I did a skydive and I free-fell in love


Ya know what feels good?

Having a bucket list. It’s the best thing I’ve ever sat down to write. It gave me a sense of possibility, drive, fresh excitement. It made me realize that life is a long time and my potential to learn, experience and DO – is pretty damn unlimited. I would highly recommend you create one yourself – and watch this space – because I’ma be making that very easy for you real soon.

Last weekend, I completed bucket-list-tick number after hopping on a tiny plane while strapped to a complete stranger and diving into the sky. I used to be a springboard diver, but this height? This scenario? This concept? It was truly something else.

Thanks to Berocca Forward, I was able to run a giveaway and offer someone else the opportunity to experience a skydive with me – but to everyone who entered, I think the braver thing you did was to still comment on that post despite knowing that if you won – you had to hang out with me. A great gal called Lucy was drawn, and last Saturday morning we drove went into the glorious depths of Parakai on a lovely December morning ready to face a skydive – an undertaking we both believed would result in certain death.

Upon arrival at the skydive location, it was clear that everybody felt exactly the same way re skydiving equalling death; therefore, I can only conclude that everybody who persists in having this experience must be insane.

We watched the safety briefing, received our tandem human and hopped into a plane smaller than my wardrobe. Crammed like sardines, the miniscule flying coffin took off and up we went 13o00 feet into the air. I couldn’t help but think that it was a waste of petrol seeing as we were only going to be sitting on the plane for half the journey.

WARNING: PUN AHEAD. I believe that once that tiny sliding door to the sky opens and you start to move toward the exit, you switch to autopilot. The idea of what you’re about to do is so insane, so nonsensical, so dumb that it doesn’t feel like it could be real. 13,000 feet of nothing but gravity between myself, my trusty tandem human and solid ground? Who the f*ck does this??

The experience, however, was something else. Once my body caught up to the sensation of free-falling, it was the most extremely bizarre yet comforting and comfortable feeling I’ve ever had. The views were incredible. The air, fresh. The adrenaline surging. And I felt nothing but love for the human I was strapped to. Click play to find out way too much about my skydiving experience and the person who was lucky enough to be paired with me.

Thanks Skydive Auckland for being such amazing hosts!

What will YOUR first bucket list tick be, Hustler?


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