The Top 5 Monday Hustle Blog Posts of All Time – and Why it Needs to Change

Well, team, this is it. The end of Monday Hustle as we know it.

If you’ve been keeping up with the socials, you’ve probably sensed a shift in my tone and messaging over the last few weeks. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when said shift happened, but as I continue to make progress after this Achilles saga, the lessons I’m meant to learn are becoming clearer by the day.

Slowing down has allowed me space to think about my life in it’s entirety (and not just because less wine). I’ve stopped to think about what I want to work for, about how I can best use my unique talents and skills to actually make a difference. The last couple of years have been a total whirlwind, and for a lot of that time, I’ve realized that I’ve been focussed on all the wrong things.

When I launched this blog, I had no expectation in terms of numbers or followers or site visits, because social media was not a world I was personally in at that time (for real tho, I only posted on FB once a year to say thanks for the bday wishes – how things changed!). My idea of success was giving one person the confidence to change a life they weren’t happy with. However, as I continued to navigate the world where worth is equated with followers, my idea of ‘success’ changed.

All of a sudden, I was getting invited to events, receiving external recognition, and getting sent free stuff that made me feel special and worthwhile and like I was getting somewhere. I’ve been complacent, and have been letting what it looks like I’m doing speak louder than what it is I actually am doing. I’ve said yes to campaigns because I’ve been worried that if I said no, I’d never get an opportunity with that company again. I’ve stressed over numbers and photo opportunities and ended a relationship because I’ve been that committed to Monday Hustle – even without a specific direction or end goal.

It wasn’t until last week when I was invited to an event and decided last minute that I wasn’t going to go that I realized how much I’d been sucked into this social stuff. See, I watched the Instagram stories and liked pictures from the event and I’ll admit, even felt a little jealous.. But I also saw how meaningless attending that event would have been for Monday Hustle as it currently sits. Yes, it may have demonstrated that putting yourself out there can get you places (if free lipstick is getting places), but at the core?? It would have felt empty.

What’s coming at us next hasn’t just been working it’s way through the cracks since Monday Hustle first launched, oh no.. It’s been coming for about 13 years. And now, the noise of what I need to do is so loud that I can barely sleep at night.

I’m pretty petrified. Very uncertain. And extremely apprehensive. But as I said on Instagram last night, the Tupac movie changed my life with the quote, ‘you don’t do what’s easy.. You do what’s right.’

So with that said, I’m shutting the Monday Hustle site down in approximately 48 hours until the next phase is completely ready to roll. I know some of you may not like what happens from here. I know that it will be confronting. I know it’s gonna be 100% against the grain. But it’s time to use this space to do good – or try to, at the very least.

Before I shut the site down, I thought I’d share the top Monday Hustle posts of all time, so you can get the fix you need to see you through for the next wee while!

Read this to get a boost of confidence and badassery – Monday Hustle’s first post ever!

Read this to gain some comfort in the fact that we all have bad days, sometimes inexplicably – and that’s ok!

Read this to remember how precious life is, and to understand that you are valued by more people than you’ll ever know.

Read this to discover what my dream used to be, and while my dream in essence still exists – the way in which I hope it plays out has changed dramatically!

Read this to feel sass AF, and empowered to make a difference – ie, the state I currently find myself in!

Follow Monday Hustle on Instagram and Facebook to stay in the loop with all things re-launch, and finally (*writes with tears in eyes*) – I want to say thank you for sticking with me throughout the journey thus far – through all the ups, the downs and the working it out on the fly. I look forward to seeing you back at ASAP!

Please remember – you’re a bunch of incredibly powerful Monday Hustlers, and I bloody love it. Here’s to the terrifying future.

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”


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