is the strongest handbrake when it comes to taking action. What that suggests to me is that maybe you feel stuck in your comfort zone – which is a very lovely place to be in – but a place where personal progress isn’t a

That’s why today, I thought I’d share some wisdom from people who know what they’re talking about because they’ve been there, unstuck that. Ready to reverse your own super-glue?

  1. Brené Brown, author, researcher, story-teller. She is a badass because she talks openly about things other people won’t, things like shame, blame, and in this case – vulnerability. Sometimes, the reason we feel stuck are because we don’t feel comfortable articulating what it is we are truly feeling – even to ourselves (last weeks’ post – case in point!) – so today, grab a notepad and pen, and start to harness the power that lies in getting real about the way you feel.

2) This talk by Mel Robbins (coach, speaker, personality) is pretty damn great, because it is so frank. Honest. Door-in-the-face get your sh*t-together-no-excuses. I nearly can’t post the third talk because I’m so amped to start creating after re-listening to this!

3) This talk by Sarah Lewis (art historian) is a great reminder of why it is so important to take note of what success means to you – and wou keep persevering in the pursuit of your dream, to keep trying to work out first what your purpose is, and second, how to master it. It’s a great reminder that the Hustle is a journey – and it always will be!!

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Feature image by the incredible Holly Burgess.


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