For better - or for worse?

Congratulations! You’ve found your antidote to the screen epidemic

We’re calling a time out to explore both the positive opportunities and the negative repercussions that come with living as part of a screen generation. Through humour, conversation and curiosity, our aim is to inspire critical thinking around the use of screens, social media and technology to improve mental health.

Have you ever found yourself thinking:

How does he have it so together? Why aren’t I as hot as her? How does he make it look so effortless? Why don’t I feel good about myself?  Should I start a kale business? Maybe candles.. OK, What I really should be doing is drinking Skinny Tea. Getting skinny. Becoming proud of my shitty skin maybe..? I am so useless. How is it 4pm?? What the f*ck am I doing with my life?

I’m not alone in having thought ALL OF THE ABOVE BEFORE, right? Lucy, founder of Monday Hustle here. Being in your mid 20’s is hard! And being on social media as a millennial in your mid 20’s, or any age for that matter, is a pretty insane ride to say the least. The confusion, the uncertainty, the risk vs security, the decision overload, the comparison, the what ifs, the buts, the what else’s, the WHO else’s, the does happiness exist if I don’t eat kale, can’t handstand, don’t own a business and can’t look 19 forever??

It can seem impossible to find a sense of purpose and fulfilment in this day and age, and while we are all responsible for taking ownership of our own lives, I don’t think that social media and screen time makes this natural process of self discovery any easier. In fact – from my experience – it can impact this process pretty negatively.

Through the content Monday Hustle promotes, it is my hope is that you’ll be given the tools to think more deeply about the role that social media and screens play in your life, and become more aware of what’s going on behind the scenes so you can discern from what you are consuming and what your values actually are. It’s not that it’s all good. It’s not that it’s all bad. I just believe that now, more than ever – it’s incredibly important we talk about it.

With a podcast, a monthly newsletter and a library of satirical videos, Monday Hustle deep dives into modern day fixation, explores the way society is changing and challenges you to take ownership of the way you use screens – before they start to use you! Welcome to a community of mavericks, mavens and misfits taking the road less travelled and bringing modern day concerns to the forefront of the conversation, while working to improve the mental health of our generation.

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