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Roll up, roll up, come one, come all and immerse your dayum self in new Monday Hustleeeeeeee!!

Holy SHIT I can’t believe it’s actually here. Back. Landed. Launched. Those last words contradict, but whatevs, same sentiment.

How are you finding it all?? Loving the fresh design? HATING IT? Anything that could be improved? That’s not working? Really working? Let me know your feedback, good or bad using the new and improved contact form on this page! 

Truth be told, I missed this space a lot.

It was confronting to not have a platform on which I could share the inner workings of my brain and create connections and find inspo as a result. Like, yeah I was on Instagram a bit and yeah my stories have been frequent AF (mainly due to the fact I’m committed to making a fool of myself), but it just hasn’t been THE SAME. So I’m happy to be back and ready to roll out with this fresh attitude that’ll bring fresh opportunities and no doubt new failures and learnings, too.

If you have yet to read the ‘about’ page, then do that. Because Monday Hustle has changed. Or, nah, it hasn’t changed, but the Monday Hustle attitude been refined and hashed out and coherently put into a wee mini descriptive article of the journey it has taken me to get here and I’m really proud of it.

Did you know that the main thing that’s been holding me back from launching Monday Hustle is the fact that I couldn’t nail the about page for ages? I wrote probably 10,000 drafts and tried to refine and make more succinct and change tenses to make it work. But I just couldn’t. I sent my last draft to my best friend and she was like yeah.. Fine.. But it just doesn’t sound like you – and when your best friend says something like that, you gotta take heed – ’cause they know you the best, in person and on paper.

So I deleted everything. Opened a new document. Started from scratch, and just wrote. I wrote about where Monday Hustle began. My rationale behind launching a blog. I wrote about the feelings I’d had from the day I quit my job and launched into the online world until the day I snapped my Achilles, and then I wrote about how my world had changed since that seriously fateful poignant and unforgettable day in Lucy O’Connor’s life (which, by the way, was a YEAR AGO TOMORROW) – because that day changed everything.

Check out the about page here

That day was the first day of the process that would finally get me to realize that I’m not in control. I can’t tick all the boxes. That there is no point trying so hard to be someone I’m not when I don’t even like living as that person. It was a slap in the face in that somewhere along the way I had lost myself, because the thing I craved most was the ability to appear as if I was still doing well and trick myself into having a sense of self-worth.

Without a doubt, snapping my Achilles and the complications that followed happened to me for a reason.

Damn clichés, always being right!

Now, I’m hustling to embrace the person I am (hard when I’ve spent so much time running from that mad-woman), do more of what I love (see services page for evidence) and commit to the experiences I want to have in life (find these on my bucket list).

We only ever exist in our own universe, only ever live our one life – so we may as well enjoy the person we hang out with most along the way!

This is it. This is me. I’ve surrendered. A new phase of Lucy, a new phase of Monday Hustle, a new phase of life. And while I’m no more certain, I’ve never felt more comfortable as myself and powerful in understanding that I am worth more than the negativity I’ve been sending my own way.

I’m just me. Weird and outrageous, conflicted and imperfect, neither plain nor simple,  me. And gosh damn, am I loving it.

Last thing. You know what I find crazy? Re-reading the last post I wrote before I shut Monday Hustle down. In hindsight – we always know more than we give ourselves credit for.

I hope you’ll stick around for this next phase, and that you’ll take up a similar challenge – to hustle to frickin’ love being you more than ever before so you never dread a Monday again.


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