About Monday Hustle

Round these parts, they call me the ‘Monday Hustler’. Or Monday. Or Hustler. I don’t know if
any of those names are legal, but my birth certificate says Lucy.

If you want to discover how powerful you’ll feel after journeying down the path of purpose, instead of just day dreaming about it, then you’ve come to the right place!

A wee while ago, I made an unexpected life-changing decision.

I chose to resign from my 9-5 day job (which, by the way, came complete with a weekly pay-cheque), for the sake of chasing my elusive Dream (what exactly that is, you can discover here).

Why was this decision life changing?

Well, there was nothing necessarily wrong with the job I had.. I didn’t have anything else to go to.. And while I had a little bit of cash to support myself, a few contacts to pursue and lots of fresh Gen Y optimism, I had, and still have, no tangible guarantee that anything is going to come of this venture. But, I decided that I at least have to try. And this was for three main reasons..

  1. I found myself frequently citing quotes about how life is too short to not pursue what you love; however, I realized that I was a hypocrite in that I wasn’t practising what I preached
  2. I began to feel bitter about the space I was in, and the opportunities I wasn’t getting – and this was a version of myself that I didn’t like
  3. I finally clicked that if my Dream was going to become a reality, I couldn’t keep expecting it to happen from nothing – so I decided to take matters in to my own hands

Fair to say I haven’t had a regular pay-cheque since I resigned.. However, I’ve never looked back!

Through my own experience, personal observation, life lessons and interviews with people who took that risk and are now living their dream, this is a space for you to get some first hand insight in to the realities that come with hustling for a life you’ve always imagined. And, I thought I’d incorporate some visual relief by including a swag component, seeing as I hustle most of my threads from opshops and thrift stores.

I hope to inspire you to join me in the hustle for a life you personally are proud of, whatever your Dream is and however you picture it manifesting. ‘Cause I’ve heard that regrets come from the things you don’t do.. And am learning first hand that life really is too short to not at least give what you love a chance to breathe.

If you would like to collaborate, know more about how you can work with me as a presenter/MC, or just want to share feedback/insights from your own hustle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing lucy@mondayhustle.com – I would absolutely love to chat, and can’t wait to hear about what you’re up to!